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  1. speaking of Corvettes there was an atomic orange C5 in the parking lot outside the bank today. apparently it's a rare color, idk why, it actually looked pretty good.
  2. got a jury summons today. for LA. in 4 weeks. 22.8 miles from home. with traffic im looking at about a 50+ minute drive. i just filled by truck on my way home from work today. gas is currently $5.99 a gallon. i haven't been this 🤬 sense... my last jury summons! see im one of the lucky ones who gets nailed for every 2 to 3 years. if it wasn't for the shutdowns in 2020 i would have been in there 2 years ago.
  3. the Pacer is cool, but i like the Ranchota better. also really liked the 80's death machine misadventure where they road trip the ATC's.
  4. my round trip commute is 19 miles. today i managed to get stuck behind 3 different fools going more than 10mph UNDER the speed limit. this is southern California, unless there's a cop present, posted speed limits are recommended minimums. traffic flows at about 5 over. if you're not comfortable doing 53 in a 45 then take it home and park it cause the 33 you're doing is causing unsafe chaos behind you while everyone jockeys for position so they can get around you so they don't get stuck at the next light like i did, twice. and then i get home, finish the 68 Dodge Dart model iv been working on, and then proceed to knock the side mirrors off. had to re-glue those. passenger side didn't want to cooperate, dropped it on the floor at least 4 times.
  5. been slowly working on this sense December. finished it after work today. pic's are a little dark but you get the idea.
  6. huh they still have the sonic the hedgehog ice cream. neat. not seeing the ninja turtle one though, so that's kind of a bummer.
  7. the difference is Porsche isn't slapping 911 badges on SUV's or 4 door sedans. Ford can make and sell all the SUV's/crossover's they want. just DON'T slap a Mustang name/badge on them. have respect for your heritage. Ford did it so they could stop making the cars. the current chassis is supposed to have another 8 year production run. SUV's are cash cows. Ford has shown whey have no interest in making cars, i think the Mustang is the only car they still have. after that 8 years is up, they'll drop the car like a bad habit, witch will leave just the crossover, it's how they're forcefully "transitioning" us on the platform change, and sense you can't run a crossover in NASCAR, Trans AM, NHRA, etc, it will mark Ford's exit form motorsports (not like they're making money on motorsports anyway). unless some EV racing pops up, and lets face it, based on formula e, it'll be a snooze fest.
  8. you can't do any worse than what they did with the mustang name. they could literally just stop making mustangs and it would be better than sticking the name one a 4 door all wheel drive soccer mom crossover. not even swear words accompanied by crude hand gestures are strong enough to describe my absolute disgust over that.
  9. i see this almost daily, its owned by a neighbor, he recently had it sprayed in this satin black. its a 71 GMC
  10. i saw a transformer today. judging by the amount of aero, im guessing it turns into a fighter jet...
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