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  1. Thank you guys for all the comments! Now, after making the corrections on the '67 Camaro body that Richard, (Snake45), suggested, I will continue that project.
  2. Oh yes Mike, I understand all of what you mentioned. Small business, one man operation, good quality casting, etc. As I stated in my post, I ordered from him before, took forever to respond. Finally allowed to order and received the bodies in about 2 weeks. My wife has a shop on ESTY and it is a one person operation. Sewing and embroidering. Slow and tedious work. But, she replies to all enquiries in a timely manner because it means a 'Sale'. She also noticed Ron has a Facebook Page, so he is up on all the modern communication methods. I guess I'm from a different generation where CSL, consideration and courtesy for another were more widely practiced. Oh yea, and saw plenty of businesses go under because the owner thought that 'customer service' was overrated. The email address was exactly the one on his website. Will keep all posted on how long it takes and for others who are planning on ordering from him.
  3. Does anyone know if RMR is still alive? The website specifically states, "All Orders, Questions, Please Email Me!". Well,....just like I did last year, I did, about a week ago. Again, NO response. Last year, after several emails, I did a 'rant' on this Forum when I didn't get any response from Ron and after several folks agreed about his poor communication, he finally answered me! And NOWHERE on his site does he mention a Facebook site. I not on Facebook and have no desire to be on it. After I finally got to order 2 bodies from him last year, I thought I was on the 'preferred customer list' and he would answer my future emails. Fat chance. Please, if you are one of his defenders, I have no desire to hear how he answers you in 'less than a day'. Just give me the 'Secret Password' so he will answer my enquiry in a timely manner.
  4. David, It is supposed to be 'Granada Gold', a 1967 Chevrolet color. So, it was probably used on other Chevys as well at the time. Actually, I used Dupli-Color 'Sunburst Gold', which I think is a ford color, but I won't tell the Chevy guys!
  5. Thanks for all the comments and good words guys!
  6. There is no link. Joe Vondracek is his name and he casts some pieces from his location in California. Occasionally he sells his castings on Ebay but, I haven't seen anything lately. His email is: randomresinjoe@gmail.com. On this site, all you have to do is type in the 'search box', Resin Corvair Station Wagon or 1967 Corvair Sportwagon. You will see all the photos and information I posted about this casting. Nothing to it.
  7. 'Unclescott', You need to search under 'Corvair 'Sportwagon' in the Forum. I posted several pieces about the resin 'kit' and in the 'Work In Progress' section.
  8. Greetings All, Finished the Corvair wagon this weekend. Alas, it is a 'static' model because I really didn't want to get into creating an opening tailgate to access the engine cover. However, hope you enjoy the photos!
  9. Yes Mike, I was thinking about that at the start. A couple of pieces of .020 sheet styrene strips and some epoxy and 'Instant Sedan Delivery'. However, I decided to go the Concept Car route, (this time.........).
  10. Tom and Ken, see my original post in the 'Car Aftermarket/Resin/3D Printed' forums, for all the info about the body.
  11. Thanks for your comments, guys!
  12. Greetings All, Since taking Snake45's advice on modifying, (fixing), the body of my '67 Camaro project, I thought I'd start working on the Corvair wagon trans-kit as a slight diversion. After cleaning up and priming the body and interior 'tub', I filled in some small imperfections and checked the fit of the AMT kit parts. The interior is complete and just finished spraying on the base coat of Dupli-Color 'Sunburst Gold Metallic'.
  13. Great paint job and choice of color. Really nice build!
  14. Thomas, The rear window is actually the rear window from the 'AMT '66 Mustang Hardtop' kit you must purchase to complete the project. Kris Morgan did a great job grafting the rear window from the AMT kit into his wagon casting. The side window I made from a thin, clear plastic sheet. I save the clear plastic packaging from items heat sealed in the stuff. I believe it is called 'Clamshell Plastic Packaging'. Many products today are sealed in it. The thinner the better. I use plastic polish to clean it up and white 'Canopy Glue' to set it in place.
  15. OK!! Thanks guys. I'll see if I can find some info on it.
  16. Hello All, Looking for some opinions on southeastern model car shows and I know this is probably opening Pandora's Box because it's opinion-based. There are hardly any model car shows here in Alabama, but since my wife and I have just retired we don't have a problem with a little traveling, (by car). I want to keep it within this part of the country for now so......my question is, what are some of the 'better', (bigger?), model show in this part of the U.S.?
  17. Thanks guys, for all the complements and comments! After reviewing Snake45's tutorial on 'AMT '67/'68 Camaro Improvements', it seems there are a few alterations I would like to do. So...it's time for a brake fluid bath! This what I really like about this forum. The comments, suggestions, and tips on building a better model. Thanks again to all!
  18. Rats! I wish I'd had seen your article before I painted the body. Well...at least I haven't gone any further. Thank you, Richard for sending it to me. I am going to study this very carefully. It will probably be well worth stripping the new paint and doing the body correctly.
  19. Actually John, the wheel is a little of both. The spoke section and horn button is from 'Model Car Garage's' '67/'68 Camaro photo etch detail set and the rim is from the steering wheel in the kit. I used the MCG detail set for different parts in the interior. Used clear embossing powder on the floor and sprayed the dash, tub, and bucket seats with Tamyia primer and Testors flat red. The front seat were a pain in the a$$! Wonder if anybody else had this issue. The front buckets are supposed to be 'low backs'. They should only come up slightly higher than the top of the doors. After assembling, 'cleaning up'/sanding, priming and painting, I put them in the tub and........their TOO TALL! They look like they have built in head restraints! Really goofy looking! Stripped them down and cut a center section out of the seat backs. I know you should test fit but, never thought about oversized seats! Oh well. Thanks for the complements on the interior.
  20. Well..........in that case, since I have already finished the chassis, mine will have dual exhaust. There was no option in the kit for exhaust. Just the dual exhaust, so I used it. The kit was for a Z-28 after all. Thank for the info Jack!
  21. Hi Patrick. I did a lot of google searching on '67 327 Camaro engines and you can find them several ways. No real definitive answer on what was 'correct'. There were painted, chrome, finned, embossed with 'Chevrolet' on them and decals. I believe it was how you ordered your 327 and what options, (HP?), you wanted on it. I know the painted ones were on the 'standard' version, so I went with that.
  22. Hi Dan. Yes, they are. At least my AMT version did. After doing the research on Camaro.org, the '67 was the only year with vent windows.
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