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  1. Looks great per usual! Do you by chance have any pictures of the engine? Curious to see how it looks!
  2. Much appreciated! And yes, with rigs they're very different compared to cars. You can customize these as much or as little as you'd like. They all are configured differently! I thought I had a visor for it, but nearing the end I realized I didn't. I actually like it without. Gives it that farmtruck look to it
  3. Another one added to the collection. Started this project about 2-3 months ago with the intentions of making it a hay hauler. Well my flatbed didn't work out due to warpage, so I turned it into this beast! Still debating on putting a deckplate on here. The list of mods is as follows: opening door with an upgraded steering wheel, pedals, shifter, seats, and vents. Stretched the frame roughly 1-1.5", swapped the rims and tires out for a set off an amt California Hauler. The 8v72 came from the parts bin with some slight weathering on it. From the parts bin are the: rear fenders, air tanks, bumper, 5th wheel/platform and cab lights. Photoetch door handles from a buddy of mine. Scratchbuilt exhaust, mudflaps, license plate holder. Decals are a mix of aftermarket, and modified kit decals. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you everyone! I'm honored! As for the instructions, I don't use them at all anymore. I do everything by memory/experience!
  5. Wow, thank you each and every one of you guys! Really! And yes, 3 weekends. A few hours each day Friday through Sunday due to my work schedule!
  6. Italeri and moebius have some of the best tire treads I think! And thank you! Being a truck nut, and diesel mechanic definitely helps with building these lol Thank you very much! I'll have to keep swapping out the 5th wheels more often, it really does change the look drastically
  7. Much appreciated everyone!! I'm very pleased with how it came out as well. Even had to repaint it due to an issue with moisture in the air the first time around. I would highly recommend it. Definitely way better quality than AMT. No flash either. I've found great deals on ebay, and online. All less than $45 bucks a piece. Deals are out there, just need to look !
  8. Finally got this one done after about 3 weeks, and only working on it on the weekends! Started with the Italeri Peterbilt 378. Relatively box stock. Opened the driver side door up and detailed the Interior best I could. Swapped out both kit seats, steering wheel, shifter for twin sticks, and added a cb radio. Exterior I added mudflaps I made, 3d printed rear hubs, swan hood ornament, and sleeper whale tail. Also swapped out the kit 5th wheel and platform for AMT parts to look more correct. Finally the decals are custom made, and scroll work/misc decals from various kits. I love how this came out, hope y'all enjoy!
  9. I absolutely love it. Can't believe how nice it turned out. Fantastic work
  10. 1 bin full of about 40-42 engine blocks and bunches of parts. The other bin is all interior related, seats, dashes, steering wheels, etc. I won't split the lot for only a part or 2. It's either the full picture, or nothing at all. I can trade each picture separately, or you can take both lots. I only collect/build 1/25 and 1/24 big rigs. So any truck kits/built ups/parts/etc is what I'm after in equal value. Any questions please message me. Thanks!
  11. Another superliner all done. Scratchbuilt lift axle with moebius rims and amt tires, replaced the kit italeri rear hubs, amt 5th wheel/platform, new mudflaps, and other little odds and ends!
  12. Ive been following this build since day 1. It's a fantastic work of art. I'm jealous at your skills. It came out great!
  13. I'd be interested in some as well. How do they look mocked up in a rim?
  14. No it wouldn't. I've paired a 1/24 trailer with a 1/25 truck and it looks great
  15. I'm overwhelmed with all this positive feedback, I really appreciate each comment. Thank you!! You should, it was a fantastic build. I've done 3 in the past with no issues. Well worth it.
  16. Send me a message, I'll check for you tomorrow before work.
  17. I don't think I have that exact piece, but I may have one from a diamond reo that would work?
  18. Thank you again everyone, I appreciate the comments and feedback! Great eye, I sure did do that!
  19. Looks fantastic, nice and simple. Great color too! One of my favorite kits to do. Also neat story with the 60 series. It's one of my favorite engines that they've produced. I'm glad to have worked on them myself too!
  20. I appreciate it, thank you! I had to swap out that 5th wheel assembly. I've never liked it, I'm glad I had a spare one to use on this build. Looks much better!
  21. That's a signature touch I try to add on as many builds as I can! Definitely a challenge to add, but worth it! Thank you guys😁
  22. This is the newer release Italeri branded AMT Mack Superliner. Swapped out the kit Cummins for a 12v71 Detroit from a Tyrone Malone Superboss kit. Has to modify the turbos and up pipes, as well as the front belt assembly and water pump to fit. Had to move the cab and cab mounts too. Added a 3d printed swan, modified bow tie visor, moebius super single rims and tires, AMT 5th wheel plate, and custom mudflaps. Also moved the fuel tanks back and added battery boxes. Overall, a very nice kit!
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