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  1. As everyone else said build it like it is
  2. I like the car alot great color and build
  3. promodwillys41


    frank great looking car and they both look great together
  4. ok guys been a long time since I posted anything but I got this one done amt 55 used a 56 chassis with a part box motor and a lot of bare metal foil
  5. Nice looking camaro it does look like what I saw cruising the street growing up
  6. Now that is awesome I like the whole idea .I bet you get alot of people with the alarm at shows
  7. Now that looks sweet I own a few of these years back some day will build a replica of my last one great job
  8. Matt that truck is sweet I like what you did .Where did you get a 379 hood I need to get one
  9. nice looking dart and like the other great color combo
  10. Tom great looking 55 love the colors I just picked that 55 up this past weekend thinking of doing it up as a pro street again great job Stan
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