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  1. Dag Gert, welkom vanuit Vlaanderen ! Erg veel te bekijken op dit forum. For the others, this is Dutch !!! Sorry, I couldn't resist...😜
  2. AMT, 1977 Ford Van with Vending Machine (1/25), MCRonse This one ? AMT, Chevy Cameo Pick Up Truck 1955 - Coca Cola (1/25), MCRonse Is this the Chevy van ?
  3. It's far from bad after all ! Is this from the AMT Coca-Cola series ? I planned to buy a pickup or van from AMT, but if those kits are quite bad, I'll have to think about it...
  4. Great ! The car of the best Belgian racer ever X
  5. I'm working on an Airfix 1:32 Aston Martin. A kit I bought many years ago. Unfortunately, I'm missing a head light. Is it possible to become spare parts at Airfix, or would it be cheaper to buy an extra kit ?
  6. I'm picking in on Conchan's thread about glue bombs. A few years ago, I received a shoe box from somebody who once made an unsuccesfull attempt in car modelling. The question is what to do with it ? I think the Countach is a Tamiya model ? It has room for a couple of batteries and an electric engine. Unfortunately, the axle of a front wheel is broken. The 356 has already been paint stripped by me. I'm thinking of using the rest for a diorama, barnfind, accidented car ...
  7. I use mostly Motip spray cans. They can be bought for a quite small price in general DIY shops. Only metallic colours are hard to get. I admit being less experienced.
  8. I've learnt something new !👨‍🎓 Thanks for your answer.👍
  9. Not one of your best builds...??? Well, in that case I wonder how a good build of you would look like !😉👍
  10. 'Strandbeest' is a Dutch name. You can literally translate it as 'Beach beast'.
  11. My favourite kind of race cars. That Renault is still on my bucket list.
  12. I thing you made a mistake ! These are pictures of a real bike...🥴 No kidding, amazing is the best word I could find !
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