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  1. I like that old school build. Very nice! Btw, how did you make those guardrails? They are very realistic looking.
  2. Awesome build. Love it!
  3. Great build! Love those Lemans.
  4. Very nice clean build! Well done.
  5. That's a great build! Love it! How did you make the antenna on top?
  6. Probably the biggest thing was the fact the chassis doesn't extend all the way to the rear bumper of the car so there's a gap between the bumper and the chassis. Also didn't like the fact that you had to glue the chassis halves together. I thought that was weird. Other than that it went pretty well. It's a shelf build so although I added some detailed stuff, the underneath things don't bother me. I wanted "stance" and appearance first.
  7. I am new here but just wanted to post my Cale Yarborough build that I just finished. It's been a while since I've built a stock car but I enjoyed this build despite the kits shortcomings. Scratch built the front grille pieces, window net, fuel filler. Added aftermarket hood pins and used metal tubing for the exhaust. Didn't do much to the engine/drivers compt (this is a shelf build). Colors used were Tamiya TS-56 Brilliant Orange, TS-49 Bright Red, TS-26 Pure White along with TS-13 Clear. Built the base to look like N. Wilkesboro although you really wont see it once the car is on it and enclosed. Thanks for looking.
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