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  1. Only 2 he says, 2 MASTERPIECES! Beautiful work Matt. The level of realism on the Ford is amazing.
  2. Fantastic builds Steve. Each one has so much style done so cleanly and tastefully. Just gorgeous. That Olds Camino is a work of art!
  3. Beautiful build Mario, the color choice great and applied perfectly! Great job!
  4. Welcome Chris. I don't know much about scratch building frames and such myself, I'm sure there are a ton of people on here that do though. I know there are a lot of aftermarket choices in the way of 3d printed frames and parts.
  5. You have to be fairly specific in your search but there is a ton of great stuff on cults for model cars. Try BlackBox and MCSDESIGN, from there it can lead you down the rabbit hole
  6. Welcome Jim, nice looking prints there.
  7. Gorgeous. Love the color and wheels. Always top notch work!
  8. Wow, what a great rebuild, took it back to a classy Caddy. Beautiful work
  9. Another great build Bernard. Stance is perfect,nice and low, paint color is great, love it!
  10. The suburbs north of denver, not sure how familiar you are with CO?
  11. Gorgeous low rider, I love it! Great job on the paint and stance!
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