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  1. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks Carl. I never polish anyway. Thanks Joe. Thanks. Yea, it was a really tight fit.
  2. I made the mistake of wiring and installing the distributor before installing the engine in it's cradle. It's a really tight fit. If I had read on further in the instructions it shows the distributor being installed after the engine is in the cradle. I got it there but not after tearing off a few of my wires. If you build this kit and are planning to install plug wires, best to do it after the engine is in the cradle.
  3. Looking good Bob. That's a great looking color.
  4. Looks great. It is a really nice kit. My wife likes the VW and wanted me to build one a few months ago. She wanted it pink. The kit goes together really nice.
  5. I've looked at the colors in the link above and looked at some photos online. Seeing lots of red, white and yellow. But I saw a couple of light green ones that caught my eye. I have a bottle of Tamiya x-15 light green, I'm going with it. The interior will be either black or some type of brown.
  6. Thanks, lots of nice colors there. Thanks. Thanks Joe.
  7. Thanks all. I've got the engine almost ready. It goes together nicely. Still have not made up my mind on what color I'm going with.
  8. Ok, a little something different for me. Looks like a really nice kit, although there will be a lot of detail painting. Probably some colors I don't have. Have not decided on body and interior colors but I like the box art colors, may just go with those.
  9. Thanks. Thanks David. Thanks. Thank you. It would have looked good in two tone, but I'm not very good at painting a two tone. The wheel backs I painted a metallic silver, but the camera flash washed them out, looks a little better in person, but I think they would have stood out better painted black. Thanks Bob. Thanks.
  10. Calling it done. Thanks for looking and for the comments.
  11. Did not like this kit. Nothing seemed to fit right. But I knew it was an old kit when I started, didn't expect much. Did the best i could with it. Paint is Tamiya X-4, interior is a combination of X-4 and semi-gloss black. Thanks for looking, all comments welcome.
  12. Mike, here's the gap. I didn't take the time to try and fix it, just too hot in my shed to be in there long. I didn't like this kit, did what I could with it.
  13. Thanks John. I can tell you the fit is terrible. This is a gap between the firewall and cowl. Also I installed the battery on the firewall before fitting body and frame. The battery kept the body from going all the way on. I had to cut out part of the left fender well to make it fit. I guess I could I have removed and replaced the battery but I didn't. The battery looks way to big IMO. I also had to remove the hood "hinges" to make it fit and it still doesn't fit very good. Hope to have some photos tomorrow.
  14. Trying to finish this one up. Got out early to the shed to try and get some done before the big heat takes over. Trying to glue some of the small bits onto the body and the crop duster starts spraying the field behind my house, and every time he makes his turn right above me the whole shed shakes so bad I can't get a steady hand on the parts.
  15. Need to get a new belt, this one no longer fits.
  16. Interior is done. Got the trim on the body with a molotow pen. I didn't want the full chrome on the windows and roof pillar, so I did the trim as it is on the model 210 instead of the Bel Air. Except the 210 didn't have the fender and door spear.
  17. I like those wheels/tires. Looking forward to seeing the build.
  18. She's sitting on all four. Slow progress, just too hot and humid to stay in my work shed for long. The front of the traction bars had no connection point, I had to drill some holes in the frame rails for the pin to fit in. It's kinda of a strange chassis all around with the built in square mufflers and exhaust system. The street version I'm building has the headers connecting into those square mufflers and the short pipes used do not line up correctly.
  19. Thanks Carl. It looks better than I thought it would. Thanks Bob. I am too, I think I'm not going to clear it, maybe just polish it a little.
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