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  1. Thanks I used Testors Bright Lime #1192. It doesn't say metallic but it does sparkle. Take care, Shayne
  2. Hi I've finished laying down my enamel paint and am not sure if I should lightly sand/polish and then clear coat, or clear coat and then polish, or one or the other 🙂 Any suggestions? I do have to sand out a couple dust specs regardless. There will be no decals. Thanks and take care, RhythmDawg
  3. Hi I'm starting a new model (Revell 1953 Corvette) and was hoping someone would have some suggestions for matching the following colours with model paints: Polo White (exterior), Sportsman Red (interior), Blue-Flame (engine)? I prefer airbrushing, acrylic or enamel is fine, but I would like a name brand that is likely available in Canada. Many thanks and take care, Rhythm Dawg
  4. If I wanted to decant and airbrush the Rust-oleum or UPOL-1, would I need a lacquer thinner and what ratio for thinner is recommended: 2(clear):1(thinner). I just checked and it doesn't look like the UPOL is available in Canada. Bummer.
  5. Well I tried the Rust-oleum and the results weren't too bad (I still prefer air-brushing), but I made a mess of the car hood when I dropped it while it was still wet 😞 Is there any way to remove/smooth the clear coat without taking off the enamel paint?
  6. Hi Any suggestions for an alternative for the discontinued MM Gloss Clear Lacquer Finish #2017? Testors Glosscote Enamel, Alclad II Klear Kate, Tamiya X22? I’m looking for a clear coat to airbrush over Testor’s Enamel Gloss Metallic Lime (cut with lacquer thinner), before I do the decals/detailing. Thanks and take care
  7. Thanks, I’m new to modelling so I don’t know the history 🙂 Any recommendations for an alternative for the MM Metalizer lacquer as a primer/ base layer? Mr Color Metal I think is lacquer? Take care
  8. Hi I bought the Donn Yost DVDs and really like them, but am having very little success finding the materials, both because the Model Master enamels are no longer available and because many of the named products are not available in Canada. Are there are recommendations for alternatives for: - MM aluminium lacquer metallizer - Sunnyside lukewarm lacquer thinner - MM lacquer paints - top coat Thanks and take care
  9. Hi Would anyone be able to provide me with a primer, paint, clear coat combination that would most accurately match the 1970 1/2 Camaro Citrus Green Poly (#43) car paint? Thanks and take care, RhythmDawg
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