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  1. Decanting spray paint

    I'm sorry, I thought a light touch on the button was a foregone conclusion no matter which of the legitimate techniques you use. For paints less volatile than your boily Tamiya varieties, I've even gotten away with spraying directly into my airbrush cup (usually on top of a drop or two of thinner) - not that I'd recommend such an approach.
  2. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Funny. I could'na given half a scat about a widebody Starion when they were current - but now that we're talking a new kit 3+ decades after the fact, I actually had a little Homer Simpson moan about not getting one. Nostalgia - ? R e a l l y ? Hmmph. Go figure.
  3. Decanting spray paint

    Just remember, everyone: NOTHING - N O T H I N G - that involves puncturing the can. Because hey, at least for the risk of a paint-bombed face and wall or two, you get a mandatory emptying of all the can's contents. Oh yes. Enough rocket surgeons suppose they know better than the warning on EVERY PRESSURIZED AEROSOL CAN that there actually had to be a discussion about this, once upon a time...
  4. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    And if there's a collective sigh of relief anywhere, just add mine. Funky stuff! I'm in for just about all of it. 2018 Camry tickles my funnybone.
  5. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    While I can certainly sympathize with Ben's frustration about boxcovers - there was a really bad run when Racing Chumps was apparently taking any modified model a builder would send them and slapping it on the cover of an AMT box - I'm gonna call out and flatten ths false inconsistency between shrugging off boxcover deviations and harping on The Kit That Must Not Be Named. A near 10% deviation in roof height is something Ray Charles could detect from six feet under ground. To anyone who knows the subject, it looks just as badly botched as that first ProModeler '69 Charger. It is NOT a "tiny" problem.
  6. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Funny. Already have a M/K white one with the truck. I'll be getting this one exactly because it's molded in color.
  7. Just a few thoughts on scale

    It also goes back to a point I'm fond of making now and again: from imperial measurements of feet and inches, it's really 1/24 that makes more sense than 1/25. And yet the Imperial-based US system and the metric-calibrated EU and Asian markets have it exactly backwards. Guess Old Blighty is the only party truly consistent with its own measures in scaling...
  8. Hasegawa 1988 Isuzu Gemini (JT190) irmscher

    Kool! I been up nights wonderin' about this one too, but alas, them sujiborido polishing drums gotta come in 'fore I ship the latest from my private warehouse. Only gripe I got: Hase REALLY hasta get with the separate interior door panel program. Serve it on up, otherwise...
  9. 1913 Model T Speedster

    I'm on it soon as I see one. Far as plating goes, not sure what's worse - bare plastic or the plating the first couple versions of this tooling got. Just like the plating in Meng's F-350, that stuff waited for the first excuse to flake off in sheets, as if it would rather have been ANYWHERE than on that plastic. The one-piece radiator shell makes a mold seam inevitable around its perimeter, and for those of us who don't tolerate that sort of thing, coming up with your own brass finish was inevitable anyway. Molotow chrome followed by the right overcoat might be the answer.
  10. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    lol, aalllMOST...
  11. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    Down to a front suspension molded webbed to the subframe, or a 40-year spread since the last Ford pickup kit? eh, perhaps. But I bet even the same designer would have recognized that a '66 Fairlane firewall don't cut it for a '65 Merc...
  12. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    Exactly, Gary, because if you do, you wind up with the mess I got trying to fix a warp! Mighta gotten a replacement for the factory twist, but the pretzel I ended up with was all my doing. Eh, may cross-pollinate the remainder of that kit with one of the street Belvederes anyway. I really like this series of kits; most new Moebius kits since the Hudsons and Chryslers appear to have had an antecedent in a previous AMT kit (don't even try to deny the nearly interchangeable Pontiac frames or that the Comet front suspension and firewall are VERY similar to those parts in the AMT '66 Fairlane/Comet). Not so, these Plymouths, crisply engraved, very nicely finished in the molds, distinct and vastly improved over any '64-'65 B body offered before. Faint door lines and a slight crown in the windshield are nits I'll happily deal with in exchange. All subsequent Moebius kits should be finished to this standard. (and better processed for body warps, please.)
  13. Jeep Rubicon 10th Anniversary What's In The Box.

    @218 pieces for a curbside. Don't see that too often in this scale...
  14. New kid on the block ?

    Yeah, well. I like cars. I also like models. Am I happy as the proverbial bescatted boar if I get a good model of a car I like? Absolutely. But I also like kits for their own sake. I like Tamiya and Eduard warbirds 'cause they're good models. I like WW1 tanks from Takom and Meng because they"re good models. And if I'll get kits of subjects that far outside my mainstream just 'cause they're good, I'll most certainly get one of these if they're good.
  15. Thanks for the tip - I'd considered something like those, but GT Radials are a bit anachronistic for the mid '80s. Soon as Round 2 prints up some Eagle GTs, though...