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  1. @Rich Chernosky Wow, you went the extra mile on that one. You did a nice job on the interior paint… especially that silver line under the dash. Those colour shift paints are kinda cool. 😎
  2. You went the extra mile on this one. 👍🏼
  3. @Rich Chernosky Thanks Rich. I received a Tamiya Mercedes-Benz 300SL from Santa this year. Looking forward to this one too. 😀
  4. @Painted Black That would be a good ‘plan B’. I could flip the tires around and use decals. What I’d really like are fatter tires… something to mimic 245s. Luka Cee recently posted a video on making tires wider. Might be something to try.
  5. Good evening, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I'm planning to build AMT's 1970 Corvette but would prefer to use BF Goodrich tires over the Goodyear's provided with the kit. Does anyone know of an alternative kit or aftermarket seller where I can purchase a set? Many Thanks!
  6. @Nacho Z They have a better selection in their TS rattle can line, however I haven’t hit on a really good recipe for decanting/thinning/spraying it. Have you? Should probably just use it straight from the can. 🤔 @JollySipper Photography hides some of the little flaws. I should probably add to What I Learned from this Build: If a seam that has been glued/melted with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement let’s go, re-scribing the panel line doesn’t go well as the scribing tool tends to skip along the seam. This happened after the brake fluid bath and the results can be seen along the hatch and right, rear corner panel above the wheel.
  7. @Phirewriter The red is a little bright but looks nice through the windows. I saw the actual car sitting in someone’s driveway while walking the dog and thought it looked pretty cool. Did a Web search and found that Tamiya made a kit. 🙂 Blue would look nice as well. Enjoy the build.
  8. Good Evening, This was my first Tamiya kit... I now know why people rave about the quality of their kits. Pretty sure you could toss the kit into a bag and the parts would fall together. There was no engine and some tiny parts that could probably have been moulded as one but overall a pleasure to build. Great window masks were included - a first for me. The body was primed with decanted Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black and painted with decanted Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White. The TS-45 took several coats but never really covered that well so I decided to apply 2 coats of Tamiya LP-43 Pearl White and sealed it with decanted Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear. I did not use primer on the interior. The colours are Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black and XF-7 Flat Red. I used Ranger gun metal embossing powder for the carpeting. Of course it wouldn't be a build if I didn't make a couple mistakes along the way. What I learned from this build: 1. I turned a tiny dust speck into a bigger boo-boo and had to strip the paint. Oven cleaner worked okay but brake fluid seemed to work better. Thanks for the tips I read here on the forum. 🙂 2. This was my first time using Tamiya's LP lacquer paint. It sprayed nicely thinned 1:1 with Mr. Levelling Thinner and I would choose their LP over acrylic for car bodies every time. 3. Not sure about colour similarity between their TS and LP line. Tamiya's Lacquer Compatibility Chart says TS-45 and LP-43 are the same but the LP-43 looked warmer to me. 4. I used a heavier application of white glue with the embossing powder which worked well. 5. The decals seemed a little thicker and less sticky. Had to use multiple applications of decal solution to make them stick and conform. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 🥂
  9. @Bills72sj That’s very kind of you. 🤗 Agreed, the box art does nothing to sell the kit. I only became aware of it through a prolific YouTube builder. With regards to the front wheels, I’m wondering if the trademark front wheel humps of the C3 Corvette make them look smaller?
  10. Totally worth the wait and effort (manicure)😎.
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