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  1. Thank you! To get the wheels tucked in more, I cut the front axle. I slice it right in the middle, And remove a few millimeters, test fit, then glue onto the springs. Works like a charm for me👍
  2. Looks fantastic! As for the engine color, Peterbilt had all of their engines ordered in white, or Detroit alpine green👍
  3. Much appreciated! I wasn't sure how well my 3 colors would work together, but they definitely compliment eachother now! I'm moving right along here today. Have the glass installed, interior in, and have all my decals set
  4. After a few days of pondering, I decided to add black pinstriping tape around the gray and yellow paint. It is now complete, and looks much better. Time to get started on assembling the cab!
  5. Good start so far! Where did you get those 5 hole rims from?
  6. As usual great work, glad I was able to help you, and continue to help you! Following the progress for sure!
  7. Thanks everyone!! Moving along here. Got the rims and tires mounted, engine and driveshaft in. Currently working on the tanks, engine hoses/piping, and getting the Interior painted😎
  8. Those builds are remarkable, outstanding!! Thanks for sharing! I never had an issue with the glass, although I have had issues witg the Interior before. I always shave the edges of the tub now!
  9. Thanks! Again not my best but given the circumstances it's good enough Wow really? Well I'm shocked thank you! It's all working together I'm happy with it so far!
  10. I'm in the middle of a move currently, and I can't sit around without doing some modeling. So I decided to crack open one of my favorite kits and get to work. I've been brush painting most of the smaller parts, to improve my brush painting skills, and spray painted the rest. The engine is all brush painted. Surely Not my best work, but it's good enough for now! Not sure where I got the idea for this paint scheme, I just started randomly masking and this is where I ended up. I love it so far! I'll try my best to keep this thread updated as I build! Any feedback is welcome!
  11. Don't forget the 3 piece cab and fiddly mirrors lol. All are super easy to fix/modify though. Recently, I've been making my own steps for the freightliner cabovers(a set is on this build), and it looks much better! But in the past I've always just slightly modified the kit steps to clear the tire
  12. That's fantastic news! I'm glad I could help with your decision. You won't regret it. These white freightliner kits are challenging, but have lots of potential and look fantastic when done. When you start yours, don't hesitate to message me for help👍
  13. Definitely lucky indeed, they're fantastic kits! If you ever decide to let it go, I may know someone 😁
  14. Gorgeous build. These ford lousivilles are a pain to work on, along with all other amt builds lol. Great work and great photos too!
  15. I agree, photos aren't nearly as good as seeing builds in person. But oh well, I tried taking the best pictures I could. I appreciate all the comments!!
  16. Not a bad idea with the gravel trailer. I was thinking of a pup trailer though once I get more room here
  17. I'm glad to be a part of this build. Looks stunning!
  18. Don't we all! Except this time aroumd I actually built one instead of keeping it "displayed" in the box lol
  19. Yep that's pretty much what A glider is. A truck with no engine. But, a glider can come with rear axles and wheels too sometimes. If you want to move a truck without it's rear axles/tires, best bet would probably be a forklift or a heavy duty dolly.
  20. I don't blame you, those curilsiner kits are challenging. But you made it look great. Good work
  21. Thank ya buddy! I'm actually not a fan of daycabs. I was going to make this into a dump truck actually and it didn't work out so I went this route.
  22. Chopped the sleeper off, shortened the frame, custom rear T bar, European fenders cut in half to create custom 1/4 fenders, italeri exhaust system, modified front bumper, kit visor reworked to be a bowtie visor, scratchbuilt lug nut covers, and window chops. Fun little build!
  23. cracked open a factory sealed original release 4070a a few months back and came up with this. Replicated one of the paint jobs from the paint scheme pamphlet included in the box. Testors paint, fold pinstriping I painted on, and Rustoleum black on the frame. Italeri front rims with resin hubs, custom made mudflaps by yours truly, italeri exhaust tips, full brush painted interior, and some other little bits here and there.
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