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  1. Got the cab glued down and front end glued in place. Look at that purdy mouth.
  2. Thank you. Funny thing is, in real life on the job site last week, a mixer driver came within inches of his tag axle crunching in the driver side door of my 1:1 Dodge. Hope this 1:25 Dodge isn’t like a voodoo doll or something.
  3. No warp on mine, the hood went on perfectly. Although I didn’t use the bed cover, it looked pretty straight on the tree.
  4. Heated up the blade on my hobby knife and pressed it into the door to make that crease. Then painted silver and brown lines in front of it. I was thinking that new guy was driving it and nestled the truck up against a street sign.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. As for your question, the bed floor was painted with a mixture of flat and gloss craft paint (just some generic $0.89 bottles of it that I found at Michael’s). A darker tone was then dry brushed over the base color. The trim in the bed floor was done with silver sharpie masked with tamiya masking tape, and the body color was Rustoleum 2X Colonial Red over Rustoleum red primer. Nothing fancy.
  6. Howdy. Started this one months ago, and it sat in a drawer, neglected, dusty, and without food and water. It’s about time I push this one across the finish line. It’s my first heavily weathered build, and this kit makes a great canvas for trying out different techniques and ideas. Rust holes were done with a hot needle, I forgot how I made the dent in the door. Making a ladder rack out of Evergreen to go with it. Here’s what I’ve got so far:
  7. I don’t recall the exact sales records, but I do know that the Sport Trac spanned two different body styles, and was on the market for a total of 9 years. If the Sport Trac was a flop throughout production, then Ford tried harder to resuscitate it than Chevy did with the C1 Corvette. Although when the Sport Trac was in production, the Ranger wasn’t available in a crew cab configuration. Now that the Ranger is back and is available with a crew cab, and that Ford has a myriad of crossovers and SUVs, I predict it’ll either see low production numbers, or most likely, cannibalize sales from other Ford vehicles.
  8. I have the first issue of the EXT, it came with stock wheels and tires along with large aftermarket wheels and low profile tires. The decal sheet was a little lacking. I hope this reissue makes up for that.
  9. Bill, that’s just a photo of L.A. train tracks on any normal given day. 🤣 Jokes aside though, I went down there last summer, plenty of graffiti to be seen and litter strewn on both sides of I-5. We were advised to not leave hotel grounds after dark as well.
  10. I have a set as well if Chris decides to use his.
  11. I like when Round2 does these vintage box art releases with the white background, black borders, and no words on the box top. I might get one, build it, then cut the box top off and put in in a picture frame.
  12. That’s how AMT’s Chopped T 2-in-1 kit is. Pretty easy fix though, I just dropped the whole chrome tree into the lavender lagoon overnight.
  13. No matter how great something may be for some folks, there will always be people who don’t like it, aren’t interested, and think the logo sucks. That’s just human nature, we all think differently, we all have our own mindsets, and we put different weights to the pros and cons of things.
  14. I just sent him an offer for $5. For 70K you can get a pretty nice real Mustang.
  15. Just finished one of these a couple weeks ago. It’s a fun kit, and the flathead that comes in it is well detailed. The cab was a bit finicky to get glued into place during final assembly, but everything else went pretty easy.
  16. They could go a few routes, probably depending on who they can make a licensing agreement with; Toyota, Hyster, Clark, Yale, and Allis-Chalmers are the ones I can think of that we’re making forklifts in the 70’s.
  17. I’ll just have my collection of built and unbuilt kits passed on to my son but he’s not born yet so I really can’t say whether or not he’d be interested.
  18. That’d be nice, but they already repopped the Freuhauf dry van with Coke decals a while ago in 2018: And repopped it again with the Santa decals in 2020: Might be best to let that idea fizzle. A parts pack with Coke crates, pallets, decals, and a small forklift would be nice though.
  19. That wouldn’t be an issue at all if we just listened to Henry and kept driving Model Ts like he wanted. 🤣
  20. With all the people moving up here from California and not knowing how to drive in any weather but sunny, it’s beginning to get that way here too.
  21. I had the Joe Diffie song in mind when I read the title, forgot there was a show by the same name. Nice Rambler and a smart reuse of the white cornbinder decals.
  22. I suppose given just the statistics, it would be more of an educated guess than an assumption. However, countries around the world are seeing climbing obesity rates. It’s not solely an American phenomenon.
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