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  1. I use a small dot of super glue, give it a few seconds to get tacky then hold the mirror in place with tweezers for a few more seconds. I have also used Mod Podge, it is very tacky after a few seconds.
  2. Sweet looking little hot rod. Great work.
  3. Fine looking Nova. Nice work.
  4. That is a cool looking Impala. Great work.
  5. Looks good Michelle. Nice work.
  6. Gold is on the body..............
  7. Looks great Bob. Nice interior. Here's a song for you.........
  8. Yes they are. It usually takes about 4-5 days for me to get my order from them including processing. I'm just a little over 200 miles from Atlanta.
  9. Got primer on the body, Mr. Surfacer 1000., hope to get the color on tomorrow. Engine is ready for wiring.
  10. I've never saw that kit. It looks good in yellow.
  11. I think I will. I order from Hobbylinc a lot also. I can just put it aside until I get the paint.
  12. I've searched for the Gloss Grape paint I need at my local HL today, but none to be had. I think that's where I got the other, it's been a while. I was also in Tallahassee Fl. last Wednesday and checked a HL there, no dice. Looks like I will have to order it. I was planning on painting the dash body color, and I still need to paint the hood parts, but I may just go ahead and paint the dash interior color and go hood less until I can get some.
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll be on watch for any problems. But if I get frustrated enough with it, I'll put it back in the box.
  14. Fantastic. That pink is cool. It's my wife's favorite color, I built her a VW Beetle a few months ago and she wanted painted pink.
  15. Looking good. Nice work.
  16. I am now waiting on some Gloss Grape paint to finish this little cruiser. I need to paint the dash before I install it, and I forgot to paint the hood pieces before I ran out of paint. Then get the windshield and a few body bits on and It will be done.
  17. I've got a set of General mini files that has a handle. The carbide mini bits I got from Harbor Freight fit perfectly in the file handle. I also have a Hobbico pin vise I've had for 40 years, it came with 6 bits stored inside it. The file handle with the carbide bits is easier to use than the pin vise, but the carbide bits are very fragile and break easily. I keep an extra set on hand.
  18. Great looking Chevelles. I've got this kit in my stash. I like that yellow, maybe the way I go.
  19. Jim, it was offered in only 2 colors, Saturn Yellow and Apollo White. It would look good in yellow, but in the old instruction manual which I have it mentions painting the body in Gold Metallic for the B version of the kit which is the custom, and Gloss Yellow for the A version which is stock. The instructions in this kit mentions Yellow or White. I think it will look good in Gold. But it's a model so any color you want would be right.
  20. Waiting on some paint to finish up the 32 Cruiser, so in the meantime I think I will start on this one. I've had several Buicks in the last 40 years including 2 LeSabres and a Regal. I currently own a 2003 LeSabre. I like Buicks, need to find and build more kits. But I've never owned the GSX. Looks like a nice kit, I will painting it Gold Metallic with a black interior and will the build the performance version OOB.
  21. Jim, Vallejo has aircraft color sets. Some of these have the FS numbers. I think they are acrylics. https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/category/hobby/sets/air-war-en/
  22. My Dad served in WW2, but he didn't fly any warbirds. But I do like the old warbirds and some of the more modern aircraft. Here's a couple I'm going to try to get built in the near future. That helo is really nice, it's a Christmas gift from my grand boys. BTW, I can't find any Testor's Gloss Grape at HL, so I'll probably be going hoodless on the 32 until I get some. I did find gloss purple, it my be the same, I'm going to test it and see.
  23. Yea, like the removable top and the spare tire. I may have a top that will work.
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