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  1. Didn't even bother with it till now. "Joe Massa-Puzj" - tried saying that name aloud... and yup, you're right. 😎
  2. Sweet. LOVE me a new flat-back 'Stang. With the Revell AG/Carrera Slots angle, I wouldn't be surprised if we got a C8.R first this time, if ANYTHING for the new 'Vette in plastic. S550 got short shrift for years, and seeing how difficult GM apparently was about the C7, looks like the most deserving Corvette in history will now follow suit.
  3. Kinda. Ain't too sure about them dirty bits, m'self.
  4. Ah. That where the Zonda mighta gone? Been wondering about that one...
  5. Welp, it's intriguing - but it seems to be doubling down on that smashed-in transition between the door and the front fender from the full-detail Huracans. Fender flares 'n all, I know. Still looks like a missed opportunity to smooth that area some.
  6. Awesome! I'll just hafta whet the ol' appetite with the ragtop in the meantime.
  7. Not gonna lie, that caught my eye immediately too, especially after such a nice job on the Nova. Still, gonna tip to the other side of "to buy or not to buy". Wouldn't mind more '64-'65 A-bodies at all.
  8. Yup. Or, putting straight pin segments into those holes so you have something more substantial to seat the vinyl tubing on? HATED those as a kid. Gave me FITS. These days I'd use the kit tubing as boots and find actual wire close as possible to 1/16.
  9. Pretty happy about the street SLC, VERY happy about the street M1. Cruiser, Rover and 190 look tasty too
  10. I'd bet Tamiya will follow with a non-ZG version soon thereafter. Got the full line of Tamiya Zs, and this'll be a nifty fill for the gap left up front. Then there's that new Z too...
  11. Understand perfectly why the Hirohata is so iconic and trendsetting. But Sam's apparent personal tastes - especially as compared to his brother's - were way more my speed. I'd take his basic green Merc over just about anything other than the Polynesian, and that Buick above shows the same simple elegance.
  12. Figures I built the Hase kit already - still pretty exciting to me. ? Not for nothin', this bein' a car website 'n all, but I'm digging that new 1/48 Phantom too...
  13. Oooh, that IS sweet! Always like to see a military kit manufacturer's take on a car, and judging from both the precision and the way the front quarters are broken down, there's clearly an expectation grown-ups will be building this one. Imho - and here's a rare qualification from me that this is indeed strictly an opinion - scale bigotry is simply immaterial. Long as it's accurate and detailed (and especially an early '40s Packard Clipper!), I'll take it. That machine has one of the most beautiful profiles ever stamped in steel. ?
  14. Okay, I think I'm understanding what you're after a bit more now. Revell does have a '12 Model T, but it's 1/16 and a pretty ancient tool of Japanese origin I believe - first got that kit in an Entex box in 1973, if memory serves. Still have a Minicraft reissue. Don't have color charts, but the scheme on this one is based on some research of restored Model Ts (and this is the roadster version of that 1/24 ICM 1910 kit, new as of 5 years ago):
  15. Now that I've recovered from the whole jumping-the-shark bit... ?? pretty impressed they went with all-new tooling this time! That engine bay detail rivals what took four separate parts in the '66 - really begs you to skip the fill plate and drop something in there. So yeah, I'll just file those A-pillars a little, have this now and the more detailed one later, please. ?️
  16. W?W. WAY more than I was expecting. This T2 has gone from "eh, okay" to must-have. Nice tractor, btw, Les!
  17. Little just-off-boiling water and some strategic bending fixed mine. Still 'n all...
  18. 'SPECIALLY not if you got a body warped like a pretzel. Good times. ?
  19. Thing is, I think they did. The way I recall the chrome trees from earlier previews gone since, there were two of them - one, with wheels, valve covers, maybe bumpers, parts common to both the roadster and coupe; and then the other, with parts specific to the coupe. The windshield frame was on that second coupe-specific tree, if I'm not mistaken.
  20. First thing to hit me was a bit thick around the A-pillars maybe. Easily fixed and really don't care. Very nice work, Mike!
  21. LORDY, is that Senna so ugly. And man oh man, do I have to have that Tamiya kit. ?
  22. nyuk nyuk nyuk If we had "like" buttons... ?
  23. Funny, 'cause it's just exactly the Black Knight graphics to ramp my interest in this way up. Did Monogram ever offer that version? EDIT: never mind! 5 seconds on the Google machine got me my answer: New decals look more accurate compared to a skim of 1:1s...
  24. Ssshhhhh... Why, I once got a short shot from - SHRIIIIIEEEEK - Tamiya! Not just any 1/24 kit either, but on the transmission case of the 1/12 Caterham 7! Maybe it was to check where the QC went wrong, but their demand for me to send in the defective part seemed a little arrogant. All was resolved, though. ? The Vega I'm working on doesn't strictly have a short shot, but you know those swirls you sometimes see where the flowing plastic meets itself from opposite directions as it fills the mold? There's a little divot from that in the lower front fascia. Red paint and location minimize it, though, and I have to speed this one along.
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