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  1. This is my almost finished 69 Camaro. It has the Blackbox body kit, ZFMW wheels, the Blackbox 572 engine with the horizontal ITB set up. Jag rear suspension and mustang II style front. it’s been a fun build so far!
  2. That kit brings back a lot of memories. Lots of optional parts in the box. Great build up!
  3. I love where this is going!!!
  4. Sorry, I just read your reply. I live in Fredericton New Brunswick.
  5. Thanks! I thought the same thing! He did a Daytona or Superbird and it looked similar. this car was a real blast to build. Thankyou folks for all of your kind remarks!
  6. I entered a challenge to build a car that should be capable of running 200MPH. I feel as though this happened.
  7. Not sure where I went wrong with the paint. It seems to be coming off.......
  8. Thanks!!! I'm in New Brunswick. I'll have to see if I can find some more photos.....
  9. Hey folks. I new to the group so I figured I'd share a build of mine. This started off as a convertible car, but I transformed it into a pickup. Scrtch built the bed, Printed the engine, and went nuts on the fender openings. Oh and I nosed the hood, chopped the windsheild, etc. It was a fun build, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for looking!
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