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  1. Thanks Bob, yes, the dash panel is about 1.75", it is only a 2D image of course, but it's amazing what you can do with a standard inkjet printer. The image resolution was 840 pixels per inch, if anyone wants to try it. The same goes for the radio, Triumph logo on the centre of the steering wheel, and the body badges, commision plate and tax disc on the windscreen. I used an old version of Photoshop to construct the images.
  2. Thanks Steve, and eveyone else for your the comments. I try to make my models as accurate as possible, it's a bit of an obsession. I know the model is not perfect, but I enjoyed the challange! That's a nice TR6 model. The only accurate ready-built scale model I have is an Autoart 1:18 Series 1 E-type Jaguar in Carmine Red with Biscuit interior. The detail is stunning, I can even read the name on the radio with a magnifying glass, except they mis-spelt Motorola by omitting the "a". There are a few other errors eg. the dashboard is beige, same as the rest of the interior, I'm pretty sure all Series 1 E-types had black dashboards. Minor points, but as I said, I'm obsessive with accuracy 😊 Here is a pic of the GT6 Dash.
  3. Sir, I'm not sure I understand your comment about the front fender height, but the drawing shows the Mk1, not the Mk2 (GT6+). The height of the front fender was raised on the Mk2, and the Lindberg kit is more or less correct in that respect. The same mod was done on the Spitfires too. Another visual aspect of the Mk2 was the addition of a ventilation grille in the front wings. Mechanically, a lower wishbone was added to the rear suspension to improve the dreaded "folding rear axle" of the earlier model which greatly improved the handling.
  4. Thanks to all again for the kind comments. I posted pics of the GT6 on this forum - "Triumph GT6" by george 53, page 2 It's good to know of another Triumph fan - I had a Mk1 Spitfire, Mk2 GT6, 1300, 2000 Saloon, 2000 Estate and 2500TC. I sold the GT6 when I bought a Scimitar GTE, another rare car. I never found a decent scale model of the Scimitar. This was the second one of mine:
  5. I had a Mk1 Triumph Spitfire before the GT6 and added an aftermarket fibreglass fastback roof too. It was made by a company called Ashley. They used to say the GT6 was a poor man's E-type, so my Spitfire was maybe a poor man's GT6 !
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. It certainly was a difficult kit! In fact, I wasn't happy with my first attempt. I made so many modifications to try to get the parts to fit properly. Then by chance I found an original Pyro kit on eBay, unstarted with all parts still on the sprues. So this is actually my second attempt. I could use all the hand made parts from the first attempt which saved me a lot of time.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments
  8. I have come back to car scale models in my retirement years after many years of absence, having about a year ago built a replica of a 1969 Triumph GT6 that I used to own. But the Ford GT40 is one of my all time favourite cars. So after some research, I decided to build the 1969 Le Mans winner which I have just completed. These 2 models mentioned are my first attempts with an airbrush, and the GT40 is my first attempt at clear coating. It is based on a Fujimi 1:24 scale kit, these are difficult to find now at a reasonable price, I could not find a 1969 version, only a 1968, and I had to order it from Japan. I made all my own decals for the 1969 version on an inkjet printer and spent many hours of research studying archive photos to make the decals the correct size and placement so the model is as historically accurate as possible. I bought Streetblisters Gulf Blue and Orange paint set, liked the orange, but thought the blue was too dark. So I then got some Zero Paints Brilliant White and Zero Gulf Blue to give me some options. I found the Zero and Streetblisters Gulf Blue were exactly the same colour! I ended up with 1 part Brilliant White to 2 parts Gulf Blue. I used detail accessories Studio27 ST27-FP2439 and Renaissance Ford GT40 JWA.
  9. I built a couple of car scale models going way back, but now as an old man in retirement I decided to have a serious attempt to build a scale model of a 1969 Triumph GT6 Mk2 which I owned in the UK from 1974-1977 finished in Triumph Conifer Green with Overdrive and a Webasto vinyl sunroof. When I bought the car, it had the original steel wheels with stainless steel trims (like those in the Lindberg kit) which I replaced later with Cosmic alloy wheels. It is a rare car, there were only 12,066 of the Mk2 built. The only model option I could find was the Lindberg kit which I had to order from the US. It was a difficult build, I had to make changes as already described in this thread, enlarged windscreen aperture, narrower door pillars and enlarged door quarter light apertures, reshape the rear quarter windows. I modified it to RH drive with authentic dashboard. I removed the side wing indicators which were not on the UK cars, and the american-style? rear number plate “box”. I also removed the rear lights and hand made all the lights from broken red, orange and clear plastic bits that I found from road accidents. I cut out the sunroof hole and scratch-built 2 versions of the vinyl roof, open and closed. Below is a 1977 photo of my original car, and my model pics.
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