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  1. Yeah, for what's recently available, I really gotta go with the AMT kit myself. +1 on Tim's suggestion, all the way.
  2. Such a lead pipe cinch and so wretchedly overdue, a boat-tail Riv. Guess it's the "Version 2" that's the hangup. Though I'd imagine Revell would feel scrapers have had their day, I gotta wonder if a low rider of just this one would justify the tooling expense as the second version.
  3. Welp, Harry did ask a question about the "Most accurate kit(s)", so he was speaking in relative terms and kinda short-circuiting the whole "perfect kit" discussion before it even starts. You could say this thread is about the kits needing the least assistance in the accuracy department, which is a boon to modelers who'd rather spend time enhancing a kit than correcting it. In the case of Revell's new '71 Mustang, those corrections boil down essentially to trimming a distributor boss off the intake manifold and poring the body shell over for some possible surface irregularities around the C-pillars, and that's about all. 3D scanning made all the difference, and it's the kit pointing the way forward for Revell more than any other. This thing, on the other hand - required caliper measurements and the butchery of two body shells to make it less laughable for those kit-supplied decals, never mind dialing in its more accurate overall look. Is it satisfying that it enjoys some quiet superiority to its source material in the drip molding sweep and rear wheel arches? Sure. Is it objectively less goofy than a coupe with those Panamerica decals? Absolutely. Could you detail the new '71 Mustang to the nines in about half the time it took to make an acceptable representation of Hershel McGriff's ride? (hey, wasn't MY idea - Revell included those decals!) Yes. And I'd suggest that's the point.
  4. Twister decals? Man. Thought this was one reissue I could just leave alone.
  5. Well, it's mostly plate options and inserts for seats I'd be more inclined to mask and paint myself; but yes, I want an RoG release for that exact reason and again, because the kit is that good. Agreed about the Gullwing, btw. Tom West showed some interesting detail tweaks to the GS Corvette body shell years ago, but I don't know if that version ever got produced...
  6. ooooooolllld topic (stumbled across it while digging for a particular quote that aged badly) - but it gives me great pleasure to list a kit that justifies bringing it back from the dead: The payoff from LIDAR is spectacular on this one, and as expected from R/M, its overall design, detail and material quality are at an appropriately high standard. Way to go, Revell!
  7. I can see why the sedan would lead the discussion, but wasn't that first red 5-window box model cobbled from an Aurora kit? For anyone who might not know, the actual body shell in the rod version is represented by the boxcover for the green stock model - ridiculously better.
  8. I'm down! (never particularly gave a rat's about scale, comes to it...)
  9. I didn't even know I wanted an asphalt modified, and that kit is distracting the blablabla outta me right now. I DO know I want some of these. 👍
  10. Four-figure Pocher-parts geek that I am, I can only say "True dat!" 'Specially since I'm ground to a halt right now on some 100-part kits...
  11. It's just so freakin' good I want two Bosses even in anticipation of the other versions coming, and the German boxing and decals are going some way to justifying that...
  12. Stay patient, and you can eventually find a Meng Z4 more in the 50 USD / 45 Euro / 38 Quid range. Very agreeable at that price point, I think. What it all means for the R8, though, I have no idea. The Meng 1/35 British MKV heavy male WWI tank started in the $100 range and you can find them now at just over $60. Those have complete engines, interiors and something like 400 parts in the tracks alone. Except for being accurate, nicely molded, and a clean build if Bob's experience is any indication, I have no idea how to rationalize the BMW at the same price point. It'll be ver-ry interesting to see where the Audi lands...
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