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  1. Finally made more progress on this project. Doors installed, interior complete, most of the frame finished. Just need to make side windows, install the door panels/sills, and get all the cab accessories and bed installed. Making great progress but still a long ways away
  2. Thank you! It's testors deja blue. One of my favorite colors I carefully used the back of an xacto knife. It took time but the results were fantastic. Well worth it Here's a closer picture of the cab and 90% complete engine. I should be able to start building the frame this week
  3. Finally got in my round 2 replacement parts last week. And I had a quick break after I got home from work today to paint the truck. All the parts are painted and currently drying. In a few days I should finally start assembling this beast! Here's a quick teaser of the cab color I chose
  4. Got 2 lots for trade. Would prefer to trade the 3 poose hot wheels pics as 1 lot, and the sealed M2 cars in another. Or we can work a deal out for both. I'm after anything and everything 1/25 big rig related!
  5. I sent you a message
  6. I absolutely could. Problem is I don't have a spare visor I made that out of. I would have to build it from scratch. Shoot me a message and we can figure something out!
  7. I've made my own from other available big rig kits, but if you want a resin version, check out Models by Dave. Here's the 2 I've made
  8. Thanks throttlejockey! Got some minor work done today. Hinges in, got the sliding mirror assembly drying and made up a visor.
  9. Not much updates on this one yet, finally got my door hinges in the mail, but still waiting for the round 2 replacement parts to get this build into paint! Until then, I started a new project that I won't reveal until it's completed! There will be some more progress pics in the near future...
  10. I'm not a car guy, so these do me no good! Open to trade offers for anything 1/25 big rig related!
  11. I have right around 55-60 vintage and brand new instruction manuals. All big rig related. Everything you see in the pictures, plus 1 or 2 not pictured. The 4 freightliner display stands do not come with the lot! I'm open to any and all trade offers for big rig kits or parts!
  12. Do you need the tires or rims, or both? If so I have an unopened bag here with a set. And I might have the rims too. Send me a message please!
  13. I've had many dozers in my collection, but never built one. I plan to eventually. I'm going to follow this build! So far so good
  14. Here's an old one from last year I did, that I never posted here. Started with a parts box special original release gmc astro and some parts from a mack dm600/800 parts box. Mixed them both and came up with this concoction! Mack maxidyne engine swap, mack mudflaps, and mirrors. Plus other odds and ends from my parts bins!
  15. Thank you everyone!! And yes Bill, that's where it goes per the instructions
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