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  1. Bath time was not an appropriate time to have one’s sentence carpet-bombed by an ally swayed to betrayal due to grammatical nightmares strategically plopped and imbedded into a thread by means of internet connectivity, an interactive medium, and opposable thumbs.
  2. Some old mafiosos are probably upset about it too. I bet this scenario happened a few times when they were dipping their hands in the cookie jar known as Vegas: “Toss the guy in Mead with some choice footwear. Nobody’s gonna find him down there.” The elephant in the room here is that one sends the other one billions of tax dollars in the form of military aid, this makes it easy to divert funds that would’ve been used for military expenditures and instead invest in infrastructure. That’s as far as I’ll dwell into that topic here though, as to respect forum guidelines.
  3. Beauty is an attribute that this disgustingly long sentence will not possess, as it is going to be a convoluted mess with the only goal that has nothing to do with being pleasing to the eye, coincidentally enough, the Singer tower in NYC was laid to rest in the 1960s, for fear of being contaminated with moon germs brought back by that stinkin’ cow who just had to jump over it, resulting in a solar eclipse that lasted just long enough to make approximately half of Wisconsin throw away the booze, for they had not only seen enough, but the pyramids in Giza used to be covered in smooth limestone, with golden caps, but one would not learn that from the USDOT for reasons I’m not entirely sure why, although it would be cool to own a goldfish and see if it really does grow to an incredible size if left in an environment big enough to sustain such a large example, but alas, it wouldn’t survive the weekly fire drill, as fish don’t have legs and never will because they suck more than a Bissell over dirty carpet.
  4. It is actually lawfully forbidden in 28 U.S. states, effective immediately after United States v. Ren McCormack. If found guilty, one could be sentenced up to 5 years in a state penitentiary, and be ordered to pay up to a $3,500 fine, as well as being added to the national dance offender registry.
  5. Natasha Bedingfield, a world-famous competitive eater, has broken six pieces of fine china, and is well on her way towards becoming involved with the steel industry, more specifically, the foundry process, in which two suspects are questioned: moose and squirrel, the masterminds behind such devilish pranks as 8.3% interest rates and spaghetti, which brings up the topic of how long a sentence can be before it becomes incoherent nonsense, which could be a while unless the sentence starts out that way to begin with, but there are no rules regarding the usage of commas and conjunctions, and if there were, then explain to me the reasons regarding the widespread popularity of 18 gauge sheathed copper wire and what it has to do with the invasion of privacy perpetrated by multiple agencies such as Kroger, Lasko, and Papermate, all of whom are entirely not responsible for the 1983 invasion of Grenada, a small island about 160 kilometers north of Venezuela, and more importantly, south of the North pole.
  6. Given the state of journalistic integrity these days and how divisive the US is with anything to do with politics, one can only hope news articles don’t devolve into unabashed slander when addressing the deaths of political figures, either side of the aisle.
  7. Retrograde aside, that was two sentences.
  8. Profession of one’s personal beliefs aside, it cannot be denied that Garfield (the cat, not the former U.S. president) is in fact a ruthless war criminal, hellbent on not only the destruction of Mondays, but also the mass integration of the color magenta being used in industrial settings, which could quite possibly result in the refusal of nuclear power being utilized in the process of microwaving potatoes imported from the beaches of Nebraska, a little-known ocean state in the territory of the northern peninsula of Australia.
  9. Plan for battle drawn in the dirt, the weary soldiers of the Great Grape Empire enveloped around it, whilst the lead general started up the engine on his hot air balloon, intent on dropping slices of pineapple pizza on enemy forces below the canopy of bubblegum trees, which not coincidentally, are only indigenous to the southwestern region of Chile, not to be confused with Bob Saget’s lawn mowing business, which was secretly a front for the seedy and questionably legal operations of Maytag, one of the more well-known brands of appliances, particularly washers and dryers, but that point is irrelevant to the fact that the consumption of carrots doesn't improve eyesight as much the intake of corn, a plant that can’t reproduce naturally on its own.
  10. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but weeds growing in the yard don’t have anything to do with the geopolitical climate of the Gulf of Mexico, and quite frankly it’s ridiculous to suggest that antelopes eat pumpkin seeds without first running twelve laps around the nearest condominium, especially without wearing the sacred garments passed down by their forefathers, of whom were responsible for the invention of the cheese grader, ultimately leading the the Industrial Revolution.
  11. Model of the U.S.S. Bluebell in hand, Colonel Sanders explained in detail to the board of executives the relevance of juicing grapes in regard to the construction of preformed mortar bricks and KFC gravy.
  12. Forgotten were the ways of the toothbrush, with only a fish and marbles to prove that twenty five mangoes did in fact subvert the Apollo missions by splashing coffee onto projector screens, resulting in incoherent babbling registered in the form of a long-winded sentence that, to the dismay (and perhaps even discouragement) of the next person to add to this list, ends in the word fighter.
  13. Damage to the onboard transponders and radio circuitry resulted in an orange plateau being mistaken by the Channel 5 newscopter for an inflatable life raft, resulting in total hull loss of the aircraft.
  14. One of my all time favorite shows. Great job recreating the El Camino. It’s a shame that it was cancelled before Earl could finish his list.
  15. Up went the blue steel balloon as it scraped passed dead branches projecting sporadically from palm trees scattered across the fog-covered mire.
  16. Sister ship to the H.M.S. Bonbon, H.M.S. Not Bonbon was scuttled after a flock of wawas destroyed her onboard vending machines, thus rendering her useless and her crew disillusioned.
  17. Prey scattered in all directions as the oncoming fleet of devious Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils bore down from above, releasing incendiary bombs over the lampshade mines below.
  18. Overthought solutions for relatively simple situations was part of what led to the downfall of the Great Grape Empire.
  19. Works like “Flight of the Bumblebee” have been successfully utilized via loudspeaker in the process of droning out screams and explosions often associated with the annual Toyotathon sales event.
  20. Terribly sad indeed. On the flip side, a Jalopnik article that isn’t chock full of shameless political commentary and dozens of typos? Impressive.
  21. That poor Ford (The Barris Abomination)... actually, the Bronco too, those little tires are just emasculating.
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