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  1. Maybe not but wouldn’t it be neat to see the car featured on Jay Leno’s Garage?
  2. Don’t forget the piece de resistance, a single DIN radio head unit with a flip-up touch screen, with color-changing lights.
  3. Or a can of Enfamil, but only if you have the right connections.
  4. Yeesh, Bill. Good to hear you eventually dodged that missile. To that I’d say, “Then why do fast food places get so many orders wrong?”
  5. “A railroad mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We’re working to deliver your package as soon as possible.” ”Departed from Facility Riverside, CA” I’ll take, “Hoodlums still wreaking havoc in L.A. train yards” for $600, Alex.
  6. In my defense I did say “AMT plastic model kit” when describing what I was looking for. It’s like calling up a hardware store and asking about availability for a specific type of screw, they say yes, so you drive down there and they hand you a box of nails. Sure they’re similar, but they’re not what you asked for. That’s true, but one would think they’d be knowledgeable enough of the products they sell, regardless of their personal interests. It was sorta funny to see the employee all proud of themselves holding up the wrong item though.
  7. Even that’s not the safest bet. Called a Hobby Lobby today while on the road and asked if they had an AMT ‘67 Mustang GT or Shelby GT500 in store. They said yes. I came down to buy it and they had a Maisto diecast sitting on the counter instead. Lesson learned.
  8. In that case, a Checker Aerobus would be the ticket.
  9. Nah, that’s just good old Chrysler wiring 🤣🤣🤣
  10. 🎶 ‘Cause I’m proud to be an American, where I know my food’s messy 🎶
  11. Sounds more streamlined than what I’ve been doing. I take a small square crafting stick and make a small cap out of masking tape. The cap goes on the end of the stick and viola.
  12. I like the concept. That’d even make a good daily driver where you’re headed. Half-a-summer vehicle up here though.
  13. Great idea. Are you planning on painting it silver with redline tires like the 1:1?
  14. That’s gotta be the automotive equivalent of a 12-year-old girl mutilating a pair of jeans with a Bedazzler. There was talent in that family but it only reached one brother IMO.
  15. Eh, what’s with the Mack, Mack? Is that their 1/32 tooling?
  16. I’m glad the ‘40 Ford coupe won’t be molded in yellow (like the 41 Plymouth and 40 Ford SD coke kits).
  17. Neat idea. Long term reliability would be my biggest concern, but if they can engineer the valves and valve seals to be swapped out with just a few common tools and without having to take 30 parts off to reach them, then it’s hard to see a major downside to that concept.
  18. Beautiful C10. If that isn’t bad to the bone I don’t know what is. Every single detail on it compliments one another.
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