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  1. A message to the builder A question about the engine parts Above the oil cylinder there is another cylinder bent at 45 dgrs pointing out . This part i do not have in my kit yet in the instruction manual page 9 step 17 it shows a vague design of it with a hose attached leading to the end of the rear cowling . Where did you find that part ?
  2. hello I have not built a 1/24 1/20 GT car for many years . I have been looking at some models such as the Corvette ZR and the Ford GT from Revell and i noticed that you cannot open the doors to display the interior work . Is this the case for all of them in that size by other manufacturers ?
  3. why would you pay upfront as in my case would be paypal and never hear from them again less my money and item plus there is nowhere to go and complain , whats the use anyway the money is gone ? as i said i questioned them and they never came back . The Hiro normal price is 5 times their price .
  4. i am worried about sites i do not know which are offering for example the Williams 1/12 scale F1 by HIRO at 99.99 usd and also the Ferrari 312T3 1/12 scale at 75 usd including freight from japan . I have come across 2 of these sites just googling for the products and best price . i sent them emails questioning their prices and waiting for reply , further when registering they state they sent an email to confirm but i received nothing . what is your opinion or experience when this happens to you ?
  5. here are images of the cabling and note the color of the main frame which was a kind of royal blue which i am now looking into . these 2 images are from a high quality die cast model . I agree that PE extra is way too expensive and also very complicated from what i have seen on 2 videos on youtube promoting it .
  6. Force Distributor thank you for detailed explanation . I ordered 0.5mm black Tamiya wire from japan with the hope that its the right size . You cannot see a thing under the "spaghetti" headers so i will have to see what to do if any since the distributor position is under a tray which goes from the carbs air filter to the bulkhead . So in practicle terms you see really very little of the wires going down . I will experiment with number 2's engine block soon and see if its all worth it . attached images .
  7. Monogram during that period had that car as well as many others as shells for their slot cars 1/32 scale . .i had this car as a slot car body during that period . My first was the Lola MK6 GT . 2 laps and all the small parts flew off !!
  8. Tyres I just received the new tyre decals and i promptly changed them , as you can see these have the blue ring around and the Goodyear is in the right scale and flat color tone , this is how they really were at Lemans , i have a video with the goodyear truck fitting these tyres on rims at the race . Fit i too have a second one which i will start soon as number 2 gloss black . i advise you to first fit together the car body parts and iron out the parts that wont close properly such as the doors and rear section before you even prime , that is because there is a lot of sanding down to do , the headlights area as well needs sanding for the transparent acrylic parts to fit properly . I did'nt do that and i regret it . The flashes The 2 flashes on the bonnet are lacquer bright red by Tamiya and i did them freehand airbrush with tape and eyes , i received the stencils some days later and they look the same . its not difficult . the screws The screws holding the wheels are weak , same as the screw holding down the engine to the chassis ,i replaced with longer ones . Ignition its a shame there is no ignition set , there is space to fit one in should i find a nice one and not what i've seen so far which is a piece of round styrene cut to look like a cylinder with 10 holes drilled into it with cables supplied . you can do that yourself. Meng has a nice one but is not sold separately so far .
  9. i have been since watching videos and they really put me off . You even have to make the spokes for the wheels etc etc . no way .
  10. i have been looking for a solution as well and i believe a thin needle metal dispenser would be very helpful and when clogged you heat the tip with a lighter but i cannot find a brand which has this pack ..
  11. anyone know where i can find the above 1/12 scale for Ford GT40- MKII 1966 ?
  12. finished finally . I am looking for the electric ignition set combo to add . I might remove the tyre vinyl decals and spray paint on stencils . Have to look into the rear section not closing down on the chassis , adding windscreen wiper and rear wind shields plexiglass .
  13. your right , i did purchase some 1mm wired lines in town around the electric hi fi market and they react much better , i rip out just a little both ends to get the valve nipple in .
  14. Hello , i am looking for an international supplier of rubber flexible tubes for engine detailing 1mm , 2mm ext diameter . used to connect oil pumps , tanks etc . A firm specialized in supplying modelers with these small detailing items would be a plus . rgds
  15. hello Has anyone who built a HIRO 1/12 scale sports prototypes from the 60's please comment on the accuracy and general quality of the kit they built . tks
  16. accuracy i was interested in the 1/12 HIRO made in japan range but what put me off was the very steep price . I opted to do a trumpeter mainly because of the price . I even stumbled on a repack for the Philippines sold from there at a 100 USD approx including transport to Thailand .
  17. Hello i attach images off some work in progress for the above model . Please note the following so far : 1) there is no electric distributor and cables supplied . I am looking for aftermarket to drill in . 2) no fire extinguisher . 3) oil pan below the crank is false . 4) the screws holding the wheels into the wheel hubs are too small to withstand the weight . 5) the wishbones at the front are not secured on the wheel hub tips . 6) there is a gap in the engine behind the dynamo generator , 7) Both doors wont close . 7a ) the Goodyear vinyl decals are not my cup of tea . 7 b ) Too many chromed sprues . If you prime them and paint above they still wont withstand not peeling right down to chrome if you use tape above , so the best is to remove the chrome first . 8 The Ken MIles number one decals dont come with the decals or stencil for both flashes on the bonnet .
  18. Hello , I am building the Trumpeter version right now and below are my questions and comments . Chassis main frame color : I have already built 70% of the first model ( Building 2 ) so its too late to change colors . What is the blue color ref you used for it ? was that the real color used at Lemans in 66 as per ref photos above ? if so i intend to paint this color on the next one Electric distributor to cylinders and wiring : The trumpeter model does not supply any of these essential parts . Wishbone fittings to front wheel hubs : My model does not supply screws .The wishbones keep popping out of the nipples on the wheel hubs . I have ordered mini plastic washers with the hope of securing them down with pressure . Screws : The 2.5x5 mm screws supplied to secure the 4 wheels to the wheel hubs are not strong enough to withstand the weight .I substituted with longer x6 but i am worried eventually with time they will not hold and the plastic grip will fade . Doors: I see your doors close well ,my models doors wont close . Miles livery : they say mix 80 % mr color light blue with 20% white . not true . Its the other way around i found out . The front radiator fans : I dont see them on the original car . Oil pan overflow : Could you please show us an image of Mengs parts and fit . trumpeter gives us a big open bowl pan to fit below the crank . An oil radiator with overflow tube pointing down . How can that be at over 320 km hr at le mans ? the bonnet flashes : trumpeter does not supply these decals or stencils , so i went by eye sight tamiya tape mr color shine red and came out on top . Fire extinguisher Spare wheel: none . looking forward to your replies to my questions namely the chassis color and oil pan image , rgds
  19. Sub : Le Mans 1966 Hello Casey I am presently building Ken Miles livery option and i have another one on the way which i will build using the winner livery number 2 Mclaren Hulme due . Soon i will post some images of WIP and comment on my experience so far . Hopefully some builders will appear on the thread since Google will pick it up . On YouTube i found videos of number 2 Trumpeter 1/12 scale but they don't respond , i suspect the reason for posting there is to promote the PE add on since when i enquired about it they did give the link to the supplier but no chit chat .
  20. Are the 2 flame like paint jobs on the bonnet a kind of signal red model master, shine red from Mr Color ? Its obviously not a classic red . The purpose was most probably to facilitate sighting .
  21. hello this is my first post here . problem I am unable to get the model to close its 2 doors completely . Can someone who had this issue share the solution please . Question What is this open orange container we placed below the crank turned upside down for ? thanks
  22. hello introducing myself as a modeler from the 60's onwards come and go . I am now building a Trumpeter 1/12 scale GT 40 .
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