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  1. Awesome colour combo on a nice build. Shame about the rear window.
  2. Nice looking build. Liking that weathering on the chassis. All that chrome has scared me away from this kit - you’ve done a great job on it.
  3. 70 Sting


    Beastly car. Light box photography looks good. 👍
  4. Great looking car from top to bottom. 👍
  5. No offence taken. I don’t disagree as I’m not really a big fan of low profile titles. Perhaps I could have lowered the ride height a bit to compensate.
  6. Mike, someone stole your car!!
  7. Nice build. Looks good in white. Really like that interior, too. 👍
  8. Looks waaaaaay nicer than the Turtle Wax version! Well done sir.
  9. Cool looking body. Body/wheel colour combos work well together. Was the resin difficult to work with due to its more brittle nature?
  10. Nice job on the build and photography of Eleanor’s older sister. 😉
  11. Love the green. Realistic photography as well.
  12. Thanks Oliver, much appreciated. Yeah, Zimmerman’s wheels are one of the very few which come painted/chromed and ready to go. 😎
  13. I truly appreciate that Rich. I’ve learned so much about the hobby from other modellers during these pandemic years that it’s an honour if I can return the favour in any way. 💯
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