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  1. The trimmed down sidewall looks much better now! And I agree with gotnitro?, Gary Wallace is the way to go for sure.
  2. Great kits! The astro/titans are good to do, but be careful witg the cab hinges when the time comes!
  3. Thank you everyone! I like adding turbos to these engines when I'm able to. It looks so much better in my opinion
  4. Latest build off the the bench. Started with an AMT 75th anniversary White Freightliner. Used the Peterbilt 352 stripes, and other misc decals from various kits. Scratchbuilt the whole lift axle, and used 3d printed rims with amt tires. Added a turbo to the engine, and scratchbuilt the exhaust stack. Fuel tanks are from the Peterbilt 352 kit. Rear fenders and mudflaps are from the Diamond Reo kit. Shifter is aftermarket from Auslowe. There's more odds and ends, but those are the main ones. As usual enjoy and any comments/critiques are welcome!
  5. I love this one! Definitely going to be following along
  6. I think that's where I've been messing up. So you paint the rim white first, then the spokes?
  7. I love that mack, heading in a great direction. How did you paint the spokes? I always have difficulty doing it
  8. Thank you everyone! It's not perfect, but given how hard it was to pull off, I can't complain one bit!
  9. Do you still need coke decals? I have some here from a few big rig kits I won't use!
  10. One more done and off the bench tonight. I saw that paint job on the real 352(picture attached), and knew I had to give that scheme a shot. It's not 100%, and it was an extreme challenge, but I think it came out great! Some of the mods on it include front mudflaps, bumper and mirror lights, A in the grille, larger fuel tanks from an old 359 rebuilder, rear hub covers, scratchbuilt visor, scratchbuilt windshield wipers, and a new exhaust system using white freightliner mounts, and styrene tubing for the stacks. As always, enjoy and comments/critiques are welcome! Last picture was my inspiration
  11. You're moving right along. This is one of the best looking c.f. builds I've seen to date I think. Where did you get the engine? Gary, or the 4270 kit?
  12. Super unique color combo, can't wait to see all 3 builds together. Love it!
  13. I would, but currently trying to save money at the moment! Spent too much on models last month lol
  14. This build came out fantastic! Love the weathering, and the truck ofcourse. The ROPS on the dozer is a nice touch too.
  15. I'm after a few sets of moebius big rig rim packs. Doesn't matter if it's just the tires, rims, or everything. I'm after both versions too, The regular duals and the super singles. Have truck parts to trade and some car parts as well. I am also after italeri series 60 Detroit engines, italeri rims/tires, and built/unbuilt frame/suspension parts! Thanks everyone
  16. Me too. It's fun making amazing parts out of simple styrene pieces. Fantastic work, I'm following along!
  17. Thank you everyone for the comments! I agree with the short frame issue. If you build it without a sleeper, the length is perfect for a daycab. But sadly if you add the sleeper, add an inch or 2 to your frame. Makes a huge difference!
  18. I've never seen that style of headlights before on an Astro. Going to be really unique. I love it!
  19. Fantastic progress so far. I'll have to remember the trick to lowering the cab as well as the rear rims. Thank you!
  20. Came out great! I like what you did with the a.c. and air lines! How can I go about getting a pair of the grille inserts?
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