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  1. You might wanna consider saddling up a Bronco. In 2 years they oughta have most kinks worked out of the them, and some will be entering the secondhand market.
  2. The added engine detail goes a long ways. The white roof looks great, good luck with the black!
  3. I agree with most in that Rustoleum’s lacquers are a hit and a miss, more often the latter. That said, I’ve found their enamel sprays to be pretty good. I laid down some gloss black enamel on the roof of this AMT ‘51 Chevy, and after it cured I wet-sanded it with 1500, 2000, then 3000 grit. It then received some Turtle Wax rubbing compound and polish.
  4. Maybe not but wouldn’t it be neat to see the car featured on Jay Leno’s Garage?
  5. Don’t forget the piece de resistance, a single DIN radio head unit with a flip-up touch screen, with color-changing lights.
  6. Or a can of Enfamil, but only if you have the right connections.
  7. Yeesh, Bill. Good to hear you eventually dodged that missile. To that I’d say, “Then why do fast food places get so many orders wrong?”
  8. “A railroad mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We’re working to deliver your package as soon as possible.” ”Departed from Facility Riverside, CA” I’ll take, “Hoodlums still wreaking havoc in L.A. train yards” for $600, Alex.
  9. In my defense I did say “AMT plastic model kit” when describing what I was looking for. It’s like calling up a hardware store and asking about availability for a specific type of screw, they say yes, so you drive down there and they hand you a box of nails. Sure they’re similar, but they’re not what you asked for. That’s true, but one would think they’d be knowledgeable enough of the products they sell, regardless of their personal interests. It was sorta funny to see the employee all proud of themselves holding up the wrong item though.
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