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  1. On 6/21/2022 at 5:41 PM, Tom Geiger said:

    Very cool model! 

    Per the comments on production… remember that the Mustang was a runaway success and Ford was having trouble keeping up with demand. They wouldn’t have had manufacturing capacity to add a wagon to the mix.

    Also this was the 1960s. Perception of wagons was different then too. What’s cool today might have hurt Mustang sales then.

    Spot on Tom.  The success of the Mustang even took Ford by surprise.  After the addition of the Fastback, they had all the orders they could handle.  By the mid '60s any real demand for 2-door wagons were gone. Families wanted 4 doors on their wagons for convenance.  As for the 2-door 'Handyman Wagons', manufactures were trying to get them into their new panel vans.

    2-door wagons look cool but, auto companies live and die by production and sales numbers and these types of wagons were never big sellers. 

    Judging by the success of the Hertz GT-350H, can you imagine the field day, (or nightmare), Hertz would have had if these were on their lot along with their Fastbacks?    

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  2. Thanks for the good words guys.  

    Kurt, I don't know about the 'working fast', but since retiring, I find myself busier than ever during the day, but I also have more time in the evening to sit at my bench and just keep building.  Never thought I would be able to do that! 

  3. Finally completed last night.  Used 'The Model Car Garage' photo etched details in several places inside and out, and 'Keith Marks Decals' on the body.  Keith's decals are really well detailed!

    Hope you enjoy the photos! 







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  4. Thanks for the complements, guys. 

    Bob, this kit could very easily be turned into a really nice custom ride.  However, I tend to lean more to stock and factory concept, (would've, could've, should've,) cars.

    When I first purchased this transkit I had a Monogram 1966 Mustang Shelby 350GT-H kit.  It was an 'already started' ebay kit and I thought a Hertz GT350 Wagon would be a great concept vehicle.  Of course, Kris Morgan meant exactly what he stated,...."For use with the AMT 1966 Mustang Hardtop Kit".  There was no way the panel fit would work with the Monogram kit, so I went the stock route.      

  5. Slowly progressing.  Decided to go with Ford 'Silver/Blue' and a medium blue for the interior.  Put a base coat on the body and went to work on the interior.  Test fitted the motor and started adding wiring and some plumbing.






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  6. Purchased this resin 'Transkit' from Morgan Automotive Detailing about 2 months ago and decided to start it.  Kris did a really nice job on this casting.  I'm assuming he used an 'AMT '66 Mustang Hardtop' kit as his base because that's the kit he recommends using for additional parts.  Don't try using the Revell kit!  (Trust me, it DOESN'T work.)

    His website shows the bare bones kit.  I have already added the front and rear valances and firewall.  Cleaned up the body an gave it a coat of Dupilcolor primer.  Still deciding on a color. 

    Leaning toward Ford 'Silver/Blue' and a darker blue for the interior.  Going to keep it stock with the 289ci. motor.     




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  7. Really great concept Paul.  The bodywork, paint, and engine design are beautifully done! 

    I haven't seen anyone comment on the 'fingernail decorating tape' idea yet.  I'm going to look into that.  It's a great idea for chrome trim.  It would sure beat trying to cut Bare Metal Foil into thin strips for side molding. 

  8. Greetings All,

    About a month ago I purchased this resin body and interior tub from a 'caster' in California.  It looks like he put a lot of time and effort into this piece to make it 'factory correct' and I believe it is one of the best Corvairs I have seen.  Very clean and sharp!  The parts from the AMT 1968 Corvair Monza, (#6773), will fit perfectly, including the windshield.  The interior even has the engine cover molded in! 

    I purchased it from him when he was on Ebay, but he has since decided to work on a Facebook page which is not up yet.  He has given me permission to post his Email address if anyone is interested.

    His name is Joe.   randomresinjoe@gmail.com  

    If you are a fan of Corvairs, Station Wagons, or just looking for an unusual project, you won't be disappointed in the quality of this casting.    





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  9. 2 hours ago, crazyjim said:

    Thank you James, Joe, Mike, Lazlow, and Bob.

    I used a kandy paint Joe. It's much more transparent than "normal" paint and so the base coat reflects through the color coat.

    Got it!  Thanks Jim.

  10. Great build Jim!  Really nice color.  I bought a can of Dupli-Color 'Cordova Brown Met' that I plan on using for a Jo-Han '66 AMC Marlin' this summer.  I'm guessing that the gold basecoat is a must to bring out the color like yours.  Also like the Florida license plate! 

  11. 4 hours ago, ea0863 said:

    Very lovely car. What is its scale?

    Thanks, Emre,

    There is no scale reference on the box or instructions.  I'm guessing 1/32 scale.  But the wheels and tires were from a 1/25 kit and I think they fit pretty well.   

