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  1. Thanks Carl. Thanks Jim. Thanks Chaz.
  2. I try sometimes, but don't take a lot of time with it, rarely get one on.
  3. They are a little slow on shipping. I live about 300 miles South of them and it takes 4 or 5 days. But they have good prices and reward points that can save you a few bucks also. I've ordered from them many times.
  4. I gave this a try and although it doesn't look as convincing as Steven's, I'm happy with it.
  5. Testor's Gloss Blue acrylic..........thinned 1:1 with generic lacquer thinner.
  6. Ok, not as convincing as Steve's, but I'm ok with it.
  7. Engine and chassis ready to be weathered.
  8. On the bench. I'm going to try and weather this one following Steve Guthmiller's excellent tutorial on basic chassis and engine weathering. I want it to look like a 70 model that has been driven and used, but having the exterior well taken care of. I will build the custom version and the paint will be some type of blue.
  9. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks Bob.
  10. Great looking hot rod. Love the paint.
  11. Nice save on this one Bob. The red looks great. Looking forward to seeing the Nomad finished.
  12. Calling it done. Thanks all for looking and commenting.
  13. This is a really nice kit, parts fit well, and it was a fun kit. The interior/engine hood hinges area was a little finicky, but worked out ok. The paint is Tamiya light green, interior is Tamiya semi-gloss black. There is a lot of detail painting that I'm not good at so it looks a little sloppy. Someone with better skills than me could make this kit look really nice.
  14. Thanks Carl. Feeling better today, was able to get some done. Almost ready, just need to put on a few decals and I'll call it done.
  15. Thanks EMRE, JC, Bob, and carl. No progress lately, been under the weather this week.
  16. Bob, I've bought a couple of distributors from them, but no engines. The only thing I can tell you is I had no problems and shipping was fast.
  17. Got some body work done. There is a lot of hand detail painting on this kit and with my shaky hands I'm not very good with it. It's looking like a sloppy mess. One thing to watch is the engine hatch needs to go on before the interior is installed, not after. And it's kinda of finicky getting the rear of the interior and hatch hinges to fit right.
  18. Got some interior work done. Lots of small decals involved.
  19. Progressing slowly. Got the front chassis done. The wheels are posable.
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