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  1. Yeah yeah. 🙂 Think it's pretty clear I was coming more from the angle of a revised reissue bringing a kit closer to what it should have been in the first place, but I did leave a pet hatch's worth of ambiguity open, didn't I?
  2. Yup, looks a good deal more successful a model than the Rat Roaster, being less beholden to a specific subject and therefore landing less wide of the mark.
  3. Was about to ring in with the Revell Thunderbolts, some of my favorites ever - but I see that's been covered. And yes, the new-tool Revell Willys was a nice follow-up to the original, very buildable. Like the Revell 1/16 slingshot dragsters too. Mayyybee the Lindberg 1/8 "Exterminator"? Some cute options on that one...
  4. NON-SMOKED CLEAR PARTS! Thank you, Luc! Man, I might want TWO now! If only they'd done that with the 1/16 928...
  5. Based on what else I've seen in the $1200 range, I'd characterize that almost as a bargain... 😮
  6. It's not complete engine detail, just the bottom and forward-facing side - essentially whatever you can see of it through the grille. I'll place my order, a bit more because Hasegawa than subject this time. Revell stack-up will be interesting too.
  7. I don't know about the rest o' y'all, but I LOVE this kit forensics stuff. 😎
  8. Old Tamiya 1/24 always seemed a bit "puffy" to me. This kit has it cold. I'm happy. Would I really LOVE Hasegawa to get on a couple-four BMW E9 variations, especially now that they're rediscovered separate interior door cards? Sure. But I'll certainly have this. 🙂
  9. KNEW it was going to have a destroyer set of decals.
  10. Re managing expectations, Airfix lately has an approach to this, and I wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone else to adopt. They slap two dates on one of the box sides: 1) the current date of release and 2) the year the tooling was designed.
  11. Interesting question. I think it might have been 'cause the '71-'73 went out of its way to look big. Every line on the car seems purposefully directed to emphasize length and mass. Front and rear overhangs gotta be some of the longest ever on a 'Stang...
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