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  1. I'm glad to be a part of this build. Looks stunning!
  2. Don't we all! Except this time aroumd I actually built one instead of keeping it "displayed" in the box lol
  3. Yep that's pretty much what A glider is. A truck with no engine. But, a glider can come with rear axles and wheels too sometimes. If you want to move a truck without it's rear axles/tires, best bet would probably be a forklift or a heavy duty dolly.
  4. I don't blame you, those curilsiner kits are challenging. But you made it look great. Good work
  5. Thank ya buddy! I'm actually not a fan of daycabs. I was going to make this into a dump truck actually and it didn't work out so I went this route.
  6. Chopped the sleeper off, shortened the frame, custom rear T bar, European fenders cut in half to create custom 1/4 fenders, italeri exhaust system, modified front bumper, kit visor reworked to be a bowtie visor, scratchbuilt lug nut covers, and window chops. Fun little build!
  7. cracked open a factory sealed original release 4070a a few months back and came up with this. Replicated one of the paint jobs from the paint scheme pamphlet included in the box. Testors paint, fold pinstriping I painted on, and Rustoleum black on the frame. Italeri front rims with resin hubs, custom made mudflaps by yours truly, italeri exhaust tips, full brush painted interior, and some other little bits here and there.
  8. As the title states, this is my most detailed build to date. I started with an italeri 378 kit, stretched the frame 1.5", cut open all the doors on the cab and sleeper, detailed the interior up, scratchbuilt the cabinet, tv, bed frame, and cb radio components. Custom made Detroit diesel decals for the engine, resin front hubs and lug nut covers, custom made mudflaps and weights on the truck and trailer made by me, moebius exhaust stacks, resin headlights, Gary Wallace visor, scratchbuilt bumper, deckplate, the list goes on and on! If there's something you'd like to see closer, or explained please let me know! Enjoy guys😎
  9. Thank you! I'll keep you updated when I start it, whenever that'll be! Keep up the good work👍
  10. It'll be in the works eventually! I plan to build a few more glider rigs, and transport rigs as well👍
  11. I'm following. Love this idea, I've always wanted to try it too!
  12. I've had this idea to build a "fresh from the factory" glider kit for years. Decided to finally try it. I like how it came out! Box stock except for the front rims coming from a Revell snap kit, and scratchbuilt the seat mounts. Also Mounted the exhaust stacks to the frame during transport. Enjoy!
  13. Thank you! The stripes were something I came up with myself. Thought it looked pretty unique😊
  14. Thanks man! Paint was definitely unplanned but I just went with it lol. The engine swap was also super easy. Way easier than I expected!
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