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  1. @Mr mopar Was the bed any good? I ordered a Ford crew cab from trailer trash a year ago and it was a nightmare.
  2. Not sure if this counts as it’s more loco than auto...
  3. On this build I just used a black Sharpie and masking tape to help keep a straight line. I agree, the Cat 3406 is pretty nice for a snaptite piece.
  4. Got some time this evening and laid down some color. Fingers crossed it dries as glossy as it went on.
  5. Sweet lookin’ shorty 4x4! I think the tool box is the cherry on top 👌
  6. This is a dual-purpose forum; it also serves as a social experiment.
  7. Beautiful work on the grille. If you decide to go with the faded look, Id suggest shooting some clear on part of the body below the crease line where the sun doesn’t beat directly down on it. Either way you go it looks like it’ll turn out good.
  8. Yes @Repstock that’s the one! Top notch build and some of the best detailing I’ve ever seen put into a model. Excited to see your Ford take shape too, @Oldmopars. C class campers are fun stuff. Many a time I rode on the overhead bunk looking out the front facing window on the way home as a kid.
  9. Well, keeping in mind that it’s a garbage truck, it’s kind of a niche subject matter to begin with. Slap an MSRP of 90 bucks on it (over twice as expensive as a legacy semi kit) and only people reeeaally interested in garbage trucks will be taking these kits home.
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