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  1. Another truck I built a few years ago using left over parts from the blue crew cab. The theme for this build was a super stock IH farm equipment shop truck. I painted stripes down the bed to simulate a long bed was cut down to a 6.5 ft bedside. Notice the lettering on the side would read “Farmall Parts & Service” but is shortened at each cut line. Rust holes added on the body, the paint is crusty using farm implement paint. Also like the crew cab, the bed was cut apart and reconstructed with a wood bed floor.
  2. This is a truck I built 6 years ago using parts from both the stepside and fleet side kits. I used measurements off a real truck chassis and converted to 1/25 scale. Bed cut apart and the sides extended to 8ft, stepside fenders cut and modified then grafted to match the fleet side contour. Bed then put back together with a wooden bed floor.
  3. Can-con, could you post what color green you used for the body? That is very similar to my real truck and am having a hard time finding the color to paint my own AMT kit to match. Thanks!
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