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  1. Yep, an incandescent light bulb gives off more heat that most people could imagine. He could even pull the power supply wiring off the compressor and rig the bulb switch to manually light up the bulb when the cold snap hits.
  2. When i was a little squirt of 6 or 7 years i used to walk by a 1959 DeSoto that was parked 2 doors north of our house. I was on my way to a big pond where i would blow up frogs and birds with my BB rifle. The DeSoto was owned by an elderly woman that we rarely saw and all i ever saw was the rear end of that car. But at that age i was seriously impressed by those jet-age fins and red tail lamp exhausts.
  3. Testors tube cement takes a solid year to fully harden. Maybe longer. Sorry about your luck. I mostly use microballoons and superglue but also use some finely ground 2-part polyester auto body filler.
  4. I doubt you will see many split blocks in junkyards. you don't visit many junkyards, if at all. be quiet before i shoot you down
  5. In Winnipeg, every thing freezes as hard as rock. Don't BS the folks. What i know is that every spring there are boat owners advertising boats with split engine cases because to they forgot to winterize. I have the automotive replacement engines that they want but for the money they want to pay, i'd rather scrap them. And yes, i have seen cast iron blocks with the cylinder cases split open. You cannot defeat nature.
  6. On this side of the pond, water turns to ice in half the country every winter. Come over here and tour a few scrapyards. Iron cylinder cases split open from when ice expands. Oh sure, sometimes the 'freeze plugs' are partly pushed out but there are never enough plugs to save the engine case. When the ice runs out of room to grow, it pushes its way out any way it can. I remember one winter a kid that i knew had a 1969 Chevy Nova with a hot rebuilt engine. It got really cold one night and all he had was straight water in the engine. For some long-forgotten reason it couldn't run. He needed a heated garage but had no garage at all. So he put it on jackstands and built a charcoal fire on the ground under the engine. Desperate times require desperate actions. I never heard how it came out but he was in a panic that night due to his own poor planning.
  7. That's an Old Wives Tale. The holes and plugs are there so the core sand can be shaken out after the casting process. Here's one i done. I painted over everything later. But stopped in midstream to make proof that i used brass plugs because mild steel plugs can rust thru from the outside-in. I did put in the cam bearings right after this. The plug driver is handmade. It's crowned to mimic the curvature of the plug center.
  8. Frodo got a couple new dings this week. Wonder if they can cry their way out of them again.
  9. Looks good to me! Very nice decal positioning! Apologies not needed!
  10. You're a smart man, Bucky. May the God of your choice protect you .
  11. You done right, Chief. When the clutch slave cylinder( IT'S PLASTIC ) craps out just bite the bullet and absorb the $1,500 bill. Ask my kid, it is worth it to pay. It's not a job you can do at home. Just pay. You'll be much happier!
  12. The best GNX in the world was retained by General Motors. From the factory floor to a museum within a day or two. I've seen it, took pictures, it's a piece of work for sure.
  13. To each his own. I use 1/16" stainless steel TIG welding filler rod because it won't rust. Comes in straight 3' lengths. You can also buy larger diameter rod for promo axles. Cuts easy with some USA made electrician's pliers or endcutters. Think Channellock.
  14. ALL the Negative Feedbacks that this Seller accumulated in the past month were mysteriously deleted yesterday. That's the power of victimhood.
  15. I first put a hole or 2 in places which will be hidden after assembly. Makes flushing with water simple.
  16. AMT 1964 Cutlass & 442. The 330, 350 and 403 are all short deck (small block) engines. The AMT 1969 442, Hurst Olds and Revell 442 400 & 455 are tall deck (big block) engines. But externally they are similar enough that you probably can't tell them apart in model cars.
  17. I use Duplicolor lacquer BHA0928 Perfect Match Touch-Up Paint Graphite Gray
  18. Going by the fuel tank location the AMT chassis is Vega, the MPC chassis is Monza. But the front suspension on the MPC chassis looks like it was drawn up after an 8-beer lunch. The front sway bar is generally correct but the rest of it looks completely imaginary.
  19. ??? Here's an unbuilt with new decals for under $30 out the door. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174919741217?hash=item28ba076f21%3Ag%3AiLkAAOSwEqdhMCXU&nma=true&si=WKrO5WAEui6JZ75VxPH6TuPsbnQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  20. Jeez. I was jus' tryin' to help. The last i heard, the ol' boy who produced your masterpiece is incarcerated in an Indiana State Prison. If he's not too far away, you could get that autograph and cheer the ol' timer up in the process. Don't ask me for his name. It's verboten around here.
  21. It might be worth a lot more if you could get an infamous convicted felon to autograph it.
  22. So are the rivet decals so thick that they appear as raised dots after paint?
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