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  1. Thanks Roger, you’re too kind. 🤩
  2. What happy grumpy said. 👍
  3. Holy jumpin’! That is a work of art.
  4. Super sharp! Nice paint and chrome work.
  5. Thanks Christopher, much appreciated. Thanks Chang. Your colour mix could work as well resulting in a candy green finish. I’m trying a candy finish on my next build, however, getting an even application is challenging.
  6. That turned out great! Been looking past this kit whenever I see one… might have to reconsider. 🤔
  7. Great colour and finish.😎 Welcome back.
  8. Too kind EMRE 🙂 May not be everyone's taste, but they're just green with envy.🤢 Much appreciated. Thanks Hemi!
  9. Very fine job on this build! Brings back memories… I had a Tonka Truck that looked pretty much like that when I was a kid.
  10. @radiohd10 Glad you didn’t give up. This was my second go at this kit… I built the first one 2 years ago. There were a couple areas I cut corners on plus a number of mistakes (sorry, learning opportunities). It used to really bother me when things went wrong but I’ve learned to fix some of them from members of this forum and YouTube.
  11. Thanks David. After 50 years those V8s keep on running. The bodies will never rust, however the frames and bird cages are another matter. Thanks David. Too bad it’s not a convertible as much of it can no longer been seen. Good luck with your build Joe! Thanks Mike. C3s have been my favourite since I was a little kid. This one turned out better than the first one I made a couple years ago. 🥴
  12. Thanks for the tip Dave. I will check it out. 👍
  13. Great looking car, love the engine.
  14. Thanks Joel. As much as I love the C2, C3s have been my favourite since I was a kid. Much appreciated David. 🙂 Thanks Peter. You're making me blush David. 🤗 This type of photography is very forgiving and helps a little, too.
  15. Thanks Mario, means a lot coming from you. Thanks Larry. I cut the tub doors off to better access the interior. Unfortunately most of the interior can't be seen once fully assembled. Thanks Tom. I spent more time on this kit than my previous models. Thanks Curtis. Green, especially those close to British racing green were certainly popular back in the day.
  16. Good Evening, I've been wanting to build a kit to match this '70 Vette... it didn't turn out perfect, however I'm generally happy with the final result. The body is Donnybrook green with a light saddle interior. The car has an automatic transmission powered by a 350 with 300 hp and 3.08 rear end (a cruiser). The paint dramatically changes appearance from full sun to shade. The build: To match the green I mixed TS-43 Racing Green, TS-16 Yellow, TS-29 Semi Gloss Black and X-31 Titanium Gold (Yeah, I know... acrylic mixed with lacquer. Don't know what I was thinking.) The interior is a custom mix of colours I blended months ago - I don't recall the formula. The carpet is Ranger marigold embossing powder. The gauges are from BestModelCarParts on eBay. Used some photo etch parts from Model Car Garage. What I learned: 1. Second time building this AMT kit: the first one was loaded with flash and required trimming/sanding of nearly all parts; this one was much cleaner with the only issues being several sink holes on the body and a twisted interior tub. 2. I filled in the hood 'vents' as the kit is an LT-1/ZR-1. Tamiya putty was a real pain this time as I continually got ghost seams after filling, sanding and priming. 3. The parking brake is weirdly moulded into the console, I cut out the bottom section to make it look more realistic. The kit comes with a manual transmission so I converted it to automatic by making a new shifter and plate. 4. Made my own antenna out of hobby wire - it's a little on the thick side but it was smallest size my hobby shop carried. 5. First time using a little pin to hold the side mirror to the body - will definitely be doing this going forward! 6. I opened up the front grills for a more realistic look. 7. First time doing a little plumbing in the engine. Finicky work. 8. Changed the shape of the washer fluid jug by adding putty. 9. Sanded off the Firestone decals and replaced them with BF Goodrich decals from Fireball Modelworks. 10. Printed my own license plates on gloss photo paper and coated them with Microscale Liquid Decal Film (for a little protection, I guess) 11. Used black acrylic paint diluted 1:1 with water for panel liner. If you've made it this far, here are the photos: Plus a few outdoor shots: Thanks for your time :^)
  17. Yeah, that’s cool. 😎
  18. Pretty hard to improve upon perfection. 👌
  19. Nice job melding the kits.😎 I’ve heard Pinto kits are tough to build.
  20. “Pretty well” indeed. Nice job. What paint did you use on the roof?
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