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  1. 3dscaleparts.com sells these. He also sells on eBay
  2. I'd like a shorty chevy with no flares, maybe a conversion for the amt would be nice too I think this one was last made in the USA so here's hoping Atlantis has it and puts it out soon Here's one of mines built with that kit
  3. How could I get one of these? I see they offer a later ford van grille too. The website doesn't show either parts
  4. Maybe, hopefully, someone makes a transkit to fix all that
  5. I'm pretty sure its the AMT one, I did measure up both cars and a swap should be possible. I plan to put the 80 front on the amt 77 myself. The amt 77 front end is terrible, by the way
  6. I think some of it ended up in the Mod Rod kit
  7. What about testors competition orange? Last year I chipped my paint on my schwinn orange krate and was told its essentially hugger orange. I also used duplicolor chevy orange and had to tint it a little yellow as well
  8. That looks amazing I've been using an olfa circle cutter and stick on mailing labels to make mine. Theres a video on YouTube. This is my 1/32 Honda N360 so the tires are tiny
  9. You better clean the brush well or there will be a whole new meaning to "waxing her eyebrows" The angled side of the brush is quite stiff. You can brush with the bristle grain (or whatever its called) first, and if the wax is too stubborn, go against it. I've never used the other side of the brush but maybe it'll be handy in wood graining or something
  10. An eyebrow brush makes quick work of that wax residue
  11. Looks great, should that side marker be in the body crease?
  12. At the store, I've noticed some boxes feel packed tight, so I bought the one that wasn't..
  13. Oh and maybe some door panels for the amt chevy van models too.
  14. I have these parts box slicks and I have no idea where they're from. They can't be that old, because my collection probably only goes back to the 90s. Theyre solid one piece, and have the molded line only on one side. Please help, because these are pretty rad
  15. Theyre not posted on his YouTube One could get the free MT week trial and try to binge everything they could
  16. @Wylde look above, and maybe universal tall tops too 🤔🤔🤔
  17. I hope you bought a mpc 71 dodge van too
  18. Yeah maybe US MAIL one next, if the mold doesn't disintegrate
  19. I'd like to get one of those too, but I'd have to find the rest of the kit first haha
  20. I just received an order from him and parts look great, fast shipping and great guy. He's having a hard time getting resin right now but he does have some items in stock. I'd love to see him pull through so we can see what else he offers
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