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  1. Revell Porsche 928, 1/16

    OH yes. I think the vinyl GT Radials MPC used for their 1/16 Firebirds are at least a little lower in profile, if the rim is right.
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Guys, I think we don't see a lot of mainstream 4-doors 'cause they just don't move off the shelves. That said, I'm certainly up for the '67 Chevy sedan if they do it right. Can't see why anyone would have a malaise wagon festooned with wood decals, either, but I'd certainly be all over a new kit just for the laughs. If Round 2 ever develops plastic Bluesmobile/Service Monaco kits from the diecast patterns, I'm certainly there.
  3. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Well now, I wouldn't have recommended the chrome without having had some success with that technique - though now that you mention it, I do think the chrome works better if you grind any post projection flush at the back first. Been a while since the last one for me. I'll definitely be giving the white a try, though.
  4. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    I've always found those pretty easy to deal with - just cut the posts, and for those 1-in-100 lenses that aren't opaque enough to cover that move, do a little finish work from behind. If it's not too out of scale, you can round off the post you trimmed and use it to fill the hole and dummy up a bulb at the center of the reflector. There are even some instances where the post nearly disappears if you back it with foil or Molotow chrome from behind the reflector/grille instead of just leaving it clear. Yup, general design MO is similar, but the '63 is greatly simplified relative to the '64, which was practically Pro Modeler in its detail level. And I'm gonna go a bit against the grain here in that I seem to recall the '63 was simplified for the purposes of being a plastic prepainted kit. Not ready to swear to it, but I'm under a pretty strong impression that the Revell diecast '63/'64 Impalas featured yet another design distinct even from the plastic '63. This diecast '64, por ejemplo, has "positionable" axles. For the plastic '63, you have stance options, but whatever you choose is permanent once you glue it in.
  5. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Tellya what, Bill - I actually took the fit-assessment '64 Impala I did for the 2000 ranking article, sawed the roof off, and grafted it onto the AMT '62 Catalina - Cat looked a lot better afterward, to me. The C-pillar proportioning and the gentle curvature in the drip rails make Revell's execution of that particular roof the best of any we've seen in 1/25, imho.
  6. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Hmm. Nothing saying you can't try Revell's grille on the AMT shell - the newer grille will also have clear headlight lenses.
  7. Revell 2019

    YEEESH, those domestic-market Ford GT decals... maybe the slam locks aren't out of register, but there's no denying the REST of that dreck posted above IS. Like I said, you wanna get after another livery from an aftermarket supplier, the Revell US kit is probably a better bet for that purpose - though of course, if you go in with that specific objective, your kit-supplied decals will likely turn out just fine.
  8. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Welp, unlike the '64:'64 comparison where the newer Revell kit pretty roundly slaughters its AMT counterpart, the newer Revell '63 doesn't look quite as good as the older AMT - but it's got separate taillights, a complete firewall, really an entire chassis and interior that might serve the AMT shell pretty well, if you wanted to go that far.
  9. Revell 2019

    In any event, just from what I've seen in this thread and live in my Revell AG kit, the decals alone justify the German offering - my gamble with the boxing paid off this time. The American version might be better indicated for aftermarket liveries, for whatever modest price advantage it offers here in the States.
  10. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Oh, I resisted for as long as I could, and bitterly. If you can't get me at the office, that usually means I'm either asleep, or I just don't wanna be reached 'cause I'm with the only person or people I care to hear from at the moment. Thing is, as virulently opposed as I am to the concept of instant gratification for anyone who wants to pester me... I also have a weakness for gadgets. And these smart phones are the most killer gadgets ever. 13 years ago on signing with my agency, they told me, no cellie, no bookie-bookie. So I very reluctantly got on with the most basic pay-as-you-go burner, then a Blackberry at an ex-gf's urging, then a Samsung Note II THEN a Samsung Note V, incentivized JUST before the one the FAA wouldn't allow on planes. I'm in gadget heaven, just loving all the scat I can do with it. For actual phone calls, it's just as irritating as I would ever have guessed: 97% of the important calls come in that 2% window of time I'm away from the phone.
  11. Revell 2019

    You yourself put it very nicely, Chris. The "whining" really makes no difference in the end, does it? And therefore it doesn't really merit any attempt to silence it, does it? Btw, corrected '69 Charger bodies, fixed GT500 air filter boxes, and pad-printed tires for the '50 Olds didn't happen in a vacuum - why? Precisely because Revell was more professional and mature than to simply ignore some of that more consequential "whining", leaving some of those apocryphal "never happys" pretty pleased after all. Far as false binaries go, would you believe a number of us have actually had some fun correcting some of the kits we've criticized? Shut the front door, I know...
  12. Revell 2019

    Let me try joining something that's been made a topic here a little closer to what I should have done at first: we have a suggestion that we shouldn't "tick off" a company executive. The logic of this is inscrutable from nearly every angle of approach. First, there's the assumption that this exec is inclined to get overly "ticked off" in the first place. The man is a veteran of several decades in this hobby industry, and while I'm sure he finds less-than-ideal feedback annoying, I'd humbly suggest he hasn't lasted as long as he has through an inability to keep things in perspective. But let's assume he's given to taking negative feedback that personally. He's still got the bottom line of the company to think about. So he's going to do what, cancel all new product development in a fit of pique? There is actually a pretty serious issue in the lack of professionalism attributed to the man in a line of argument like this.
  13. Grip 1/8 Porsche build

  14. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Excellent. Thanks, Sylvester! Wow - I thought I saw something similar with asymmetric drip moldings on the AMT annuals, a little too curvy on one side particularly. hmm. So I may like one of these after all 'cause even so, it gives a more accurate impression overall than the R/M '65. Just stuff some Monogram guts up in the Hase shell and call Uncle Bobs. Diggin' how there's an actual '66 on the original boxcover, too - and a Caprice instead of an Impala no less.
  15. R2 April 2019

    Yup, this. ^^ Don't get me wrong, where licensing is a thing, it's a legitimate THING. Still 'n all, I gotta wonder sometimes where that fact has been leveraged a bit to excuse marketing impulses begetting a new Aerovette kit(?!) or a cartoon-shellacked Rambler convertible snapper over the Cobra Daytona we've clamored about for decades.