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  1. Amazing work. I'm just trying my first figure and it's been a challenge. I know we all start somewhere but I don't understand how you great figure painters put so much life into them, especially the eyes. The eyes just baffle me. My efforts look like blobs compared to yours.
  2. Looks great. These kits cost a small fortune these days.
  3. Thank you. Thanks. The Gravity USA paints are really good. I think if they had a reputation for good service they would have a booming business. Their 2K is maybe the best I've tried.
  4. Thank you. It was a nice change. Looking at the pictures I see I'm missing the left side foot peg and there is a big smudge on the right rear that should wipe right off.
  5. I had fun with this kit. It went together great. The primary blue is the Zero Paints Telefonica set and the 2K clear is Gravity USA. I know people have had trouble with the service from Gravity USA but my last 2 orders were delivered in less than a week and the paints really are good. The old kit decals worked fantastic with absolutely no problems. All other paints were Tamiya lacquer and acrylic for the most part. Here are some pictures. The decal on top of the fuel tank is upside down. Oh well.
  6. Great build. Your paint and decal work is beautiful.
  7. Thanks guys. I found the exact set with tires that I want and they show them on a Porsche 911. They are 17 inch and look good. The stance is a bit low but I think they just stuck them under the body for the picture. I'll go ahead and order them and give it a go. If they don't work I'll save them for another build and chalk it up to learning. I think they are just right though.
  8. I have a 1/24 Tamiya Porsche 911 Turbo 88. It's a simple kit but looks like it will build into a nice looking model. I was thinking of going with some aftermarket rims but have no idea how to choose the correct size. The real car tire sizes are Front 205/55 R16 and Rear 245/45 R16. I would like to use the kit tires if possible but just want different rims. One thing I notice is that the aftermarket sets have 4 rims of the same width. Do the fronts get cut down? Am I looking for 16 inch rims? I don't think I have seen any in 16 inch. Thanks for any help. I'm totally confused.
  9. I love the racing green with tan interior and the wheels set it off perfectly.
  10. Beautiful. I bet your post sells a few kits. I know after seeing yours I want one but I'm sure it won't finish as nice as yours.
  11. Your build looks beautiful. I love paint job and overall finish. I agree about the style of the Senna next to this one but I picked up the Tamiya kit anyway. Mostly because I heard it's a fun build. I have not tried a resin kit yet but probably will because of just what you said. There are some great subjects that are not just available in plastic.
  12. A very impressive build. I love the color and quality of the finish.
  13. I managed to get the body on today without breaking anything. It sure was tight but once you bend and pull here and there it fits great. I just got the Men kit and will see how that goes. Based on what the OP said about the brittle decals I ordered a set from Indycals.
  14. Thanks for the warning. Knowing me I'll end up breaking something.
  15. Looks great. I'm building the Fujimi kit right now and it goes together pretty well. I don't know enough about these cars to judge body shape but they both look good to me.
  16. Looks good Marco. I was just going through the box on mine trying to decide if it's my next build. How are the kit decals?
  17. I usually thin Tamiya acrylics with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner for spraying and it works great. I have never sprayed any of the Tamiya clear colors on clear window plastic though. My concern is the Mr. Color lacquer thinner might damage the clear glass parts. Will the paint stick well to the window if I thin with regular Tamiya acrylic thinner? This is for the sunroof on a Tamiya Jaguar XJ220. Thanks for any help.
  18. You can also re-float a decal with some water or Micro Set as long as you don't wait too long. Just get the decal and the area around it wet and the water will make its way under the decal and you can move it around.
  19. Looks great. I really like the color. It fits the car very well.
  20. Mine was delivered. Unfortunately it was delivered in Georgia. I live in Washington. The seller had decent ebay feedback but the show as no longer active. I put in a claim and will hopefully get a refund. Oh well, I'll try again.
  21. That sure is a beautiful subject and you really did a great job on it. Thanks for sharing your build.
  22. You guys have some unreal skills. Thanks to all for posting the eye candy.
  23. I guess I'll be getting the La Ferrari then. At 2.8 million I want to be able to take it through the McDonald's drive through. I was so disappointed in the way my La Ferrari came out that I picked up a second one to give it another go once I have more experience. As I build more kits I'm learning to slow down and take my time. The results are better and it's more fun too.
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