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  1. This is a nice build and happy to see if finally built. Very cool to continue on with the build after your buddy's passing. Enjoying seeing this build progress..
  2. Sorry not responding to everyone, but wanted to say thank you for all the compliments on the build. I appreciate you all!
  3. Very nice build! Appreciate the information you gave on how you completed the livery.
  4. Very nicely done! Love the color combo and that its a replica.
  5. Great detail in this build. Enjoyed seeing this turned into a full build compared to all the rest i've seen as box stock curbside.
  6. Very nice build. Like the additions to the build to make it more accurate. Did you have any issues with needing to go outside the instruction steps?
  7. Very nice and clean build. Enjoy the detail on the figures in the rally car.
  8. Very neat and cool build. I appreciate the information about the model in what you used for each major part.
  9. The attention to detail is amazing! Really enjoy the intricacy in how everything appears for realism along with the carbon and kevlar weaves you used on the car to bring out details.
  10. This is fantastic! Very nice build and enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Just saw this post. Very nice build and enjoy the pictures!
  12. I like the yellow. Gives the build a different feel. I see a picture of the R8. Did you enjoy building that one or did you have issues?
  13. This is a superb build! I miss seeing the older chief auto parts logo and the old 7/11 logo. Brings back memories.
  14. What a great build! Enjoyed looking over the pictures. Did you use the Hobby Design aftermarket decals for this kit?
  15. What an awesome build, Daniel! Will we get to see this at the next Colpar's model contest?!?
  16. Very cool build! Was there any issue with the multiple light bar on the front?
  17. Rich, that looks awesome! I just grabbed a few of these kits and am excited to build them with the aftermarket liveries I grabbed and the Nunu PE. Well done sir!
  18. Hello Everyone, I recently finished this Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 model kit. When I set out to build this it was going to be box stock. However, after having a vision while I was cutting the sprue off the parts tree's I realized I wanted to do more than a standard box stock build. I wanted to do a fantasy livery that paid homage to those who raced back in the numerous GT series in the 90's. So with that, below is what I did. - Used Tamiya Castrol Tom's Supra GT livery for this build. It's pays homage to the Castrol Tom's Supra and racer's from back in the 90's. Yes I know the decals are for a Toyota based manufacturer and it is on a German Mercedes AMG. This was to pay homage and be a fantasy livery. - Jameston over at Scale Finishes was able to color match the Castrol Green and Red paint based on two decals I sent him. This allowed for the paint to match the decals and there be difference in the color of the paint and the color of the decals. - When I finished clearing the body, I realized I wanted it to be weathered, race driven, and have the essence of it being in a museum right from being in the winner's circle. You can watch the entire build series or final outcome of this build below where I go over all that I did to the build and what I used to make the build come out the way it did. I hope you all enjoy this post and enjoy the video for those who watch it.
  19. Hello everyone, Here is a current 'rebuilder' build I started and also includes some tips and tricks for filling in those gaps we all come to loathe due to fitment issues! Enjoy!
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