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  1. Something I saw at my local Hobby Lobby today which kinda irks me. The older kits that were on the shelf for months are marked at the new higher price of 39.99. These are kits that were purchased before the price hike and should not be priced at the new prices.
  2. I think I can rule out the Odo-Ban. These parts were leftovers stored in a plastic container with other parts inside a cabinet. They were not exposed to the Odo-Ban. I don't think the moisture level is bad enough to affect it, there is no effect on any others in there and there is a lot of kits that have been there longer. I also have a damp rid container in there that does a great job of removing humidity.
  3. I probably have not sprayed the Odo-Ban more than 3 times in the year it's been on the shelf. I only spray it because the shed is not climate controlled and gets a musky humid odor over time. I have several different models on the shelves and this is the only one affected. Nothing else has been sprayed in there. Could be the culprit though. Guess it's time to rebuild it, maybe with no chrome at all.
  4. It's in my shed where I build. The only thing I have sprayed in there is Odo-Ban, but I don't spray it up high where the shelf is. And I have other models on that shelf with chrome that is fine.
  5. Looks good so far Bob. That blue will look nice.
  6. Looks great Jim. Nice work. Looking forward to the finished build.
  7. Fine looking hot rod. Nice work.
  8. Built this AMT 34 Ford Pickup about a year ago. It's been sitting on a shelf with some other models. Noticed the chrome parts are deteriorating. Anyone else see this with this kit? Bad chrome plating?
  9. Merc looks great Bob. Nice work.
  10. Got the engine done and installed into finished chassis.
  11. Well, I wanted to go with the light green but found out I didn't have enough. I had just ordered some paints but did not get any green. I did get this sky blue, so I went with it. Looks ok I guess, I'll let it cure for a few days and then put on the X-22 clear.
  12. The Allman Brothers Band.........Jessica.
  13. Wheels and tires look great. And I love that paint. It's a really nice kit, I just finished one also in green. Got another one in my stash waiting on me.
  14. Some interesting facts about the Charger in the movies. They were 3-5 cars used. The first shot of the car in Dom's garage has a 592 Hemi that was only used for that shot, after that it was returned to the builder. The actual engine used in the movie was a 440 Big Block with a fake blower, and the sound was not from that engine, it was recorded from a Hemi and used in the movie.
  15. I think light green looks good on the Mopars. Think I will go with it. Got some of the engine done.
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