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  1. Thanks. It’s been rainy lately, so painting sessions will have to become more of an opportunistic affair. Fortunately that gives me time to start on the trailer.
  2. A plastic model kit of any modern side by side would be nice. Great for dioramas as well as trailer loads. Horse trailer and Ram would be great as a combo kit.
  3. Another small update. Chassis was painted in Rustoleum black enamel, the engine in cat yellow. Still working on routing intake and exhaust pipes.
  4. Round2 reissuing this fifth horseman unto the general public:
  5. Your Jimmy’s looking sharp. I like how you painted the wheels.
  6. The Lindberg and Revell kits both are pretty good. From what I’ve heard, the cab of the AMT tooling has a couple problems with it, but it includes the styleside short box and 16” styled steel wheels. The only thing I can find to nitpick about the Lindberg kit is the lack of weather stripping detail around the side windows, but that’s easily remedied with some sanding and Evergreen.
  7. I’m interested to see the decal sheet they include with this reissue. I know the inclusion of gauge decals and the 4X4 bedside decals would be greatly appreciated. The folks at Round2 would be real sweethearts to include Lariat pinstripes as well.
  8. Just a placeholder photo on their website. Although I wouldn’t doubt that Round2 would release this kit under the AMT label, they’ve done that with most of the reissued of Lindberg vehicle kits in recent years.
  9. According to Rocketfin.com, this kit is planned for an upcoming reissue.
  10. Settle down hoss. I wasn’t offended, I was making my own observation on the matter.
  11. Depends on the size of the gap. For bigger gaps, strips of Evergreen plastic can be used first to help fill the gap between plastic edges. After sanding that down, filler putty can be used to fill the rest of the void and bring surfaces flush. Repeat if there are still holes and dips. I’ve found that after sanding putty smooth, applying a coat of super glue afterwards helps minimize putty shrinkage and fill any pores in the putty. Lots of sand paper in between and after each step. Good luck, chassis looks great.
  12. I respect him for turning the other cheek when others on here were picking apart a project that wasn’t intended for them. I think if the project was completed, this place would be one of the last to know, as evidenced by the feedback he received. I don’t know why the old guys complain about young people not taking interest in the hobby, then turn around and put up a front to those who do take an interest in the hobby just because they have different taste.
  13. Glued and threw some parts on the chassis and did some basic plumbing. It and that Cat are ready for primer now. I just knew that Detroit would be getting a visit from the Oil Fairy.
  14. Just a quick update. Changed the oil pan on the 3406 to a mid sump. Now it plays nice with its new home.
  15. Got the 3406 glued and Evergreen sheet filled in the negative spaces left over from its snap-tite origins. Example immediately below, see the side of the intake manifold facing towards the valve covers. Basic frame is glued and was shortened about 1 13/16”. I glued together the Detroit 8V-71 as well, I’ll give an update if it leaves a tiny oil puddle while it’s on my bench.
  16. Thank you Gator. He has been a blessing. He’s been smiling and rolled over for the first time two days ago. Won’t be long before he’s taking off like a rocket.
  17. Aw another EV thread... you guys shouldn’t have. Why do folks draw the comparison between switching from horses to cars and ICE to electric? Here’s a key difference, the federal government didn’t put a BAN on all new horse sales by 1935. If you truly have a better product to sell, then the buying public will adjust accordingly on its own. You wouldn’t have the government to go after industry with a hot poker and tell these businesses what to sell or else. Freedom of choice is part of the American way of life. Having our selections vastly reduced because of the minority trying to subject their view onto the majority is the opposite of progress. There should be no bans, there should be no talk of bans, and the market should present the buying public with what the buying public wants, i.e. an automotive industry producing vehicles of multiple types of propulsion.
  18. I’d better get in gear it seems. In between a new job and my boy being born I haven’t had much time to work on models. Things are settling down though and when colder weather comes in I won’t be working overtime every day and will be getting more time at the bench. This one is still in the gluing phase and shoehorning the 3406 into the K-100 frame. I should have an update and progress picture by the weekend though.
  19. Bath time was not an appropriate time to have one’s sentence carpet-bombed by an ally swayed to betrayal due to grammatical nightmares strategically plopped and imbedded into a thread by means of internet connectivity, an interactive medium, and opposable thumbs.
  20. Some old mafiosos are probably upset about it too. I bet this scenario happened a few times when they were dipping their hands in the cookie jar known as Vegas: “Toss the guy in Mead with some choice footwear. Nobody’s gonna find him down there.” The elephant in the room here is that one sends the other one billions of tax dollars in the form of military aid, this makes it easy to divert funds that would’ve been used for military expenditures and instead invest in infrastructure. That’s as far as I’ll dwell into that topic here though, as to respect forum guidelines.
  21. Beauty is an attribute that this disgustingly long sentence will not possess, as it is going to be a convoluted mess with the only goal that has nothing to do with being pleasing to the eye, coincidentally enough, the Singer tower in NYC was laid to rest in the 1960s, for fear of being contaminated with moon germs brought back by that stinkin’ cow who just had to jump over it, resulting in a solar eclipse that lasted just long enough to make approximately half of Wisconsin throw away the booze, for they had not only seen enough, but the pyramids in Giza used to be covered in smooth limestone, with golden caps, but one would not learn that from the USDOT for reasons I’m not entirely sure why, although it would be cool to own a goldfish and see if it really does grow to an incredible size if left in an environment big enough to sustain such a large example, but alas, it wouldn’t survive the weekly fire drill, as fish don’t have legs and never will because they suck more than a Bissell over dirty carpet.
  22. It is actually lawfully forbidden in 28 U.S. states, effective immediately after United States v. Ren McCormack. If found guilty, one could be sentenced up to 5 years in a state penitentiary, and be ordered to pay up to a $3,500 fine, as well as being added to the national dance offender registry.
  23. Natasha Bedingfield, a world-famous competitive eater, has broken six pieces of fine china, and is well on her way towards becoming involved with the steel industry, more specifically, the foundry process, in which two suspects are questioned: moose and squirrel, the masterminds behind such devilish pranks as 8.3% interest rates and spaghetti, which brings up the topic of how long a sentence can be before it becomes incoherent nonsense, which could be a while unless the sentence starts out that way to begin with, but there are no rules regarding the usage of commas and conjunctions, and if there were, then explain to me the reasons regarding the widespread popularity of 18 gauge sheathed copper wire and what it has to do with the invasion of privacy perpetrated by multiple agencies such as Kroger, Lasko, and Papermate, all of whom are entirely not responsible for the 1983 invasion of Grenada, a small island about 160 kilometers north of Venezuela, and more importantly, south of the North pole.
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