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  1. Amazing build! When I was a kid, I had a distant relative who drove a Fury, but it looked nothing like this one! (If it had, he'd have been the most popular old guy in the neighborhood - at least with us kids!)
  2. Super job! Beautiful in every respect. As mentioned, the chrome work is amazing!
  3. Masterful job! Stunning paint and build execution! The photos are also excellent!
  4. Pretty much an out-of-the-box build. I did add a liner pad for the hatch cover and glass for the hull viewing ports. A large black Sharpie was used for the rubber pads on the tracks.
  5. Nope - it's Live! - the first live LP they released.
  6. Yikes! I don't believe I forgot April Wine! When I first heard "You Could Have Been A Lady," I searched all around Western NY for it, but could only find it on a live LP that was tucked away in a bin in the back of a Buffalo head shop (right next to the lava lamps). I still have it, but most of my April Wine stuff is on cassette and even some CDs. Kim Mitchell is an unsung guitar god (at least here) and actually did a DJ gig on Q107 for many years. And if you're not familiar with Frank Marino (with or without Mahogany Rush), you need to check him out. He is beyond words - one of the greatest to ever wield an axe. I'll also mention Blue Rodeo and Garolou...and solely for "Fantasy," you have to throw in Aldo Nova. And one of the best songwriters out there, Bruce Cockburn (to go through life with a last name like that, had to be har...tough). And of course we haven't even mentioned the bands that are known south of the border - The Guess Who, BTO, Neil Young, Rush... and David Clayton- Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Tears... There must be something in the beer up north that produces some of the greatest music the planet has ever known. (Molson Golden, anyone?)
  7. Amazing in every respect, from design concept to execution! One of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! You are a true model builder!
  8. Thanks! And I was remiss in not including Honeymoon Suite!
  9. I grew up in Western NY and watched lots of TVOntario and HNIC, AND listened to CHUM-FM at first, then Q107 (reception allowing). My favorite band of all-time (excluding the Beatles, who are of a different sphere of existence) is SAGA. I can tell you that with only a few exceptions, Canadian bands were completely unknown to my fellow classmates, and later co-workers (and I worked in film/video/audio production!). Getting the Canadian LPs was a (your should excuse the pun) a saga in itself - all imports, of course. We would go to Toronto to enjoy "the adult entertainment," and then I'd insist we stop at record stores. I'd spend hundreds on LPs and cassettes (this is WAY before CDs) to grab up the stuff you simply couldn't get state-side. Not all prog, of course - here's a sampling of my inventory: Max Webster, Kim Mitchell, Triumph, Goddo, The Kings, Gowan, The Northern Pikes, Tragically Hip, Chalk Circle, Coney Hatch, Frozen Ghost, Frank Marino, Parachute Club, Toronto, Headpins, Harlequin, Trooper, Payolas, Rough Trade, Lee Aaron, Wrabit...and so on and so forth. And just about everything SAGAS's ever done wit the exception of some stuff that I'm not sure was ever legitimately released. Thanks for the tips, because Blue Peter is the only one with which I'm familiar. ROCK ON CANADA! PS - I used to be able to stream Q107 online from the US until the authorities put the kibosh on that.
  10. From Canada, the breeding ground for the most underappreciated music on the planet, comes FM and the LP "Black Noise" featuring the one and only Nash the Slash... Set those phasors to stun, boys and girls...
  11. It's well into the wee hours of a hot, sultry summer evening. I'm laying at the foot of my bed, the window is open as a warm breeze carries the sounds of bullfrogs from the nearby creek into my room. My Juliette stereo (with 8-track!) is tuned to Q107 from Toronto, when the mystical notes of a previously unheard tune begin to creep their way into my consciousness. They instruct me to "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"... when the journey is over, I go on a quest for Ummagumma... and once it's mine, the journey continues...
  12. Fantastic build! Everything about it is first-class!
  13. I didn't really do anything other than be extremely careful not to touch the chrome paint after it was applied. With the seats and dash, that was really no problem. i had a bit of a slip on the radiator shroud, however, But nothing's perfect. Eventually I'll do some more experimenting with this paint (the can's large enough to last until the next century) with various clear coats, which should help protect it.
  14. Super job! Paint is excellent as is entire build!
  15. I pretty much used up all of the good pictures when I put together the photo sheet, but if I get an opportunity, I'll try to take some more at some point. Thanks!
  16. Herman ran this baby on the drag strip in the episode “Hot Rod Herman,” so I’m placing this under Drag Cars. (That was the episode that also introduced Grandpa’s garage-built DRAG-U-LA.) I had some issues with this kit, as simple as it is – mostly fit issues, but the ride height also seemed off, so I used adjustment shims for the rear wheels. The main body was polished slightly and then brush coated with Future (sorry, I mean “Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine”). The interior red is Tamiya TS-49. Interior details were brush painted with Tamiya acrylics. I blacked out the ends of the various exhaust stacks, used a black wash on the chrome wheels, and scratch built a back for the upper most “crow’s nest” seat. Other modifications are called out in the photo sheet.
  17. Thanks! As mentioned, the Rust-oleum paint is kind of hit and miss - if it decides to come out of the can smoothly, it looks great. But sometimes it spits out of the can. It also needs to be sealed somehow, as even after being fully cured the slightest touch will mar it.
  18. If I've painted an armor piece with Tamiya lacquers, do I need to put down a "protection" coat of clear (flat or gloss) - which will also be a lacquer - prior to applying washes, filters, etc.?
  19. Great looking build! Love the light blue and it works well with the white!
  20. Many thanks to everyone for the nice feedback on this build! I greatly appreciate it!
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