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  1. Yes the black rims look much better with that color. What rims are those before you painted them black? I finally got this kit myself think i paid around $50 for it, but didn't care cause i LOVE the body style of the merc. Straight up chick magnet bro. Also is that a house of colors paint from scale finishes?
  2. Mr. Hobby makes a primer called base white that's made basically like there primer, but it's for covering dark plastic.
  3. I had checked my kit and mine was warped too. Not as bad as I've seen here, but it was still warped. My replacement parts came in today and i should of took a picture, but it's perfect - they also sent extra set of glass parts too and i didn't even ask for that lol.
  4. Ranger makes good embossing powder, but for that i think you're best to use white and than paint it red without hosing it on.
  5. Yeah he's a good person for the community and even has his own paint line out through MCW. I don't take all his advice to the head, but a lot of his advice is great. I wish he'd change it up a bit though and do some kits etc instead of paint, paint, paint, paint. Far as spoons go you can sand them down and primer and than color test. But i mainly use spoons too test if my mix is right.
  6. Dunno who there supplier is, but if you check out this link you'll see how they come. Even aoshima etc come the same way. https://www.plazajapan.com/4526175200275/?setCurrencyId=6
  7. If you ordered it off ebay depending on the seller and where he got it from. I know if you order kits from plazajapan they will come without shrink wrap and tape. You can see the contents right on the site before you order the kit. I've had my eyes on that kit for awhile myself just haven't gotten it yet.
  8. Than I'd give hobby titan a try. 400ML can for around $16 and it dries and self levels and sands beautifully. I love there matt black primer i will usually use that for chassis and such because the finish is that nice. It's more expensive than Mr hobby and tamiya primers, but you get 400ML compared to 170ml or less for a couple more bucks.
  9. You can order Mr surfacer online if you can't get it locally. Hobby titan primer is amazing, Mr.surfacer is fantastic too, alclads primer is great as well.
  10. Never used those clears before as i use 2K clear. Unless you lay down 3 coats of perfect clear you'll have to sand. How much sanding you have to do depends on how many imperfections you have in the clear. If you lay down a perfect clear coat you could go straight too polish and wax and be done. I would use micro mesh starting at 6000 because below that is basically 1500grit and below. You could start with 2K grit from 3M, than 3K grit, and than 5K grit if needed. Good quality compound, polish, wax, and you're golden. Even with clear in rattle cans the methods are still the same though. The finer grit you start with though is less work you got to do. Start at 2K grit(Go to 1500 if needed), 3K grit, 5K grit, and if you want you could than go 6K, and 8K from micro mesh, and by that time you could probably skip compound and go straight to polish and wax.
  11. I don't mind little work here and there, and for what i paid for the kit it should of been much better molding than what i got old or not. The worst flash I've ever seen on a kit so far, dents in the body, even the hood had major gaps etc etc. It's not worth the effort when there are better versions of the same model lol. I'll use the kit for testing paint on and etc. Also saying saying "invest a little time" is a understatement lol. I'm just not going to torture myself like that and if that doesn't make me a skilled modeler than so be it. I rather invest my time in other skills in the hobby than waste my limited time on a box full of badly molded plastic that they even had the audacity to release.
  12. Don't know about that one but i can tell you DON'T BUY the 57 chevy bel air that just brought out recently. It's the worst excuse of a kit I've ever seen lol they should be ashamed of even releasing it. I'll never buy anything else from them even if it is a re release.
  13. I have this and been testing it. Mainly got it to try and remove the varnish under chrome parts after removing the chrome. Works like a charm.
  14. It's bout the same. You can thin it with water if you need too as well. Gives you about 3 mins work time to move stuff around before it gets a strong hold.
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