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  1. Thanks Bob. Did you send photos of the warped frame?
  2. I'm getting out of office responses. The first contact said out of office and no email forwarding, and gave a alternative contact. Tried that one and got the same response.
  3. Finished up the decals. Working on the interior................
  4. Thanks. I sent them a email asking for a replacement. It will probably be a month or longer before I start on it anyway.
  5. Just checked, yep mine is warped too. Mine is worse on the top, I may be able to cut it off and get the bottom to fit right.
  6. I have this kit but have not opened it yet. I'll have to check it and see if mine has the warped frame. Your build is looking good Bob. Wheels look great.
  7. I'm using a Paasche H with a craftsman 3 gallon 120psi compressor, works fine. It has a regulator that I set at around 20-25psi and I installed a water trap. Someone already mentioned you can get the H kit for around 50 bucks. Harbor Freight has 3 gallon compressors for 50 and up. You could come out around 100 for a complete setup.
  8. And I appreciate your advice. I'm just saying I've had no problems with the Rustoleum priimer and paints. I just wanted to know if I could use the Duplicolor over the Rustoleum primer because I couldn't find a red I liked in the Rustoleum, now I know it's not a good idea. I plan on trying the Duplicolor, both the primer and paint as soon as I can get some.
  9. I have the same problem with the Rustoleum red. Other colors seem fine.
  10. About a day. The primer does fine, dries quick.
  11. Thanks. They came with the kit. I'm trying to put on the smaller ones now, I always have trouble getting them on straight.
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