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  1. Great looking! Very, very, nice work indeed. The excellent choice of 57s FoMoCo vehicules, surely enhanced this great Truck"N" Trailer set.
  2. Kool 70s kustom indeed! As mention very nice kustom body work/paint on revells MC body shell.
  3. Stunning Yankee lorry! Like your British/Euro truck line version. Beautiful work.
  4. One of the nicest 1/16th MPC kits: BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Very, very, very nice! Tough paint/decal job to complete, perfect indeed! ...Can t beat MPCs original 1971 "stars & strips" DM 800 box art.
  6. Very, very nice work, for indeed a tough kit to assemble. Spoke wheels give a way better look than original BBS wheels included in the kit. 1st Original EB110 kit edition, by Revell Germany, remember getting the same kit in a US Monogram box back in the 90s.
  7. Very nice work indeed, love the x-tended sleeper
  8. Beautiful! Very, very nice "fit n finish" for an MPC car kit of that time/period.
  9. Magnifique! Like the 70s early 80s look of a typical english long distance lorry sporting its "T.I.R." blue plate! Remember seeing a few RARE (3 axles but very short) 70s early 80s COE KWs on the roads, when traveling to UK back in 80s
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