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  1. What irks me today? The fact that the "What irked you today" has almost double the posts as "What please you today" You all need to be more positive 😆
  2. You certainly have. And it is certainly interesting to know what it is that people look for in their hobbies.
  3. In all honesty, no I really do not. Most of the people I know either don't do anything of the sort, or are straight up artists who make their own work. I know these people exist, just have never really come across them or had any conversation about the topic with anyone.
  4. Well to each their own. I personally just do not understand the appeal of them, but if other people do then so be it. It was not meant to be an argument, just a statement that I can't comprehend why someone wouldn't want to put their own creativity into something they would display. Any collector doesn't make much sense to me, but again to each their own. I am not trying to pass judgment on other peoples hobbies, rather I would prefer to understand them. My point was not meant to spark annoyance, if that is what it has done. If I have upset you with my lack of understanding, I do apologize. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my purpose of creating this discussion thread was to hear them.
  5. I should add: Thank you for the encouragement. On another (let us keep it unnamed) forum, I do not think I would have gotten much understanding for my lack of ability/ skill. Perhaps this is my Gen-Z self talking haha! 😁
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. Not really sure what could go through clear coat though, I don't have break fluid. MAYBE there is some at my nearby convenience store, but I am a ways off from most places. Anything else that could work? As for tamiya, is the suggestion meant for tamiya spray paint? I am incapable of using my airbrush right now as it is not one of the fancy (functional) ones and I have no idea what on earth to do to make it work correctly. Too thin, it will spray but will just push the paint around because it is mostly thinner. "Regular" 50/50 thinning doesn't spray. But I digress, I will try to strip it. Not a turn I really wanted to be taking. I really hope as many of you say that redoing the body actually does make it nicer the second time.
  7. My opinion: Supercar models are overly expensive. A worldwide distribution might help though. Diecast is something I never actually understood though, because why would you want something already done? It's like the "pre built" starships that Polar lights is releasing. What is the value in that when you have none of your own input into it? Sure you could modify it, but at that point why not just build it yourself? However, there is so much more variety in diecast. I would love to make a model of my first car, but it doesn't exist. It does exist in diecast. (Just an example).
  8. I like your honesty. As a member of said generation... I can attest to that. I cannot stand a lot of the people my age for your exact reasons. As for model building, all I can say is yup, patience is dead.
  9. Right well, I officially hate my paint. I wet sanded the T-top area.... burned RIGHT through the clear AND paint. The paintjob on this is so bad that everywhere is pitted and unsavable. I thought (as advised) that sanding and polishing would help. Nope. This firebird is a complete wreck. Before sand and polish: T-Top after sand and a little polish: As you can see by the dark spots, I burned through. I don't even know what is going on here (below) Quick polish of the hood without sanding: If anyone has a body that isn't terrible let me know... I may just huck this one on the shelf and restart. I am beyond disappointed in this...
  10. Thank you! I will try the clear and polish. I don't really know how well that would work out with this paint... its really hard to work with in my opinion. Oh no.... everyone likes the chrome look.... I cleared it with a satin so now it is more of a silver than chrome. The metal finish was rubbing off somehow, and I just really needed to tone it down (at least I thought). I will post a picture tomorrow or later tonight. OTHERWISE: Thank you David, I was pretty happy with the interior.
  11. I did a Christine double build a little while back.
  12. Thank you! I have been watching your build as well, I look forward to the completion!
  13. Did some detail painting today while my Firebird dried. Needs cleaning up and some edges fixing, but it's a start.
  14. Alright so I may have painted the body... The blue bird is going to look really cool I think. The paint has imperfections, and I do not know whether I want to risk trying to fix them. This paint is super finicky and I think I would only make it worse if I tried to fix it. I will just call the weird white spot on the hood bird poop and just be ok with that. My mother says it looks like a Bond car. I'll take it as a compliment.
  15. Wow that really little bit of modifications made a big difference. Keep up the good work! What colour are you planning?
  16. Nooooo you're copying me 😆 In all seriousness, the engine is looking pretty spiffy. Nice job!
  17. I find it interesting (and I am in no way surprised) that the majority of this conversation has been about cars. The rather prickly answers regarding youth interest in supercars still doesn't answer the question about sci fi, armour, maritime or railroad modelling. Sure SOME younger people might be into the ridiculous modern supercars. But is every modeller a car modeller?
  18. Thank you, I may request some..... distributor and wires would be good if you have any. 😁 Today I started the interior properly. Hardly close to finished, but I have made some ok work. The colors are Granite and Dove grey. I drilled the holes for the steering wheel, I thought the moulded "holes" were stupid looking. I also started wiring, but I may need to restart that with a new distributor and some REAL model wiring... whoops. I like the placement of the colors, I think the darker carpet looks nice. The engine is some random blue paint I found which turns out to be a clear but it went over a black base with a few coats. It looks good to me. Tamiya Honda NSX I just finished, picture is pretty bad but I am happy with it. JUST A NOTE: All my non body parts (which are spray painted) are BRUSH painted. My airbrush only works once in a blue moon after I sing hallelujah backwards while sweeping the ceiling with a toothbrush. It is not finished, so yes it is a bit rough. Thanks to all the kind words, you all help inspire me to continue with this dreadful kit. TO THE PICTURES Bonus: my cat Lint being weird.
  19. I will, I looked in the categories and it goes from 1/24 to 1/12, no in between.
  20. Thanks! I will have a look through and see what would be useful
  21. It's meant to be a chicken??? I always saw it as the Romulan Bird of Prey symbol from star trek... Now I want to do a firebird with that logo instead of the firebird logo... Thanks for the idea 😆
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