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  1. Thanks, Gents! Yeah, Mike, there's a much simpler way to handle the engine, though I'd need to dig out the review to refresh myself. FRONTY. Well, I do have the speedster...
  2. Fwiw - and maybe this varies from body style to body style - but for needing a different order to install the engine than what the instructions mandated, mine went together precisely and without much difficulty.
  3. Just recalled that the '68 Chevelle was tooled with a '69 variant in mind, so that one might not be unreasonable to anticipate.
  4. Welp, guess all that cognitive dissonance over brand-new '66 Batmobile kits and 2016 Camaros has just been relieved then, eh? To say nothing of retooling the most expensive component of the '67 Impala or, for the third time, aaaaaaalllll that SF stuff.
  5. ^^😂🤣😂🤣^^ This, oh, THIS right here. Still 'n all, I'll have one. Not like many others on my shelf...
  6. Only thing I've seen to surprise me a bit is a domestic boxing of Revell AG's 1/32 P-51 Mustang (an early D without the vertical stabilizer fillet, good kit). Nothing else so far. Have to imagine the '30 coupe is coming with the Nailhead mill...
  7. As I believe has been mentioned once or twice in this very thread, the dynamic somehow got tense enough between GM and Revell that the former did not permit the latter early access to data on the C7, so they had to measure a car at a dealership to produce the kits they did (making even the simplified result more impressive for all that). This is something I and a number of others have straight from Mr. Sexton himself. So if this factor hasn't changed, there's a pretty obvious scenario in which Revell's process on the C8 might be delayed without the company necessarily being in trouble, supposing there is such a process underway. ALSO, as Duke E pointed out earlier, Revell AG's preview pic of the E-Type is plainly that of the old Monogram 1/8. The tires alone should give that away on a gaudy silver platter.
  8. THANK YOU! Based on recent history I don't think it should surprise anyone that Revell will need some time on this if they can manage it at all. Long as they move it a wee bit back down the field relative to the simplified C7 kits, I'm good with a wait. In the meantime, though, I'll take a block of C8-carved balsa wood if that's the first thing to come out.
  9. Heh. As I'm fond of saying, idiot-proof something and they'll just make a better idiot.
  10. Brother, you are telling me! I actually found a nice price on one of the semi-assembled display models and bought it to see if the usual here-comes-the-kit jinx would apply. No dice!
  11. Oh, I was referring more to the "rarer built" thing - but sure, Aventadors are all over the place, since they were the most recently produced, selling well enough to allow Hornby/Pocher to go with the Huracan which is an even more impressive kit. Last I saw, the F40s were going for cubic dollars. May have to look at those again - they were a big step up from the Testarossas.
  12. Considering Meng's P-51 Mustang, snap fit isn't automatically terrible news. I'm more concerned with the overall appearance than with how it goes together, and the engine mock-up looks very promising. Agree with the comments on the body, though.
  13. Yup! At least a couple of those here, please and thank you.
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