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  1. Thank you for posting this pic! Your attention to detail is nothing short of amazing and I'm with the others that you'd almost need to convince me that this ISNT a 1:1 car but is a model!
  2. You guys are all amazing and thanks for some great ideas and even more amazing pictures! I just got finished moving and unpacked all of my stuff over the weekend so I can get back at it! Does anyone have any clear pictures of the linkage that is used in the newer funny cars or top fuel cars as I can't seem to find a clear picture of anybody's set up on newer cars
  3. Do you happen to have a picture or can steer me in the direction that may have one? Thanks for your reply
  4. You my friend do some amazing work! I'm very curious about the newer funny car and top fuel cars you have done and if you happen to know if they are still available and easily aquired? Thanks for any help and again your builds are some of my favorites that I've seen

  5. I'm trying to figure out a decent way to make some throttle linkage's on the blown motor for revell sentry olds funny car and everything that I've come up with looks cheesy or totally unrealistic! Anybody have any ideas or tips they would be willing to offer up? It'll definitely be very much appreciated! Thanks for any help offered
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