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  1. Thanks so much Tom! I really appreciate the info. I believe we have meant quite a few years ago at either an NNL East show or at a Mid Atlantic NNL show. Gosh I miss those shows and can't wait till some normalcy comes around again so we can all enjoy the talents and talk of modeling...Thanks..Mike
  2. I'm in the process of looking for a grill, front bumper, rear bumper and tail lights for a AMT 61 Buick special wagon model kit that was built but missing these parts. I was wondering if I was to purchase a 61 buick special wagon promo model would the parts needed fit the built kit? Anyone with this knowledge please help...thanks..Mike
  3. Thanks! and Hello to you. You do look a bit familiar? Lol.. I stop by from time to time to listen to worthy opinions and insights on kits that I'm interested in purchasing. I've missed out on numerous Marlins on eBay's auctions and I just couldn't let this one slip away. Funny thing is..when I was a kid I thought they were a odd/ugly car. This kit will sit nestled on a shelf along with many others waiting to be brought to live..that is..when I can get the time to build them.
  4. I too have been trying to score a 66 Marlin kit (molded in blue) for sometime and I just picked one up from eBay yesterday. I never thought I'd be paying well over $100.00 for a model kit although I have several times now for some hard to find complete kits.
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