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  1. The fast and furious movie Charger, but instead of painting it black I went with Tamiya light blue. The build went good until it came time to put frame and body together. It would not fit, the front is way too high and I couldn't figure out what is wrong. Tried getting the frame to fit further into the body, but it would not go. The radiator frame was was all the way to the body and it wasn't going further. Don't know what happened unless I put it in wrong, but I don't think I did. The firewall top was at the body and on the frame so it wasn't going further either. At least I think I'm improving my painting. Anyway here it is. Thanks for looking, all comments welcome.
  2. Calling it done. This build was going along good until the end when it was time to put frame and body together. It would not fit. The front is way too high and I can't figure out what's wrong. It's as far as it will go. At least I think I'm improving on my painting. Thanks all for the comments. I'll post some pics in under glass.
  3. Going body color with this one. Thanks Mike. Thanks Carl.
  4. I use a base dremel and never had a problem with it being too fast or melting the plastic, but the trick is to use the battery only partially charged and run it on low.
  5. 1951 Chevy Bel Air. I was born in 51 and I remember my Dad having a 51 Bel Air in the mid to late 50's. Don't remember much about it, but do remember it being a 3 speed on the steering column. I think it was black.
  6. I can see on some of kits where the old price sticker was removed and a new one put on. Not all were like that though, could have been old kits but new stock. But this HL does not sell a lot of kits, every time I'm there I'm always the only one on that aisle.
  7. Something I saw at my local Hobby Lobby today which kinda irks me. The older kits that were on the shelf for months are marked at the new higher price of 39.99. These are kits that were purchased before the price hike and should not be priced at the new prices.
  8. I think I can rule out the Odo-Ban. These parts were leftovers stored in a plastic container with other parts inside a cabinet. They were not exposed to the Odo-Ban. I don't think the moisture level is bad enough to affect it, there is no effect on any others in there and there is a lot of kits that have been there longer. I also have a damp rid container in there that does a great job of removing humidity.
  9. I probably have not sprayed the Odo-Ban more than 3 times in the year it's been on the shelf. I only spray it because the shed is not climate controlled and gets a musky humid odor over time. I have several different models on the shelves and this is the only one affected. Nothing else has been sprayed in there. Could be the culprit though. Guess it's time to rebuild it, maybe with no chrome at all.
  10. It's in my shed where I build. The only thing I have sprayed in there is Odo-Ban, but I don't spray it up high where the shelf is. And I have other models on that shelf with chrome that is fine.
  11. Looks good so far Bob. That blue will look nice.
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