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  1. my wife got a letter from the dmv that her license is going to be suspended for not having insurance on a car we sold 5 months ago and was removed from our policy. apparently they are now enforcing the plate return when you sell a car. previously if you didnt pay to renew it would just expire and thats it. i turned the plates in today and we have to send proof of the day we traded in the car by mail, fax and email (all three they suggested). i was the 4th or 5th person that was in line for this at 8am im waiting for my letter because i got a new car in april and havent turned in the plates. i guess i will turn in my plates next weekend before i get my letter
  2. I had a similar thing. It took what they said. Not a day early but it did arrive. By the time it came I lost interest in the kit
  3. I'm trying to decide if I should paint the grill black. I saw one yesterday and it was black and it looked so much better than the chrome
  4. If it's not from the kit I'm not sure. I never buy aftermarket parts. I had an original wild hoss and the model king. I was taking the best from each kit. I thought they were the same
  5. if i remember correctly, they were box stock. although it was from the model king version with the trailer and racecar
  6. Mine have scratched windows for the side and back on all 3 kits. Not sure why I got unlucky on it
  7. It's on the bottom of the box under the bar code
  8. admittedly, i am a model hoarder. i ordered a total of 3 of these kits. the last time i built this, i needed 2 kits to get it right. here is what i found based on my earlier comments. the glass, all 3 kits have the exact same glass scratch lines, and i mean exactly the same. they have the same curve to it. i suspect its in the mold or something with how its being released or packaged, i dont know. the body being pushed out, only happened on the first kit. the others are fine. i am not sure how this happens, but i guess i will use that first kit as a junker if i cant get the body squared. the dirt on the hood and other parts. the first kit has a lot of dirt, on the hood and interior and other pieces. the second kit had none at all. its perfect. the third had a little dirt, and only on a couple of pieces. nothing like the first on the bottom of the box, they all have 03/03/2022 as the molded date. i have seen in the past, with amt kits, that sometimes an issue will appear. i have bought and returned 4 of the 1978 ford pickup kit all with the same molded date, and they all had the same serious warping issue on the bed pieces. finally i went to a different store, and they had a newer mold date and that was OK. could be coincidence. i am curious if a later mold date will have no issues on the glass the chrome is perfect on all the kits. if anyone is interested in pictures side by side, i can do it, but only people care.
  9. i dont know if anyone knows or cares, but i got email spotlighthobbies got it in stock. i like them a lot
  10. This is one I built a couple of years ago and I put it in a diorama. It's meant to be a couple camping but I didn't capture everything in the picture
  11. This is the spot in the hood. I tried to clean it with wet qtip but it didn't help I will need to sand it I think
  12. White One thing I want to mention. The chrome is so good on mine
  13. I got my new wild hoss in. The glass is scratched because there is a small hole in the bag and I guess something rubbed against it. There is parts including a spot on the hood that looks brown like it's burned. The body has a bar on the back to make it not break but the bar is slightly too long causing one side to push out. I'm hoping when I cut the piece off it fixes it self. This was just what I found when open the box. I didn't even open bags yet. This was one I was really looking forward to. In hoping they will replace the glass. I'm not trying to get the scratches out of all of the glass
  14. Thank you. I ordered a set last night. I wanted to do an all black with the rainbow free wheeling ford for a long time
  15. awesome, i wonder if it has an exploding engine option? im kidding. please. no hate. im a ford guy
  16. I forget which kit it was, some pickup kit, the glass fitment was horrible with a huge gap. He pointed it out but made it seem like no big deal. Ti me glass not fitting because of whatever reason is a very big deal When these kits were 7 to 10 dollars I could over look a lot of stuff. At this point kits are 35 dollars before shipping and they are on 60 year old molds for some of them. I appreciate them staying in business but I don't want to fix a warped part. It should not be warped. You don't see these issues with military kits
  17. i got email that mega hobby has it in stock now https://www.megahobby.com/products/wild-hoss-1978-ford-bronco-truck-1-25-amt-models.html?utm_source=instocknotify&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=instocknotify
  18. i know this guy from the video does his builds fast and arent meant to be show quality, but i find it very worry-some that the chassis is warped, and the the removable top is still poor fitting. when i built mine from the original i struggled severely to get mine good and i spent a ton of time on the back glass and top to get it to fit right, including having to clamp/glue it down, it looks like this will be needed again. i will probably order just one, but i had originally planned on ordering many because this is one of my favorite trucks in full 1:1 size. i remember how aggravated i got by the end. the grill doesnt have any glue posts, so you have to be really careful not to mess that up by having glue go through onto the body. i really wanted to build a black one with the rainbow
  19. The cost of shipping at this point makes buying or trading prohibited. Unless it's free shipping for a certain amount spent you could and will spend 40+ for a single amt or revell.model. At this point I will buy 2 of the bronco kits coming out and be done. I have a ton of models and I need to build what I have. I don't even have enough room for what I have and will probably just donate the ones I know I won't build to good will. What do I need 5 amt 63 Corvette models. They aren't even variations boxes. Just the same. Horder comes to mind
  20. another update on my ranger. i got it back yesterday from the 2nd attempt at fixing the windshield recall. there was glue on the side of the window. they fixed the glue, but this time left a scratch on the dashboard. i spoke to the manager and he said the service manager would call me in the morning, instead i get an email from someone saying bring in the truck, i want to see it. i work from this hour to this hour i called corp ford and explained to them the issue and how i dont trust they wont screw it up worse. they told me to bring it to a different dealership and explain to them the issue and corp ford gave me a case number. once i get an estimate for fixing it, i need to call corp ford with the estimate and they will either approve or deny the cost (or maybe even a portion of the cost) i have been generally very unhappy with the service i have received all around at ford, and looked up how much my truck was worth if i traded it in. its too big of a hit for me to trade it in, plus every chevy and gmc dealers have been doing significant dealer market adjustments (i have seen up to 7000 on a base truck) so i will just have to find a dealership i like and go there. the closest next one is 45 to 60 minutes away. they are the ones i am going to see if they will fix the dashboard. i trust them more, they used to do the work on my old ford and i never had an issue with them. i just wish i didnt have to drive an hour to get my car serviced/repaired
  21. I have 2 other issues. They are minor but I'm hoping the truck doesn't turn out to have little issues. First the inside door handle used to pull the door closed is split on molding seam. I have 1300 miles so it's not like it's getting a workout The second has been there since I bought the car. The interior cover on the A pillar is not sitting flush like it does on the passenger side. Minor issues but it's bothering me. I also hate how if you remove the back seats, they are silly difficult to get back in. They have to be lined up perfect for it to fit. If I had a place to store the I would just take them out completely. Nobody sits in the back. I have extended cab so only a toddler could fit anyway I love the truck but the issues with the dealers are bumming me out
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