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  1. New member? Ha. I was here off and on for several years. I don't need to know anything about your work. It was a simple question even for someone who thinks he's still in High School. Enough, keep your comments regarding me to yourself.
  2. Are you one of those who thinks the 65 Nova is so far off that it looks butchered? Lots of guys just love to complain though they've probably built tons of crappy models in the past. I usually work with what I get after checking out the accuracy of the kit. The '65 is a GREAT kit.
  3. No need. The kit comes with the required mounting plates...
  4. It's Magzter and you can't actually download the magazine. You download the link to the mag. If anything happens to Magzter you'll lose all of your purchases. It should be on a site like Magcloud.
  5. Wow. It even yellowed where you wouldn't have sprayed clear, like the inside of the body and fenders...very curious.
  6. You realize how old this kit is? I thought they did a good job on the tires.
  7. Follow the guy on Youtube who has 3 episodes posted so far at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQxBFOFVGv2ykSzG8520HA.
  8. I saw s GE painted with a similar color from Tamiya over a black primer (yes black) and the color was more realistic than over a grey primer. Also you get some benefit from a guy on Youtube who is building one at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQxBFOFVGv2ykSzG8520HA.
  9. Yes it would have been nice if they offered some help with the colors. To make it even worse they only picked a few colors for the instructions. Happy building.
  10. By the way, that info is from Slick Rydes.
  11. Body color..#1835 testors lime ice! Or a mix of Testors/Boyd paint 50/50 mix of #52715 bright green pearl & #52707 lime pearl this is the color mix I used to paint Jim's model! this paint might also be not around, sorry. Rear spoiler.. polished aluminum blade Bumpers..dull aluminum Rear window.. dull aluminum Body tin, all chassis tin, all of the seat, fuel tank and cap, bell housing tin, throttle linkage protection bracket above throttle pedal & pedal, hand brake lever, butterfly wheel...Testors/Boyds #52714 dark green pearl Chassis..gloss black Rear axle.. gloss black (chrome cover) Front suspension..chrome (all of it) Front wheels..aluminum (dull..semi gloss) Rear bearpaws..aluminum and medium bright gold centers and part of the flat areas out from center Steereing linkages..chrome (from steering knuckle to the mount for butterfly wheel (all) Fuel tank top bracket..(chrome) Fuel lines..braided with typical anodized fittings connections..(all) Engine..gloss black Manifold..dull darker aluminum Blower case.. Testors/MM # 1780 steel Injector.. dull aluminum Hat.. dull aluminum Hat - vinyl cover..black (crower on front) Fuel lines on engine upper.. steel (all) Engine pullys.. dull aluminum Valve cover..chrome (black boots) Fire bottles..chrome ( one on top of steering shaft) .....black on two above rear axle with green anodized brackets and green fittings) anodized red push button Ignition block.. black (Mallory) Lines from heads to headers..braided Headers..high heat flat black Wheelie bars..chrome (all) except lower main bar anodized green like tin Wheelie bar casters..chrome with black rubber Brake calipers.. dull aluminum Brake rotors..steel and pale gold anodized hub & studs Rear chassis brackets for mounting the body.. chrome (except hook & locks anodized green) Drivers cage padding..black vinyl semi gloss (only on two center horizontal bars) Parachute covers..bright aluminum (red pins & flags) Parachute lines to chassis..bright aluminum Window frames..dull aluminum (all)
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