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  1. My goodness, that’s pretty much perfect - from build quality to paint to the best BMF I’ve ever seen.
  2. 70 Sting

    71 'Cuda

    Great build! Perspective is perfect in the shop. 😎
  3. I echo everything that was said above. Outstanding work.
  4. Lowered + those wheels = cool 😎 Nice texture on the roof as well.
  5. Awesome build and photography. Looks 1:1. 😎
  6. You overcame the hurdles to build a sweet ride. 😎
  7. Nice build. 🙂 Friendly tips: diffuse the flash by putting something white and translucent in front of it; bounce it off a white surface; or move your setup outside and try shooting in the shade and/or sunlight.
  8. That looks especially cool from the rear. 😎 Tamiya makes an anti static brush which should help with the dust. Can be used before painting as well.
  9. Looks great. Nice engine work too!
  10. This is one of the coolest bugs I’ve ever seen built. 😎
  11. Beastly ride. Nicely done. 😎
  12. Yes they are working scissor doors. I decided to glue them closed for a few reasons: I didn’t like the way my inside door panels turned out; the interior is 90% black; the doors might not sit tight to the body as was the case with the Lamborghini Aventador I built previously. I might go back and try using tiny magnets to hold them more firmly in place.
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