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  1. The chassis and camper body are coming along great. What was your method for making corrugated siding? It looks great.
  2. Nicely done Lee. I’m real impressed with that interior, especially how sharply you detailed the climate control vents. The plug wires are a great touch as well.
  3. Great job, that color suits it well. You did this kit justice.
  4. I would too but my Magic 8 ball conspired with my wallet and they both told me “No”.
  5. That’s because a lot of people commute to work alone, but they still have the option of loading up the car with their family on the weekends or driving with friends. Whereas with this one seat vehicle, you lose the option of being able to bring people with you. Also, what’s the flight time on this? That’s something to take into consideration as well, especially if they want to make it electric.
  6. You know, a key advantage of normal cars is that you can transport more than just yourself, and things you take with you. At best, the Jetson One is an expensive and impractical toy.
  7. There’s plenty of folks who can hardly operate a normal passenger car. The last thing we need is for them to have access to their own personal deathcopters. I’d like my roof to be in one piece, after all. I’d be more impressed if scientists can figure out how to make this happen:
  8. Hadn’t had much time to sit down and work on this one so progress has been slow. Got the windshield glued in with no smears so that’s a win in my book. The chassis took a couple tries to get all four corners to glued onto the floorpan/fender unit but it was certainly doable. I got the spare tire painted and detailed, it’ll be hung onto a Y-shaped carrier mounted on the driver side running board.
  9. I’ve been getting some pretty degenerative/raunchy ads as well on this site, stuff like “Uncensored: 25 Photos of Grocery Shoppers Gone Wrong” or “How to (inappropriate) everyday at 65”, with suggestive photos attached to the titles. I’ve just been reporting them. What sucks the most is that children who visit the site are likely to be subjected to these ads.
  10. The guitar work near the end of Goodbye Stranger is some great stuff.
  11. We poured sidewalks yesterday and today, unfortunately on a busy road. We had cones out and hazard flashers on but a lot of people still don’t know how to slow down any. Last week when we were setting forms and subgrade, I signaled traffic for a tractor guy who was working with us, he got out in the road with a load of gravel in his scoop so I held the sign with the “STOP” side pointed towards the incoming traffic. I guess literacy isn’t all too common, ‘cause some old bat in a white Tacoma blasted right by and glared at me, then proceeded to swerve around the tractor by driving in the opposite lane. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if the DMV started handing out driver’s licenses like Halloween candy.
  12. @my66s55 Nice! I don’t know how I missed that one. Will a 3D printer print the steering wheel and radio antenna that thin? If not then on the bright side, that technology is getting better every day. @espo Maybe. I wonder how well the Atlantis ‘57 Eldorado is selling. I know it’s an old multi piece body Revell tooling, but the subject matter is similar. It does seem like 60’s stuff is a lot more popular right now as far as kits go.
  13. I think so as well. I like how the window line and belt line run parallel with each other. Even without a wrap around windshield it looks sleeker than the other two. I feel like Buick took a step backwards with the ‘54 Skylark though. I was never a fan of the scooped wheel wells on those.. especially in a contrasting color. As for models, perhaps a mainline Buick Roadmaster convertible would make a better business case. Either a ‘49 like in Rain Man: Or a ‘52-53 could be done: This one would be even more of a pipe dream, but wood look nice on a shelf with Revell’s ‘49 Merc wagon:
  14. Background: For the 1953 model year, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac each introduced a special convertible based on a more popular and mainstream model. This coincided with the 50th anniversary of Buick and Cadillac. Oldsmobile came out with the Fiesta, based on the 98. Buick had the Skylark, based on the Roadmaster. Cadillac introduced the Eldorado, based on the Series 62. Each of these cars listed for almost double the price of their mainstream counterparts when new, and are heavily sought after by classic car collectors today, due to their rarity and the craftsmanship that went into them. For instance; on the Skylark they sectioned normal Roadmaster doors and angled the top piece to produce a heavily raked window line. From what I understand, lots of lead filler went into these cars from factory and they all had windshields that were cut down 3 inches. What intrigues me is why Pontiac was left out of it. If you think about it, Chevy got their own special car that year with the release of the Corvette. Sure, Pontiac at the time was seen as more of a grandma’s car and for lack of a better word, lame, but it’s a wonder why GM would’ve neglected any brand with how the auto industry was thriving after the war (Bunkie Knudsen would start working his magic on Pontiac a few years later but that’s a different story). I’m also curious as to why none of these three special cars were seen in plastic kit form given their historical importance and showcar-derived styling.
  15. Gee, it’s quite a wonder why anybody would assume that you’re trying to make it into a political discussion.
  16. Hehehe, Monopoly garbage truck.
  17. I didn’t know you were still living in 1950.
  18. @NYLIBUD That metal grate really tied the room together, did it not?
  19. Don’t get me wrong, the kit is nice to see on shelves again regardless.
  20. Considering the pickup in the movie was a stock Lightning with Racer’s Edge door decals... I wouldn’t expect the kit to be anything more than a stock lightning with Racer’s Edge door decals.
  21. When I brush painted the 4 banger for my WIP Model T, I mixed up some turquoise, then added a little bit of gray and a smaller amount of black and yellow. From what I could find as far as green T engines go, only the block and head is green, while the transmission and oil pan are black. I can’t verify though.
  22. I’d recommend trading with Larry anytime. He is more than fair and goes the extra mile to make sure what he’s trading is well packed and secure.
  23. The easiest way to make a 1:25 ‘92-‘96 Bronco like Walt’s is to play Dr.Frankenstein with an AMT 9th gen F-150 and an MPC ‘80 Bronco. You could always shoot Round2 an email about the possibility of them making such a kit.
  24. I sucked it up and went with my right. Had a few gutter balls and only one strike.
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