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  1. Wow! The paint and detailing are really nicely done. Gotta love old sedan deliveries and station wagons.
  2. Hey Bill, enjoy the conversation from you and Dennis about the Monza and 'scale'. However, it is for that reason I stayed away from the 1/20 version. I really hoped the 1/20 Monza had a 'real' engine because I would have gladly paid the bigger bucks on Ebay and bought it! But, because it had the same stupid electric motor, I could not see spending all that time scratch building an engine when there is so much in 1/24,1/25 parts out there.
  3. Thanks guys, for your comments. Jack, as far as scale, I can only go by what the box stated. However, the 13-inch Corvair tires l sourced from Modelhaus Tires look spot on and the Corvair engine from another 1/24 kit, looks to be just the right size. I had doubts about scale also but, I think it's a little too big to be 1/32. Jesse, Bill: Thanks for the photos. As you can see, there is a whole lot of steel chassis surrounding, (and hiding), the engine. I wanted to avoid that so, watch for later photos and see what you think. Also, that is not the original engine as it is turbocharged. Apparently, this show car had a very busy life and a few engines. I have several B&W photos of the car in 1963 at Watkins Glen and the '63 Turin Salon in Italy where the first motor was a stock unit with a single, center mounted carb, and air cleaner. I also had no desire to replicate that strange exhaust system! I'll send a photo of the underside.
  4. Greetings All, This model has been a project of mine, (on and off), for about 2 years. It started its life as an Entex kit with that little nasty electric motor and battery box where the motor should have been. A 'glue bomb' AMT Chevrolet Astro II Show Car donated its Corvair OHC 'prototype' engine for the cause. After a bit of engine detailing, it is ready. Then the fun began on building a descent chassis. There are hardly any photos on the engine compartment of this car, and the real show car had several versions of Corvair engines, so I just used a bit of imagination and a lot of scratch building.
  5. Thanks guys for the response. I'm finding so many small internet shops closing, and the owners are not 'taking down' their website. That's why I try contacting them first before placing an order. I'm trying to locate some 1/25 scale, 13 inch tires. The size for small American cars like the Corvair. Bought several really nice sets from Modelhaus a few years ago and would like some more. Anybody with some sources?
  6. Greetings All, Does anyone know if 'Modelhaus Tires' is still in business? The web-site is there but trying to 'Contact' them results in an 'Error' page. Thanks!
  7. Thank you guys, for the 'Welcome' and the complements on the Turbine. Joe
  8. Thanks David! Took quite a while and LOTS of scratch building but, it was worth it. A bit surprised there aren't any other folks out there trying this conversion. Joe
  9. Does anyone have a contact Email for Mr. Jerry Stewart? This is the gentleman who has made several 'Master Models' for resin casters. I just completed a resin Chrysler Turbine station wagon using a transkit body he designed. I have never seen one completed and I would like to send him some photos of mine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe Lange
  10. Greetings All and Happy Holidays! Glad I found your site. I have been building models cars since the mid 1960's and I never stopped enjoying it. At the urging of one of your members I have decided to post my latest build. Just completed it on Christmas eve. A 1965 Chrysler Turbine Station Wagon. Purchased the transkit from Motor City Resin several years ago and used an old Johan kit. Has anyone else tried this conversion? Never seen anyone else post their work on the internet.
  11. Hello Jens, I just joined this forum so you will have to forgive me for this late reply to your request. I noticed you were searching for a AMT Astro 1 rear body cover. Did you find one? I just purchased a used, (and very poorly built), model. I bought it only for the motor. It does have some glue marks on it but it is nothing that an experienced modeler with the right tools can't repair. If you still need one let me know and I will send you some photos. Joseph
  12. I have sent these guys several emails since the first of June, (when they said they will be 'up and running'), enquiring about purchasing several bodies and NEVER received any replies. I know they are on Facebook but I'm not and on their web-site it states, "Email Us". Personally, I'm have no interest in dealing with people who are not considerate enough to reply to emails. They obviously don't need the business.
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