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  1. Dag added a post in a topic sudden death   

    Looks okay form what I can see. You need more light.
    Biggs given that today is the 9th annivesarry of the Columbine shootings that "trenchcaot mafia" comment is in bad taste, but I knw what you mean.
  2. Dag added a post in a topic Lowrider Builds   

    Great job. To answer your question that is a Lindberg 61 kit.
  3. Dag added a post in a topic Lowrider Builds   

    Not my usual subject matter but I sure had fun whith this one

  4. Dag added a post in a topic Bomb   

    Nice one the Pachukas would be proud. I sure do like the bombs. I agree on the swamp cooler. THere are alot of cool accessories one could put on a model like that. A stop light viewer on the dash would be cool too.
  5. Dag added a post in a topic Scalloped Red 57 Chevy   

    That is really nice. I like it alot.
  6. Dag added a post in a topic '78 Monte Carlo   

    Man thats sweet, excellent job.
  7. Dag added a post in a topic Goodguys 11th Annual Colorado Nationals Model Contest   

    KT got your email. I will check my schedule but my wife usually has to run a Special Olympics event that weekend.
    I will gladly do the pics for you if I can. I would love to have Greg publish another Rocky Mtn Good Guys event.
  8. Dag added a post in a topic Oven Cleaner, Simple Green, Whestlies, .... The Results Are In!   

    I like to use Dawn Power Dissolver. Its a grease cutter made for pots and pans. A half hour or so in a plastic bag with some in it and a rinse in hot water and its clean.
  9. Dag added a post in a topic Lunar Eclipse Pictures   

    Thanks for posting. It was fairly overcast here in Denver last night but I was able to see it pretty well from my favorite TV chair.
    Great pic BTW
  10. Dag added a post in a topic The Joys Of Paradise   

    Ahh yes Shenandoah ( Shen to the locals ) sure is a sleepy little place, used to remind me of Mayberry. I Was born there. Have spent many weekends there visiting and it even bored me when I was a little kid. LOL!
    I have not been there in years, possibly since RAGBRAI went through there in 89 or so.
  11. Dag added a post in a topic Jeep Rock Buggy   

    Great concept and start there. Another suggestion to avoid the kinked tubing is to insert a wire in the tube and then bend it.
  12. Dag added a post in a topic Who are Gregg & Jairus?   

    You could really thank them by subscribing to the magazine that funds this site.
  13. Dag added a post in a topic Unfinished Chopped Merc????   

    That will be cool. There is an articel on painting welds in this months issue of ...... well that other magazine.
  14. Dag added a post in a topic Unfinished Chopped Merc????   

    These pages might help



  15. Dag added a post in a topic My First Wired Dizzy   

    These are the mulit piece items with wire looms and 3 differnet distibutor tops for a 4/6/or 8 cylinder right?

    What I like to do is thread 4 wires ( double length ) through the disc that goes on the top of the distibutor first. This gives me something to hold onto when I glue the top in place and now I don't have to worry about the wires pulling out. Then I epoxy that to the top of the distributor. Run the wires through the looms. Route the wires to the plugs and trim to length. add boot, drill hole , insert