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  1. Had this idea for many months, finally decided to go ahead and do it. Started off with the AMT Ford Lousiville snowplow kit. Used the dumpbody, sander and plow on my white western star, and swapped the mercury sleeper over to this Ford. Stretched the frame about an inch, GMC Astro cab lights, Pete 352 and 359 exhaust, 75th anniversary White Freightliner stripes, and other minor odds and ends here and there. It was a challenge getting the cab and hood to line up. Not perfect but it'll do. Onto the next one, enjoy!
  2. If I had the room I would, trust me! It's killing me not being able to build trailers at the moment Thank you man! This reo definitely needed the stretch. Can't stand how short it is out of the box!
  3. Definitely following along with this one, very cool! If you need any parts, let me know. Happy to help👍
  4. I have the same paint booth. Had it for years with 0 issues👍 good progress too!
  5. This is truly an amazing transformation. I'm definitely following along! As for your tire situation, I'm sure you'll figure something out. There must be an aftermarket option!
  6. Me too, thankfully you'll be seeing much more from me, since that's all I build👍 I'm not sure why they didn't. They made decals for the white western star, but not the reo. I just usually make and print my own mudflaps. Quick and easy! Thank you! And I wish I did, don't have one at the moment for it yet! Also thank you everyone for the compliments! I appreciate it😁
  7. Got another one done and onto the shelf. Started out as a brand new Reo kit. Added about 1-1.5" to the frame, White Western Star front chrome rims, Italeri muffler, Kenworth W925 exhaust tip. It's painted with 2 coats of Testors purplicious, and 2 coats of krylon antique bronze and a gold pinstripe separating the colors. I hand painted the letters and logo on the mudflaps. Never ever doing that again lol. Other than that, basically box stock. Onto the next project, thanks for looking. Comments and such are welcome. Enjoy!
  8. I just moved to Myrtle Beach back in mid December. Where's your store located?
  9. No I don't think so, just whatever is in the pictures
  10. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for!
  11. That helped tremendously, Thank you! I'll have to keep an eye on those clubs and see if they have any updates in the future. Do you by chance have a flyer for that show in Salisbury? Thanks again!
  12. Hey guys, recently moved down to the myrtle beach area and have no clue where any shows are around here. Let me know what's in the area. 4 hour radius max from M.B. if possible thanks!
  13. Ive done over a dozen of these transtar kits. They are amazing builds. Yours is coming along great. I'll be following your progress👍
  14. Again, thank you everyone. Truly appreciate it! Stay tuned for what I come up with for the leftover Ford Louisville, and spare parts from the western star...!
  15. That's awesome, and the fleet looks great! You need to add a lowboy into the mix one of these days!
  16. It surely brightened my day reading these comments. Thank you to each one of y'all! The color by the way is Krylon satin shamrock 👍
  17. Been wanting to do this mashup for a while, and after I saw a close friend of mine do something similar on Facebook, I decided to give it a shot! Started with the AMT coke Western Star, and Ford Louisville snowplow kits. Swapped the plow, dump body, sander, and decals from the ford kit. Front spokes from the Diamond Reo kit, mudflaps are spare Italeri. The rest is all basically from the 2 kits. The plow was tricky to mount and assemble, but worth it in the end. Sorry about the lighting, just working with what I got at the moment. Enjoy!
  18. Hey, I may have what you're after. Please send me a message!
  19. Clean and simple. Looks great. I'm currently working on one myself actually!
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