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  1. 1 hour ago, Beamerman said:

    Really nice! As a born and raised child of Porsche town Stuttgart i can say only a minor people know these Car. My neighbour was Mr. Paul Ernst Strähle who was the first Porsche Dealer around here after WW2 and he told me so many Storys about those factory racing cars.

    Nice Model!

    Thank You 'Beamerman'.  Even Porsche doesn't really mention very much about these cars, except the 3 that they entered in the '52 Le Mans race.  By 1950/51, Dr. Porsche was more interested in getting back to Zuffenhausen and build production, (steel bodied), cars.  The last of the aluminum, 'Gmund' cars were just for promotional/racing use.  Use them, crash them, throw them away!   

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Rich Chernosky said:

    Joe really nice job. Silver is a tough finish to master but you  nailed it. My guess is Tamiya Mica Silver.  What did you really use for base and top coat. 

    Yikes!  Gosh Rich, I really don't remember.  It's been quite a few years ago, so,....I wasn't introduced to Tamya paints back then, so my favorite spray paint back then was Dupli-Color and their Clear coat.  Thanks for the complements!


  3. Greetings All,

    A few years back I purchased built this kit from Profil24.  Being a VW/Porsche enthusiast, (i.e. NUT!), I thought it would be neat build.  The kit and instructions are for the 1951 Le Mans version, but I wanted to do just the 'standard competition version'.  No two of these puppies were identical anyway because they were factory competition cars.  The remaining aluminum bodied Austrian coupes before Porsche moved back to Stuttgart. 

    Hope you enjoy the pics!







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  4. 13 hours ago, PhilX said:

    I like the body paint not too shiny.

    What paint did you choose ?

    Is there a clear coat on it ?


    I believe I used Rustoleum spray paint.  It was defiantly one of my better paint jobs back then.  I didn't discover Tamiya paint until much later.  I allowed to paint to dry for about a month before I started to assemble it!  There is no clear coat, just polished it with toothpaste.  I still struggle sometimes with my spray painting but, I get much better results now with Tamiya paint, clear, and polishing compounds. 

  5. 4 hours ago, espo said:

    Like the resin body. Might try a type 2 engine or even leave the engine covered. 

    David, I was seriously thinking about leaving the interior alone and keeping the 'engine' covered.  But, noooo..why keep it simple?  I've already started to cut up the parcel shelf.  I believe you are thinking of the Type 3 engine.  The original Type 2 engine was pretty much a Type 1, just installed in the bus. 

    Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone who makes a Type 3 engine, from a kit or resin.   

  6. 1 minute ago, Lucius Molchany said:

    Looks great ;did you tone down the chrome wire wheels ?

    I removed the chrome plating.  I have an abrasive blasting cabinet that I use to remove paint and chrome from parts.  Before chrome plating became popular, (pre-WW2), most automobile wire wheel assemblies were painted.  They were painted either silver or a color to match or contrast the body color of the car.   

  7. 10 minutes ago, Bainford said:

    Sweet little MG. Looks sharp in red. Is this the metal body kit?

    No, It's the plastic version.  I believe the metal kit came out a short time later.  You can still find these on Ebay, (along with the metal ones). 

  8. My daughter purchased this kit as a birthday present for me about 20 years ago. (Yikes!)    She didn't know the first thing about automobiles or model cars but, "it looked like an old car", and she thought I would like it.  Her only request was that I "paint it red like on the box".             Wow, it's really strange being the same age as old people.

    Hope you like the pics!







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  9. Greetings All,

    Last January I purchased this resin piece from 'C1 Models' in the UK.  Chris made it an easy purchase and is a very good communicator.  He has about 30 different resin trans kits.  A mix of English, German, and U.S. pieces.  All very unique and excellent quality and detail.  Check out the web-site.

    This VW piece is based on the Tamiya 1966 Volkswagen 1300 Beetle kit.  The casting is first class.  You'll see by the photos I have already primed the body and rear door.  Unfortunately, (and this is no fault of Chris's), the tall 'up right' design of the 'Type 1' VW engine and the beetle body didn't lend itself to a practical sedan delivery concept.  Hey... that's why we got the Type 2 Bus and the Type 3 Square Back!

    I going to keep it as 'factory stock' as possible, but I am going to do some creative interior bodywork and get a motor in there!    




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  10. 9 hours ago, Hard_2_Handle_454 said:

    Cool car.  Wish the kit was a larger size though.  Looks great.

    Hey Eric,  I just noticed on the internet, there is a web-site from Europe called 'bluerace24' that has a really nice 1/24 scale kit of a 1963 LeMans Lola GT Mk6.  Its a bit pricey, but for a Lola fan, it looks very nice.  No engine, but when has that ever deterred anyone who builds in resin? 

    Check it out! 

  11. About two years ago, after seeing Jay Leno's Garage and reading up on the Lola GT Mk6 prototype, I finally decided on what to do with the old 1/32 Monogram Lola kit I've had for so long.  This is my rendition of the 1963 prototype.   





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  12. 52 minutes ago, adamelvis said:

    67' kits are selling for high prices now.

    Very nice interior details. 

    Super !

    Thanks Adam,

    It was just sheer luck!  '67s are really silly high.  Looking on Ebay was really disappointing.  Then this came up, "Kit started, otherwise complete".  Body poorly painted and engine block assembled and painted, but everything else was there!  Wasn't 'cheap' but, within reason. 

  13. 8 minutes ago, mustang1989 said:

    That turned out VERY well. I'm right there with Roger, I've never seen one of these built up stock before. Great work on this Joseph.

    BTW......I like that shop as well. Did you scratch build that or is that a diorama set?

    The diorama started out as a shadow box diorama that was sold at Hobby Lobby.  It was quite bare and had a crappy toy car in it, but I liked the back wall, shelf unit and work benches.  I disassembled the whole thing, removing the top, sides, added a bigger floor.  Then added shop accessories, mainly from Ebay.  Most of them were unfinished castings.  You can get carried away decorating it if you're not careful!  

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  14. DSC00683.thumb.JPG.851f812d82535b004e3a2c6007042d75.JPGDSC00683.thumb.JPG.851f812d82535b004e3a2c6007042d75.JPGGreetings All,

    For all those who enjoy building mid-60's American automobiles, and who are familiar with the double pinstripe tires that some new cars came with.  Round2Models, reproduced AMT's Tire Pack that has 2 sets of these tires.  One set is a regular tread design and the other is a 'Street' type drag slick.  

    While this may not be news to you, (they have been out for a while), I just received word from them that this particular Tire Pack has been discontinued.   So........If you were thinking about getting a pack of them, you better get them now!  I just ordered 3 packs from 'Model Roundup'.  Really good folks to deal with.  Don't know how many they have left.  DSC00670.thumb.JPG.97298989c0f7b0bc989c440eba6a5562.JPG    

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  15. Completed the '67 Camaro yesterday.

    Used a combination of 'Keith Mark's Decals' and 'Model Car Garage' photo-etched details.  Also, 'Fireball Modelworks' 14" 1967 Camaro Sport Wheel Covers and tires. 

    All of these fellow's products are First Class!

    Hope you enjoy the photos!  









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