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  1. There used to be a resin one that pops up on ebay sometimes
  2. I wonder how well this works on deep wheels
  3. Let's hope the gurney in the ambulance just isn't the one from the chevy rescue van ( too "new" I think)
  4. The Foxy box also has a separate hood. But the body has one molded in too
  5. I have a couple new vans with the shop interior and various other 70s MPC vans. Lmk here or on Instagram if you need to see something. Anything to get van stuff back on the market
  6. And put some door panels and an accurate dash too
  7. Depending on the year, the cargo door cuts, side markers, dog house and taillights too.
  8. Would you know if any of these stores sell older or used kits?
  9. Oh nice, I didn't know that you replied. I was looking at hobby island too.. and I thought friendly was RC only but I have to take a look. Thank you
  10. Thanks for posting, I almost bit on their Vw altered body since I can't find an aardvark one
  11. It appears to be same, even the wheels.
  12. Just wait for the MPC blazer to come back, im sure it will
  13. I didnt wanna pay for a "bottoms up" so I made my own from a daisy kit
  14. I always wondered if licensing was a big part of why models are so expensive, because for the most part, those AMT display cases were about the same price for 15 years but the model cars went up 3× I was thinking about this before covid of course, and everything went up since
  15. I'm visiting las vegas for the first time since I got back into the hobby. Years back, I would visit Hobby People and Hobbytown there but I think they're gone now. Anywhere else within about 50 miles to look at? We don't have Hobby Lobby here in Hawaii so I'll visit them too
  16. Looks like this topic turned into the wish list one 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ @Xingu
  17. I think these would sell well especially with the "too many projects" bodies currently offered
  18. 3dscaleparts.com sells these. He also sells on eBay
  19. I'd like a shorty chevy with no flares, maybe a conversion for the amt would be nice too I think this one was last made in the USA so here's hoping Atlantis has it and puts it out soon Here's one of mines built with that kit
  20. How could I get one of these? I see they offer a later ford van grille too. The website doesn't show either parts
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