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  1. @ATHU Thank you. I will post some of these here as an under glass in the future, including the Mercury wagon.
  2. @Tom Geiger These are both very nice. Thanks for "Busting into my thread." 😁👍
  3. @Tom Geiger Boy would I like to see that !!
  4. Good morning @espo The old yellowed decals from ancient kits would have never worked, so I found some late model decals sheets from my stash, that had some of these old style pin stripe retro style decals, and I experimented a bit. What worked was, I laid the decal on, let it dry overnight, and then the next day I sprayed Testors #1260 Dullcote to cover the whole body, and you get what you see. Did the hood decal, the same way. Experimenting helps a lot. I hope that helps and works for you.
  5. I saw this car on a magazine cover, and brought that magazine home with me. It took me years to get to it, like most projects, their waiting in line for some personal LOVE. The first thing I did was chop the top, and then opened the doors and added some mini-magnets, so I could hear the "SNAP" when the doors closed. I ordered all the engine parts I needed from Replicas and Miniature, and stripped all the other engine Chrome parts, and sprayed everything with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome, so they would match. The front of the car was modified with 1941 Chevy truck headlights and the top of the grill frame was given 3 sorta spears, like on the cover car I put er' all together, and I hope you like my ol' girl.
  6. @Koellefornia Kidmy friend. Thank you. It's so much fun to create these imaginary vehicles, that we would love to drive on the street. So much talent here on the forum. I really enjoy seeing so many pieces of rolling art, draped in beautiful colors.
  7. @iSewen WOW...and what everyone else said. Beautifully detailed. Cleanly built. Crisp in it's presentation. Foil work is beyond perfection, and the colors are GORGEOUS.....BRAVO!!
  8. Thank every one of you. Great to share this hobby with all of you.
  9. Thanks @espo While I was building the old girl, it brought back a lot of great memories.
  10. Thank you @Dennis Lacy The ol' girl was a "Hoot" to build, as I thought about all those cars from my past, at the car shows almost 70 years 😵ago. Yeah, I'm a "Dinosaur in the hobby. Did I really say that....YIKES😱.
  11. Thanks @bisc63 I saw a lot of cars similar in magazines when I was a kid. Those were the days.
  12. @Steve Geer Angel hair....Huuum😉. I'll have to think about that 👍.
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