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  1. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 1969 Hurst Olds former WIP   

    WOW! Very nice Dr. Olds beauty.
  2. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 69 AMX Big Bad Green   

    Stunning! beautiful work.
  3. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Kenworth K123   

  4. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Day & Ross Freightliner FLD120 & 53' Great Dane   

  5. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    My favorite: Testor mystic emerald lacquer (+ clear coats), cant beat the fantastic shade/finish of this color:

  6. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic AMT 1/16   

    Got them all way back then in the 70s & 80s, not the best but pretty easy to get together, that's what I thought back then 
    AMT launched the 1/16 series back in 1976-77 (55 & 57 Chevies), 1978 (55 & 57 Thunderbirds), Mustang cpe was the last in 1979 (very bad front A arms! + read that a convertible was also planned back then  but AMT was in bad financial situation :MATCHBOX takeover era), the 1/16 series was to compete with MPC & Revell 1/16 car kits. AMT choose to make those kits pretty basic, to get a  bigger chunk of the younger modeler market, compared to MPC or Revell, the parts count was a bit lower & the level of detail & accuracy passable but not terrible for such  large scale car kits: FRONT metal axle for front wheels!!!! (no steerable front wheels?) opening doors yes but not fitting perfectly, no opening trunks? (except for nomads kits), HUGE sparkplugs /hoses vinyl wiring, not the best compared to other 1/16 scale, but the subjects (classic darling cars) were very well chosen, 2 in 1 for all kits included factory stock or typical "70s street machine" optional parts: mags, engine parts,,etc. the series continued in the 80s under Matchbox & later ERTL takeover. In the 90s many kits were discontinued but a few like the 57 Chevy Convertible, the 64 Mustang & the  55 nomad (reissued in original 70s boxart in limited edition back in 1995/96), made it thru the 90s.
  7. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Martini Porsche 935   

    Superb piece! of a legendary race car, outstanding work!
  8. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Most accurate kit(s) ever (1/24-25)?   

    Surely one of the most accurate 1/24 plastic model car kit way back in the mid 80s, amazed by the box content & finish model back in 1985/6 (+ cant beat that great boxart!:

  9. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Too Much Dragster   

    Stunning! very nice work.
  10. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic 1931 Alfa Romeo   

    Very nice!
  11. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Chevy Titan 90   

    Your cab paint scheme/colors, reminds me of a side boxart ...in your shop background wall.
  12. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic White Freightliner Single Drive 32 yrs old   

    Very, very, nice! instantly reminded me of the excellent 1972 boxart:

  13. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic M-B 450 SLC Safarirally 1979 1/12   

    Very nice! beautiful work, of a rare subject.
    Indeed reminds me of the rare OTAKI 1/12th SLC Rally Safari version. Always wondered how the rally drivers handled those huge german (long wheelbase) coupes on African rally roads...240Z, 911, or Stratos of the same era surely easier to pilot than an SLC! 
  14. ZIL 111V added a post in a topic Built in 1975 Custom Ford Van - StarTruk   

    Very cool 70s  survivor! very, very, nice work for the age/skill you had 40+ years ago.
  15. ZIL 111V added a topic in On The Workbench   

    .'77 Monte Low
    Fast lil' buildup im doing right now|:1977 Monte Low snap kit, pretty nice looking for such a basic snapper, LIKE the looks im getting for now.
    Shaved door handles/ scripts, Fresh Testors MM Honduras Maroon + BMF  + clear coats that will be glass smooth polished in a few weeks, when im back on my workbench barely find time to finish a snap kit:

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