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  1. Yup! At least a couple of those here, please and thank you.
  2. I always thought the R/M '65 had an aspect to its greenhouse that was a bit too "forward-leaning" - a touch too vertical in the windshield and a smidge too "fast" in the C-pillars - and the '66 mostly corrected that to my eyes. They sabotaged that improvement a bit in the drip rails and perhaps a certain abruptness of transition where the C-pillars hit the deck, but those problems are easy to fix. Those of you who like the kit and don't see that, nobody's telling you not to enjoy the model. I might like to pick this one up to do the lowrider, m'self.
  3. I'm absurdly happy about this - most especially if it's the (now nearly 20-year old) "new" tool.
  4. Hmph. Think this new boxing is the first time the '66 is out with the '65 lowrider parts, anyway...
  5. Didn't really wanna bump the thread for this reason, but I didn't want this to go without a thank-you either. The extent of my research was basically confined to the Google machine, but with LOTS of digging around on it. Pretty much wrung out anything I could find on a '30 Ford till I hit on a restoration with whitewalls and that color scheme - not only lovely in the way those cream-yellow wheels set off the two-tone body, but very like a '30 or '31 Tudor sedan a tire-dealing neighbor brought home one afternoon some 40 years ago. Left quite an impression on pre-teen me; sat there one afternoon and did a pencil drawing of it in profile. Appreciate it, John!
  6. That's very kind of you Eric! I personally think it's beatable as a factory stock build, but I'll allow that somebody'll have his work cut out for him doing so. Chris D's take on it, though? To get that weathered bare metal finish, and a stance you can tell is dialed in from overhead, to add louvers and a steering pose, to get every detail from so many disparate kit sources so locked down and close to scale that the model looks as if it jumped straight from the pages of The Rodder's Journal - well that takes some doing. And that's why I agree with everyone else calling it a G O A T execution of this kit.
  7. Why thanks, Chris! Ain't a patch on your little masterpiece, but for o o b, I like to think it came out okay. 😊
  8. Except possibly for yours, Dennis, I'm hard-pressed to disagree.
  9. Comes to that, even I have one: And I would have understood the question perfectly... up till a few years ago. Don't we have Revell's new one in 1/25? Well. Maybe we don't technically have-it-have-it just now, but we should again just as soon as Revell can get off the thumb with the re-release, right?
  10. Yup. Don't have a full-on closeup at the spindles, but I seem to recall the T's front axle being right about the measure of the Renault piece above, complete with molded see-through spaces around each spindle. Taxi looks hella kool! Did NOT know it was available in 1/24, think I'ma get after one...
  11. This has been going on a few years now, gents. The likelihood of a company going out of business before finishing your kit isn't zero (nor is it for anything else), but it's pretty low. And there are LOTS of these. Must've found a market, because frankly, there have been at least as many new $1600 subscription kits as there have been new domestic $30 plastic ones showing up lately, if not more.
  12. Resin/multimedia, right? About 6,000 Euros / $8,000+ US? They're generally pre-built and finished, though a select few are available as kits without instructions. What are those, $4500 or so?
  13. That's exactly why I'm not particularly inclined to sign up for this one myself. If you really want a 1/8 Charger, though, there's no other game in town, and you have around $60-70 disposable per month, you might find it worthwhile to give it the TLC needed to make something an order of magnitude better. There are all sorts of issues with that 1/8 GT500, but it's a 1/8 scale 1967 Mustang and the body looks right. You might guess why I couldn't resist that, and Bill might have been of a similar mindset.
  14. heh heh heh, I hear those gears turning, Bill! It ain't fully stock, but it might give you 70% of what you need for a stock one... hmmm...
  15. Oh yes. Among pricey four-figure subscription kits, that is a particularly pricey one. And while there's nothing guaranteeing a company will stay in business, the subscription kit concept has proven pretty successful outside the US market. I've been through four of these from DeAgostini/Modelspace, and while there are sometimes delays in installments, there's not yet been any failure in delivering a complete kit.
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