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  1. Just got a kit at 40% yesterday. They run the 40% off every other week.
  2. Looking good Bob. That paint looks great. I'm going to give the Tamiya stuff a try. Can't get it anywhere near me, so I ordered a couple bottles.
  3. Amazing life like photos from this 13 year old autistic young man. https://anthonyryanschmidt.com/
  4. Got the interior done. Craft acrylic pewter grey.
  5. Good to see you back on it. I know you will get it done and it will look great. I just bought some new BMF, I hope it's better than what I last had.
  6. Man, I hate that. I did the same thing on my 701/2 Camaro only I was using 3m tape. There's no way to get that stuff off that I know of.
  7. Looking good Mike. Color? Createx?
  8. Thanks Mike. I like the Createx paints, they do a good job, but I'm always wanting to try something different. I saw Bob's 40 Ford, great paint job on it. I also want to try the Tamiya paints but have no local hobby shops to buy it at. I'm going to order some and give it a try.
  9. Harp Twins...............Stairway to Heaven cover.
  10. I keep trying to improve my paint jobs but can't seem to get it right. I first was using Rustoleum 2x spray paints, but lately I've been using craft paints and Createx paints. I've tried different clears and ended up just using Revive floor polish. The other day I decided to try something I remember doing 30 years ago before I quit the hobby. I was then using the little Testors bottle enamels spraying them with a cheap Testors plastic airbrush and a can of air. I thought it did a good job back then. So I tried it again using my Paasche H, mixing the enamel 50/50 with generic lacquer thinner. I think it did ok, needs improvement but it's probably better than what my results have been lately.
  11. I've got this kit in the rollout version and the Chase Elliott version. Have not started on either one, but it does look like a nice kit.
  12. Thank you. Thanks Carl. Thanks. Yes, it was the orange plastic. Thanks.
  13. Got a little done on it. Paint did not come out great, but it's ok. I am going to redo the hood and bumpers because they were pretty bad looking. Got them in the purple stuff. I used Krylon gloss black in the little short cut can I got at Hobby Lobby.
  14. Looks great. I like it.
  15. I know you will get that hood issue figured out Bob, and that will be a sweet looking coupe.
  16. Thanks Carl. I've checked the front and rear bumpers, and the one for the show car does not fit well, the stock ones do. I'll use those as I really don't like those side skirts and wheel skirts on the show car anyway.
  17. Good idea. So far it's holding and I've got primer on, but if it gives me trouble I will do just that.
  18. The last Revell Special Edition I did was the 68 Chevelle and I made a total mess out of it. I think I may have gotten a little better since then, so I'm giving it a go. I'm sure you would do ok with it.
  19. Already found a problem. After drilling out the holes for the spoiler, the locating pins on the spoiler do not come even close to aligning with the holes. I cut the pins off, but the spoiler has very little gluing contact with the body. May have to leave it off and fill the holes.
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