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  1. Thank you, much appreciated! STS is great, definitely my go to for custom decals. What are your plans with that spare 60 series? Message me if you'd let it go!
  2. One of my favorite trucks, and kits, of all time! I'm following. Looking forward to that swap as well. For custom decals, I use STS scale model decals. Great stuff there.
  3. I'm happy I could help you out with this one! Can't wait to see what you come up with
  4. I started this build on Thursday evening, and just finished it tonight. This kit was a struggle for sure. Ill fitting parts, flash, and lots of warpage that I discovered too late in the build process. But, it's done and on the shelf. Not many modifications here besides the rear rim covers, and various decals from a few kits. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks guys! And no the frame isn't stretched at all! That's how it was right out of the box. As for the bumper, it's in the proper mounting location. It does look low though now that you mention it..
  6. That looks great buddy, glad to see you're still at it!
  7. Quick little 2 weekend build I wrapped up earlier today! Didn't want to do much to this one besides a nice paint job, and a few other little details. The list of mods is as follows in no order: chrome pinstripe tape is cut to size from aluminum duct tape, 3d printed rear rims, styrene tubing exhaust tips, license plate holder from the parts bin, styrene sheet mudflaps all around, Italeri 5th wheel assembly. Simple and easy build. Enjoy!
  8. I'm overwhelmed by all this feedback, thanks guys! Now that I know it was easy, I'll have to do it again one day lol
  9. Thanks guys! I'm surprised that engine fit in there as well. No shaving, sanding, or trimming of the frame, interior tub, or anything. Engine fit right in there with 0 issues!
  10. Just wrapped this one up today. Parts box special build here. The list of things done to it is as follows, in no particular order: custom made 16v72 Detroit using 2 kit engines and parts bashed together, intake piping is from the parts bin. Rear rims and tires from the double header pup trailer kits, frame cross members from the AMT Mack R model, White Freightliner 1/4 rear fenders and modified sun visor, 3d printed drive hubs, and a whole bunch of other little odds and ends to list off. This build was great, and the engine swap was even better. Enjoy!
  11. I appreciate all the comments! Thanks everyone! This is definitely one if my top favorite builds now
  12. Just finished this one up today. Started with the Italeri FLC dump truck kit and a spare Italeri Superliner sleeper. Bashed both of them together. Added moebius super singles in the rear, amt 5th wheel/plate, and 3d printed stack tips, mudflap hangers, and hood swan. I love how this one came out!
  13. I appreciate all the feedback and comments, thanks each and every one of you!
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