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  1. Airfix VW Beetle?

    Don't know if I'd count on the quick-build, Snake. If the Lambo, Bugatti, and Mclaren are any indication, the kit doesn't have a conventional body shell but instead segments with lego-style attachments to a base platform:
  2. Amt '66 Riviera: your input, please

  3. DeAgostini 1/8 1967 Shelby GT 500....Update! 2/5/19

    You've proven it again, though - that wheel looks a scat-ton BETTER without the paint!
  4. DeAgostini 1/8 1967 Shelby GT 500....Update! 2/5/19

    I've been thru a few of those iron-durometer tires, Bill. Bit of heat from a heat gun or hair dryer or hot water should loosen 'em up well enough to get the wheel in, and they should contract back into shape if the DA Jaguar or Pocher's similarly stiff Aventador tires are any indication. By my reckoning this also means that any tire lettering someone does is best left till after it's mounted on the wheel. As for livening up the wheels themselves, there's been one builder over on the DeAgostini forums who did manage to remove the paint and polish the metal. In that case, I'd think the wheel could weather maneuvering into the tire. If it's something more delicate like Molotow, that may need to be applied with the tire installed and some tricky masking. Major finish problem with this one is that anything metallic is finished in basically the same shade of silver paint. I expect to do a fair amount of refinishing...
  5. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    This should be acknowledged for the Browning reference alone. (That, and of course your dead-correctness about Revell flat boxes.)
  6. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Wow. Dug the E46 and E92, gonna go deeper to see about that A4... Edit: there we go!
  7. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Yup. You 'n Bob, Bernard. We got the right general proportions so I'll deal, but I'm not looking forward to glaze-puttying, priming, block-sanding and rescribing the thing. I've seen Lee knockoffs with better molding.
  8. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Oh I'm sure you're not the only one. But at least the two-piece standard US box doesn't collapse practically under its own weight. And the standard US box hardly corners the market on warps.
  9. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    'Fraid that's the way it's looking. No listing in the USA catalog section yet...
  10. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    KOOL! (re new tool Land Rover, then Brat, then Dodge pickup!) And yeah, Accurate Miniatures stuff was molded in Korea, right? So I guess Academy didn't have too far to search.
  11. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Find it interesting that the AAR new-tool 'Cuda variant isn't listed in the Revell USA section, but whatevz. VERY interested to see how that Land Rover susses out, getting after that range of 1/16 Porsches soon as they're available here. It's actually the warbird offerings piqued my interest - a 1/24 stressed-skin Hellcat from Airfix? 1/24 Butcher Bird and razorback Mustang from Trumpeter?? whuuuuut...
  12. Brand new 1/12 Alfa 8C from Italeri this year!

    GORGEOUS. Hadn't seen that one yet! And yup, current 8C is badly overdue in plastic. I found a drug store diecast to ease that craving a bit in the meantime.
  13. Brand new 1/12 Alfa 8C from Italeri this year!

    VERY. I'll have one.
  14. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    I'm old enough to remember shelves awash in the black version and the "Badman" reissues, but still 'n all, I can buy what you're saying, Mark & Casey. I'm still a bit flummoxed as to how a Badman can command a premium over one of the original PC83 kits, though.
  15. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Welp, I'm back from that wretched hive of online auctioning scum and villainy, and what I wanna know is this: since when did the lousy Badman start trading so high-falutin' within a mere seven years of the last pressing? I just snared a clean and complete PC83 variation for about half the typical buy-it-now asking on the TD kit! A starting bid on one of those is now in pretty extravagant territory.