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  1. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 1965 Polished Aluminum 289 Shelby Cobra   

  2. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic International Transtar 4300 "Hidden Agenda"   

    Extremely nice! (Mercury + tool box looks great!)
  3. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 75 Chrysler Imperial   

    Not bad at all, nice work, can't beat the look of those 70s Big Mopars, what's your base kit?
  4. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic George Barris dead!   

    RIP: Was surely a talented guy, some of his 50s kustom cars beacame "classics" in the Kustom Kar world...Love or hate feelings will surely arise about the self proclaimed "King", indeed self promotion/claims/credits for a few designs was his strong point, guess its the name of the game when you're... King!...:
    TD most famous.... Barris Design:

  5. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic IH Transtar Double   

  6. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Long Haul Scania 143H Tractor part 1   

    Beautiful work! love the Long wheelbase frame...
    Did the frame/kit come from the "Canvas" Scania kit?
  7. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Lamborghini Miura SSV prototype   

    A real beauty! "SSV"  like your idea!
  8. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Porsche 962C Street Version   

    Wow! very nice... 
    80s Autobahns rocket!
  9. ZIL 111V added a topic in Under Glass   

    Heres one of my "fast" builtup, MPC good'ol '33 Willys "Paddy Wagon" panel (gasser type) snap kit, from actual R2 reissue, remember building the exact same one, in original issue box from 1979, basic but not bad for a 70s snap kit , Testors Icy Blue + clear coats:

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  10. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic The 1/12 Doyusha Kits - A Look Back   

    Indeed The T/A & MACH1 "Dispaly Model" were motorized & had workable front & rear light bulbs, the Mabuchi motor was nestled in a bit oversized V8 block, driving power to the driveshaft/oversized rear axle, 6 AAs batteries were needed (in gas tank) to make everything workout.

    Lambo LP400/500S, & 911 "Display" 1/12th kits had only working lightbulbs with 2 AAs front batteries supports located in front trunk.

    Doyusha deleted all the battery powered engines & front/rear working light bulbs in following editions.
  11. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 77 Chevy Monte Carlo   

    Superb model of a beatiful 70s cardesign,indeed still geat looking today, reminds me of my dads brand new'77 in FireThorn red
  12. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic The 1/12 Doyusha Kits - A Look Back   

    OTAKI got in the 1/12th scale kit, back in the 70s, inspired & to compete with rival Tamiya, most of the 1/12th plastic "Static Display" kits were also available in RC (Radio Control) form, got the Trans AM, Porsche 911, & Lambo LP500S in both display & RC versions, many had different box art under the OTAKI years, still remember the Porsche 911 i got was silver with white stripes & my Trans AM kit was the early: white & blue (1970/72) T/A Paint scheme not the later red 1973 "screaming chicken" version.

    The 1/12 static display series was surely on a good start, until OTAKI closed shop in the second half of the 80s, all the 1/12th series ended up with DOYUSHA, since the last decade the availabilty of these kits have been rare. if DOYUSHA still have all these molds, they surely decided to lower the production, trying to find on of these kits in a hobby shop in north america is a real challenge...better chances in a Tokyo hobby shop

    Indeed the Lancia Startos was a NITTO kagaku 1/12th kit, (IMO better then Otaki) I also got it as gift back in the early 80s, the ALITALIA "Safari" version was the original version, the other Pirelli version was under the Doyusha years.

    Doyusha did also rework the 450SL OTAKI mold later in the 80s: 450SLconvertible & the 450SLC AMG versions.

    Remember seeing the S800 coupe 1/12 kit box way back
  13. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler Wrecker   

    Wow! original '71 boxart perfect look, very nice.
  14. ZIL 111V added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/16 Cragar S/S mags
    Hunting for a set of 4 optional; Cragar S/S mags, originaly included in AMTs 1957 Chevy 1/16 kits.

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  15. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic RIP Christopher Lee   

    Hammer films "Super Star" icon, with Cushing: for me Lee was the Best Dracula impersonator ever.
    Indded; Scaramanga role in 1974 was pretty good too