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  1. I found out about the 1.5 weeks ago that my company is closing. this was such an incredible shock because I was with the company for over 20 years. however the owner of our company had plans in place for the employees of the company when he retires. Essential most of the employees will be hired on by a company doing similar roles. im not sure how many of the employees will make it over, but I was one that was offered a position. I think 2 or 3 people plan to retire. this was honestly the most stress I have ever had in my life. I’m still quite stressed but the new company is significantly larger and I will have more growth opportunities. this new company seems like an excellent place with great people. Im excited for the new opportunities this company will bring
  2. i redeemed my credit card reward for an amazon gift card, and it hasnt arrived. i called the credit card company and they told me once they ship it, they dont take any responsibility if its lost or stolen. So i wont get my points back or a new card sent. I just have to hope it eventually arrives. i think going forward i will just redeem it as a statement credit and buy my own gift card.
  3. I had a package that was in nj being delivered to nj, that was accidentally routed to hawaii. When i called usps, they tried to say it was still going to be delivered to me that afternoon. I Told them i didn't really believe it. Shockingly it wasn't delivered for a few days
  4. same. i kind of liked the bug but really i would never, ever build it
  5. apparently a model that i have been waiting for USPS to deliver has been delayed in NJ (about 20 to 30 minutes from my house) for severe weather for the past 4 days. However, their automated system didnt realize that I live in NJ and we have been having 40 to 70 degree days with every day clear (one day had minor rain) maybe it only storms over the usps buildings and all the surrounding areas have perfect weather. or maybe 50 degrees and sunny is bad? why not just state the truth, usps doesnt care when/if they actually deliver my package. i would actually feel better over lying that there is bad weather
  6. Did you fall in the bathroom and bang your head and invent the flux capacitor?
  7. Im finished this one. This took me a long time to build only because it kept going back in the box. In the grand scheme it came out ok, but not perfect. I try not to gloss up my 40s and 50s cars because I like them to look this way. I didn't put on clear or polish it like i do with my others. I like the wood grain. it happened by accident, but i like how it came out.
  8. Thanks everyone. the amt it is. Im finishing up my 50.chevy and want to go on the next
  9. I am looking to build either the amt 53 ford f100 or the revell/monogram 56 ford f100 (ed roth version with opened doors) Im trying to figure out which will be a more straightforward build. The AMT can be built stock, which i like but the details on it are very bad ( no interior details, weak chassis) The r/m ed roth version has the opening doors, which i think dont fit well. Is this acurate? Are there any fitment issues. Is the amt an easier and better fitting kit or does it have a mess of issues? For me the foose version is generally not a consideration because it is too custom and i feel it cant really represent the stock version Thank you in advanced
  10. This past Friday was my wife and my 15 year wedding anniversary. I got her this fancy perfume she likes and a huge flower arrangement/vase and she got me a new xbox s. we went out for an early dinner since we are trying not to be out much because of covid. it was still pretty busy though the xbox is really fun. I havent played video games in several years because by the time i got home from work and got settled she got home shortly after and would want to watch tv. however, now we setup a small second tv in the room that i can play with if she wants to watch tv. i dont really use sound since my hearing is bad anyway and i put on closed captions. she likes it because now she can watch all the horrible shows without me grumbling one thing cool about the xbox is they have something for 15 dollars a month called game pass. you can play hundreds of games without having to buy them. i am the type of person that will play a game straight for a week and then never again. now i dont need to buy them. i just need to make sure to cancel it during the periods that i am not going to use it. i am playing a game called forza horizon 5. my primary cars to race are the renault 5 turbo, 68 mustang fastback, and the 56 ford f100. im having a blast with it.
  11. My local chicken holiday did something amazing While i was there tonight, they gave a soldier his dinner for free. Its very rare that i see businesses doing good, and this one is real good in my eyes
  12. This is my 3100 1950 chevy pickup from amt. Its going together pretty good so far
  13. i used to be heavy into rc and the secondary market is significantly cheaper than buying new. when i would ask sellers if it was still available to buy, i would just say to them, if it is available, i want it and send me your paypal information and i will pay right away. if i wanted to negotiate, i would add the price i would pay with the same line that if they accept my offer, to send info. after a few time wasters, i would always basically say whoever pays first gets it. i will never understand the tire kickers
  14. I taped the metal holders in place on difficult to fit bodies and i taped the connector pieces together. Its not a perfect car holder but by far the best i have used and found
  15. years ago, i was trying to sell an rc truck. this guy messaged me that he would pay me 400, which was 50 less than i was asking. i agreed to his price and asked him to send me his address.. all of a sudden he was like hold on, i need to wait until friday to see if i have a job or not. i told him i wouldnt hold it because i didnt think he would come through. on friday i asked him if he wanted it and he said no. he was just a time waster.
  16. this guy had a lot of negatives, it was just a kit i really wanted and was willing to risk it
  17. i had an auction cancelled that i won because somehow the seller "lost" it in between the 5 days of starting the auction and it ending. i suspect it didnt end for as much as he wanted
  18. i tried to make the free wheeling ford decals myself when i was building the bronco. i for the life of me couldnt get a good enough quality that i was willing to use them. i had them right sized when i printed it, just they looked terrible. there was no blending of the colors, just here is red, here is orange.
  19. i went to HL on Saturday and not a single kit that i wanted. just the same stuff. there are a lot of kits i want, just hobby lobby doesnt seem to sell them
  20. how easy or difficult was the build? i have most of these gangbuster sets but i never started any of them. was there any fitment issues?
  21. i ordered curbside pickup food from panera. i did the curbside pickup because i hurt my leg and i cant walk easily. anyway, the person never came to bring out the food, and i had to go in after waiting 15 minutes from the time i checked in. the girl behind the counter didnt even acknowledge i was there just laughing and talking to another worker. i grabbed the food and left. nothing like cold dinner
  22. This is very interesting. I Had already cut the chassis to get the engine to sit straight. however I have another kit here that was unstarted. The engine mount piece that i cut last night was significantly thicker than this other one that i just got out of my stash. The engine slot actually fits on this one. The engine actually sits almost level on this chassis compared to the other from last night. Its not perfect, but a million times better. I think i will just use this new chassis and engine, and i will save the cut up one for another time, maybe a custom
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