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  1. My favourite type of racers ! I just can't read the names of the drivers...?
  2. Nice one ! I was also looking for more things to see in your display. Seems like a nice collection.
  3. Hans1971

    Porsche GT3R

    Those decals !!😵 I wouldn't even think of trying it...
  4. Hans1971

    My 2021

    I like the variety. Vintage racers are my favourites.
  5. Indeed, the USA has never been a market for Renault. Though Renault is very popular in Europe, it's reputation is not like German cars. Rust an reliability as you mentioned.
  6. Nice hangar for your cars. Where's the shelf with your models ? 😲 Lol
  7. A pedestrian car ???😏 Hey, for Americans this car might look a bit silly, but in Europe this was the ultimate car for a young adult. In the eighties, it was part of a range of cars we describe as 'hot hatchback'. Among them also the Golf GTI, Peugeot 205 GTI, Opel Kadett GTE and many others... Small, handy cars but with lots of HP under the bonnet.
  8. Haha, yes, Belgium is a small country, but a superpower when it comes to beer. Hundreds , if not, thousands of them. One life is not enough to taste them all. Apart from that, nice Mercedes model !
  9. I like this kind of racecars. And the sponsor publicity makes me immediately think on... BEER !
  10. Huge quality ! The Opel Manta being my personal favourite.
  11. I've finished my first model since I restarted the hobby. Decades ago, this model was a birthday gift form my girlfriend, today my beloved wife.🥰 1/24 Heller kit, representing a Lamborghini Diablo. Just another Italian supercar...BORING !!! So I decided to do something 'special' with it. This car served as a testcase to train myself in a range of techniques : painting, spraying, metal foil, polishing, ... The result is a car for someone with a strange taste. Apparently, the dog has his own thougts. I'm still looking for a figure of an influencer-selfie-taking-lady to complete the scene. The dog figure is from Masterbox ; it still needs further painting. My desire is to improve. So be critical in your comments, I'm quite happy with it, but it's certainly not a masterpiece.
  12. All right, I know enough. As always, when good/bad taste comes to matter, discussions can go on to infinity.😆 I'll post my pictures and wonder what will happen. If I'll be banned, or eternally doomed by some members, so be it.
  13. Last week, I was given a warning by 'Badluck 13' corcerning a reaction I posted. I used a 'BLEEP' word to express my feelings towards a well known virus. Of course, it was not the intention to insult someone. i admit having posted this, and apoligise for it. Maybe, Europeans have less problems with some 'tougher' kind of language ? It made me think on other subjects, on which I did not find a clear answer in the forum rules. I'm working on a model of a 1930's Auto-Union racing car. In those days, German race cars were sponsored by the state. In other words, the nazi's. To be historically correct, the crosslike nazi-symbol is placed on the back of the car. Is it allowed to picture this project on the forum ? I would also add that I'm personally 100% anti-nazi. I know, no political confessions on the forum, but I guess you can forgive me this one. Another one... I've just finished a posh-snob luxurious car. I made pictures of it together with a figure of a dog. The dog shows his feelings for the car by, let's say, lifting a leg and doing a natural thing on the car. Humor, but maybe not everybody sees it the same way. Again, allowed or not ???
  14. I like the every-day cars. They're refreshing between the many supercars.
  15. Quality, not quantity !!!👍
  16. Thanks for the reactions, I have some ideas now to look around.
  17. I've already seen publicity for this. But intercontinental shopping makes it just more expensive.🙃
  18. Very sharp ; I love the interior in particular. But a convertible with snow in the background ??😎
  19. To protect models from dust, I put them on the shelf in a case. As those things are not very cheap, I'm looking for another solution. Does anyone have ideas to make display cases yourself ; or what could serve as well ? DISPLAY CASE 325*165*125 - Trumpeter - Domino Model
  20. Welcome Marten. Groeten vanuit Vlaanderen.
  21. Build from scratch !!!?? That's what real modelling is. I'm already happy when a car build from the box also looks like a car...😜 This is great Shawn ! And not just another supercar, but an every-day family-car is a relief to see. Is there a link to your 'making off' ? So much we can learn from you !
  22. Show this pictures to an editor of a magazine. You've got the job !!!👍
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