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  1. orange C8 Vette. ...at a body shop... although it was ether on its way out or was just visiting, didn't see any damage.
  2. 2004 - 2006 Ford GT. it was red. first time i think iv ever seen one.
  3. saw a, not sure if it was a 58 or 59 Chevy pickup this morning.
  4. i unfortunately don't have any "before" pic's. but this was a quick clean up i did last year. it went from 2 bad paint jobs, one over the other, and i think the first one was done with a brush, a slight over use of glue, a poorly made intake manifold, some miss aligned front end pieces, and a missing scoop, to this. i stripped it down bare and started over. ...probably should have replaced the tires...
  5. peoples inability to suitably operate a motor vehicle was particularly infuriating today. as well as there inability to navigate.
  6. 55 Chevy, very clean. dark silver and red. didn't care for his selection of big chrome wheels but to each his own i guess.
  7. saw a new bronco sport. it was blue. VERY underwhelming. total soccer mom vehicle, and not so oddly enough, there was a women, about age 40, driving.
  8. im having one of those drop everything in the floor kinda days today. pretty sure i could drop something in zero gravity right now. and do to a few things iv dropped, my temper is flaring pretty good.
  9. saw something i haven't seen in probably 30 years. a late 80's "4 door bronco" (if i remember right they're actually coach built or conversions by a privet company or something along those lines). it was white, looked pretty mint, but thanks to a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH hippy chick in a small jeep SUV who was more concerned with playing with her hair than driving, i failed to get a pic.
  10. on my way home from work today, saw a 67 Chevelle convertible with Super Sport badges, no idea if it was legit or not. but it looked clean. an unknown year Corvair convertible. and a primered ether 55 or 56 ford delivery. it was running and driving but obviously a project.
  11. the Sunday portion of the air show got cancelled do to an oil spill. but i still got buzzed by the Canadian Snowbirds this morning. im assuming they were leaving Los Alamitos. so i think my jet spotting is over until next year. wasn't expecting to see that today.
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