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  1. Wishful thinking but it would be nice if this was a 2 n 1 with the badman parts. Hopefully with matching rear wheels
  2. Does anyone have the story on that? I'd like to learn what happened
  3. Does anyone know if the AMT 77 wagon hood and grille fit on the MPC 78?
  4. I always have a hard time with the 1mm. Seems to always clog for me. Or should I buy a new tip?
  5. MPC turtle wax van, but yeah, round2 would occasionally include clear and colored glass
  6. Someone posted the flasher set
  7. The one on the box art looks oversized though, like those MPC custom parts from the early 70s haha
  8. Thanks for all the replies, guys. When I used to build 15 years ago I would let the color flash and put down clear, and I just got back into the hobby last year and read some stories that if I didn't let the base dry enough, the clear could crack over time ( I'm guessing due to different drying rates, and I do have some older cars that did this) so I've been being a little cautious. But now I'll have to take a better look into my methods, and I'll post if I figure out what happened to the gold paint
  9. I do it to remove dust, etc. I would love to minimize washing bodies but I'd like to learn what other guys do. Gotta use the search function sometime
  10. Yes, I know this too well. Thats why I'll lay a coat of clear before sanding
  11. Oh and hawaii tap water is heavy in minerals etc so that might be something too? We get water spots very easily
  12. These are some pictures from a few days before, with the first coat of clear. It looked really good and the spots came out afterwards. Also using a food dehydrator I only think its tarnishing because back when I was a kid my gold cars would tarnish because I didn't use clear Wondering if I should clear the car without washing it beforehand. I always wash and use hair dryer to remove dust, etc. If there's a better way I'd love to try. This is why I rarely 2 tone cars too
  13. Anyone know why I'm getting these reactions with gold cars? Doesn't matter what brand paint. This is Tamiya rattle can but its happened with Rustoleum too. The only thing in common is Mr Hobby clear. I think the gold may be tarnishing.. I would spray color, let it dry. Wash with dawn and clearcoat, wet sand and more clear. It looked perfect for a day or two at the end and these came up Kinda bummers but I'm not gonna redo it
  14. But with the Gofers, you get the regular front tires too
  15. The side panel on the original box claims working front suspension. I dont see how it would work I always thought this kit looked really cool though. Nice to see the posable wheels
  16. You shouldve hid the other 3 so they'll be there for you to buy them haha
  17. Are they any good? Anything to be aware of?
  18. From what I see, they're 3d printed bodies. He has a YouTube channel ( "too many projects") so you can take a closer look at some of them
  19. Ah I was wondering if anyone had one of these in hand. Is it near production kit quality? /fitment? Looks really good
  20. 3d scale parts has sombreros but a little pricey. Im surprised nobody else makes them at this time
  21. Hey guys, I acquired a collection from a friend and the kits suffered some tire melt, but I removed the tires and appeared to be in good shape. So my question is, Can I reuse the tires on new kit wheels? Like is there a point where the tires are done leaching out its chemicals? Can I use resin wheels on these tires without bare metal foil, epoxy coat etc?
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