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  1. Maybe you should have sanded the tyres a little bit. Apart from that : nice car. I looked very attentive, but see nothing strange on the windscreen.
  2. A Fiat in the USA ?? Sounds like a penguin in the jungle to me...😆
  3. This car is unknown to me. Strange spare wheels ; what happens when you drive over a bump ??
  4. I very much like the models of the brand Mini-art. Mostly military, but also nice car models on 1:35, from the 1930-'40 era. Nicely detailed, but also a large range of accessories for creating dioramas. Miniart Manufacture of Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits (miniart-models.com)
  5. Splendid ! You make me jalous ( or how do you write that ?? )
  6. Marvellous collection ! Group C cars are my favourites !
  7. Microscopic modelling, very well done ! Much of those AMT models have a little extra, always funny.
  8. List of Belgian beers - Belgium Travel Guide - Eupedia 🙃👍
  9. I made exactly the same kit long time ago, in my teenage years when I started the hobby. It resulted in what we know as ' a gluebomb'. It's still somewhere in my stash. I keep it to transform it someday in a rusty wreck.
  10. Driven by Thierry Boutsen, our second best F1-driver ever from Belgium. In what race featured this car ? Must the 24 hours of Daytona or Le Mans I guess. Almost forgot : nice model too !
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