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  1. I will have to try this as soon as possible! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Looks natural! Awesome build!
  3. Sharp job on the restore and it's great to hear you get to drive it daily. I have a 1964 Bel Air as my daily driver and really enjoy it.
  4. Custom bent copper tubes going into the Mustang sourced mufflers...
  5. Thanks! I have managed to source a good amount of part and mesh them together for this build up. With the Corvette being from 1953 and Ford debuting this Mustang Concept in 1993 the parts are working well together, at least for my vision. So far I have managed to massage the body of the Corvette by filling in the license plate area, taillights and headlights and some filling in around the front grill opening. I saved the Corvette's original frame and but I am scratch building, and parts bin using, a few bits for the front suspension as this making has a major dislike for gravity. The seats and interior door panels are still stock from the '53 as well. Currently the interior color is area I keep coming back to with no set color scheme or layout that seems satisfying. With the interior comes a major 1993 upgrade in the way of the dash panel. The Mustang dashboard fit well after some trimming and it comes down to the trans tunnel perfectly. The steering wheel is still up in the air but will probably be a few years older than a '93 would have. The motor was sourced from the Ford, the 1993 concept Mustang had a Eaton Supercharged 4.6 V8 backed by a T-56 transmission. Other than making some custom engine mounts, the oil pan had to be shaved some due to clearance. The blower was cut and lengthened for more power and well to be honest, ascetic. The longer intake really shines nicely when the hood is off. The hood was a main bit of focus since I really liked it so much from the original Mustang. Those ram air side openings just snarl at you and the air filters set just right under them to match. The hood was worked from uts original outline and profile to fit the flow of the vette. The rear-end and driveshaft are also Ford and of course both had to be shortened and cut down to fit under the '53s frame. The rear had added disc brakes from the Mach, but the front end received cross drilled disc brakes that were parts bin sourced. I am working in the front radiator from the Mach with hosing hopefully, as well as the exhaust system. I haven't really ever made a pair of pipes from scratch but I'm tried to make a set, I'll attach the photos later, from some copper electrical wiring. The bending and twisting were very trying, and I'm sure some solder wire would have been easier as well as using some properly rounded pliers would have helped with the tool marks... Always learning... I'm probably missing some details here and there with what I've used from which kit so far but the wheels and tires were parts bin as well, from a Nascar kit on the back and a 40 something Ford by Boyd I think for the fronts. I'm thinking the front glass that I will use is from an early 90s Corvette as it gives the car a good raked look that really sets it off. Thanks again for the comments and for these forums. It is always great to look and read what everyone is up to! The type of work everyone puts in on here really shows in these builds and the feedback you give. I don't know when I will get some more bench time as my desk light bulb blew on me today. So now I'm on a mission for a T bulb.
  6. I like the look! Maybe cut a little further out from your red lines on the chrome tie rod where it tapers. Then maybe retune the ride height by adjusting and adding some length to push the frame down towards the ground. That could keep a clean look upfront and drop it at the same time.
  7. Working the front springs in...
  8. I took a break from the Mach Corvette since I was having some clearance issues that were coming from shoehorning that Eaton blown 4.6 and T-56 transmission into that small doghouse. So in the meantime, I did a some wash for the first time many thanks to the forums for help and here is a few pics of the updated brake system too.
  9. Yeah I went to start detailing the dash and I started by adding some accent color, the gold that I had been using throughout the model, but once I got done with the curves it started to look like a tribute car to 'Iron Man' and I just couldn't continue. So I resprayed it in the red and I have the decal set from a Chevy Chezoom kit I did years ago and I think they will fill in those little pods nicely. I didn't mention the Mustang logo etched on the face of the passenger side that I had to remove either but I feel like this interior was meant to be in this vette.
  10. I am a huge fan of this look! Wow! Amazing color and stance!
  11. Also I did a '62 kit a couple years back and did a multi color paint job on it. Here is a photo of it for reference.
  12. I know that feeling. Stance, wheels and color -- mostly in that order is where I start and then build to accent those. The color is Testors Aztek Red Pearl over a dark gray primer. The gold is Testors Aztek Gold Pearl as well. I'll have to look at the can on the black, it has some nice flakes in it as well and I believe it was Model Masters brand
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