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  1. Seems like it would be more efficient to buy things that weren't pre-damaged.
  2. ??? Here's an unbuilt with new decals for under $30 out the door. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174919741217?hash=item28ba076f21%3Ag%3AiLkAAOSwEqdhMCXU&nma=true&si=WKrO5WAEui6JZ75VxPH6TuPsbnQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. Jeez. I was jus' tryin' to help. The last i heard, the ol' boy who produced your masterpiece is incarcerated in an Indiana State Prison. If he's not too far away, you could get that autograph and cheer the ol' timer up in the process. Don't ask me for his name. It's verboten around here.
  4. It might be worth a lot more if you could get an infamous convicted felon to autograph it.
  5. So are the rivet decals so thick that they appear as raised dots after paint?
  6. Remember when i answered that ad from a sad mother whose son got killed in Viet Nam and she was selling his 1963 Corvair? When i got there it turned out to be a 1963 Corvette coupe, Fuel Injection, 4-speed, etc. I hung my head and paid her the $1,000 asking price. We were both pleased so it was all good.
  7. Ah, now i see that i'm on the wrong track. The hood i have is molded in a grayish blue but unlike the Mono 1940 Ford PU hood, mine has half of a hinge device molded in/on to the trailing edge of the hood. Back to the drawing board. Thanks, Men!
  8. I got tired of large bottles of instant glue turning to rock so now i buy these 12-packs at Zoro for about 60cents a tube. Don't buy these little tubes at Harbor Freight. Many have only a few drops of glue in them. These are pretty full and if they set up before the glue is used up, just get another one out of the jar. https://www.zoro.com/super-glue-instant-adhesive-2g-tube-clear-pk12-15187/i/G2688086/ https://www.zoro.com/super-glue-instant-adhesive-2g-tube-clear-pk12-15185/i/G2177481/ If you sign up for their emails they'll let you know about some pretty good sales. They've got a few thousand dollars out of me.
  9. So when a company like Dencon folds their products are no longer available. Just wait until eBay hears about this!
  10. For anyone lucky enough to own this kit: Please give the part number marked on the underside of the hood. Note that this is request for the part number marked on the hood. Not the part number on the instruction sheet.
  11. I wonder if it was available when i posted the link over a month ago.
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