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  12. Greetings All,

    I've had this Aurora kit for ages and was first put off by the overly complicated 6-piece body, but after years pushing it around on the shelf, I decided to attack it.  For some reason, my kit did not have bumpers but after looking at several photos of the real thing on-line, it looks just as good without them.  (Like a Porsche 356 or Ferrari 250 GTO).

    I tried using as much as possible out of the kit.  Headlight assemblies, dashboard, seats, grill and windshield.  Found a better steering wheel, and assorted accessories.  The wheels and tires are from the 1963 Ford Cougar II, (AMT?), kit.  The paint is Dupli-Color, Ford Dark Blue Metallic and a clear topcoat. 






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  13. I agree.  'Woodie wagon' was just a term used by the public referring to wood bodied station wagons.  Rob Hall mentioned the term 'utility truck', which could be any type of work truck.   

    The Sport Utility Vehicle term only came to be in the 1970's and is nothing more than a marketing gimmick for doing away with car based station wagons and selling bigger 4 wheel drive land yachts.  Which they accomplished very well by the end of the 1980s. 

    Correct, VW buses were not referred to as Minivans.  They were just vans.  Incidentally, all 'Big 3' vans started out in the 1960's with 90in wheelbases.    Gee...smaller than a 'Minivan'!

     Interesting specs on the VW vs the Chrysler Minivan,

    1984 VW Vanagon:  Wheelbase-97in.  Height-76in.  Length-179in.   VW vans had sliding side doors since 1968, 1967 in Europe.  

    1984 Chrysler Minivan:  Wheelbase-112in.  Height-65in.  Length-176in

    1949-1967 Original VW van/bus/(whatever term):  Wheelbase-94.5in.  Height-76in.  Length-168in.





  14. 1935 was the first Chevy Suburban.  A 'station wagon type' body based on a commercial, (truck), frame.  Remember, by 1935 the automobile based station wagon was already being produced by several manufactures.  And....what exactly is a 'utility vehicle'?  A work truck?  If that's the case, aren't pickup trucks 'utility' vehicles? 

    If you are a pickup fan you might want to look at a 1908 International Harvester Auto Wagon, (derived from the 1907 IH Auto Buggy).  Possibly the 'First' American pickup truck?  

    Like I said previously, car manufactures love reclassifying their vehicles so the simple minded public will buy it.  Like four door coupes!       

  15. Keyser, I agree about the convoluted terminology.  The first three years, '46-48, the Jeep 'Station Wagon' was 4-wheel drive.  1949 it was an option.  I realize, like the term 'SUV', manufactures love to play games with car class terminology.  The gullible buying public will buy anything, as long the name attached to it, is attractive.  I retired from a little German Auto manufacture here in Alabama that built the majority of their 4-wheel drive vehicles for the world market and it's amazing the number of options, (garbage), that people think they need it their SUV/Off Road(?) vehicles.  By the way, when Volkswagen first introduced their passenger 'van' to the U.S. market in the 1950's, they called it the VW 'Station Wagon'.  Then Ford, Chevy, and Dodge introduced their vans in the early '60s to compete with it.  Then the 'Marketing Genius' Lee Iacocca called his 'new invention', (in 1984!), a Mini Van.  yeah right.    

    Greg, You're right!  The first gen Scout was a really good looking, clean, simple vehicle.

    Brian, there is someone on Ebay that makes a 1/24 3D print Scout 800 body, BUT the young man is in the Ukraine!  Not exactly someplace I would like to order anything from right now.     


  16. Hey Guys, or Gals,

    Got a question about the 1st series, International Scout, (1961-68?)  I am not a big truck/SUV/jeep fan.  I am an automotive history geek.  Mainly American and European, (and a little Asian).  As far as model cars go, I like the Concept/Prototype cars and mostly 1st generation manufacture's automobiles.  

    So,...A little input from the Jeep/off road fans would be appreciated.  I see where a few people think the Ford Bronco was the 'granddad' of the SUV.(?!)  Of course, the more informed know the International Scout came about in the very early '60 ahead of the Bronco.   

    That being said, has anybody noticed there aren't any kits/transkits of the 'Original', First Generation Scout?  Big model manufacture or small resin producers?  I thought this particular vehicle would hold a prominent place in Jeep/Off Road model builder's heart?  I wouldn't mind adding one to my collection.

    Oh yeah,....speaking of 'first's'.  I would have thought the Jeep 'Station Wagon', (1946), would really be the first SUV. 

    What do you say folks?        


  17. Thanks Pete!  I tried 'every which way' to find the photos to no avail.  Like I stated, I no I.T. genius.  Porscheman hasn't posted anything since last year and he hasn't responded to a message I sent him a few days ago.  Hope is OK.   Thanks again for you input.

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