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  1. Hehe. The new base models are kind of like the SVO in regards to the powertrain, however it is hard to get a 4 banger to sound good IMO. No matter what you do to improve on it, it it’s still gonna sound like the family dog had gotten into some Rosarita’s refried beans. They’re just fine for a commuter though.
  2. Same deal with Idaho plates. The first 2 characters indicate the county the passenger vehicle is registered in (except Butte County which is 3: 10B). In my state the basic tree plates go like this: either 3 randomized letters followed by a space for the pine tree and 3 randomized numbers, or 3 numbers followed by a space and 3 letters.
  3. I’m excited about the Monte Carlo. This one however is a bold/surprising move considering today’s political and cultural climate...
  4. I saw a video of an LX notch that got a 2.3 Ecoboost I4 swapped in from a new Mustang. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea, and it was executed nicely too. The car in particular was a dark yellow I believe.
  5. Don’t sell yourself short. Besides, as long as you have fun and/or learn something, then it’s worth it regardless of how it turns out.
  6. Last month I saw a couple of Revell Snap Tite kits at a local Bi-Mart. Not too unusual, but surprising to say the least. Our local Michaels stopped selling model kits altogether a few months ago. Kind of a bummer but I was able to get a Revell ‘83 Hurst Olds for 14 bucks when they put the rest of their kit inventory on clearance.
  7. It’s nice to see a build of a good kit that doesn’t get much attention, especially when it’s getting built as well as this. Great work so far. Painting trim like that can be a pain but it’s more than worth it.
  8. That paint looks nice. I like how you incorporate your garage diorama into your WIPs.
  9. That’s one sharp looking Transtar. I really dig the subtle pinstriping.
  10. Nicely done Mario. I agree, the earlier B vans look a LOT better. The only post ‘79 Dodge van I ever took any liking to was this beauty from the Red Green Show:
  11. That and the ones who don’t turn their headlights on when it’s so foggy you can’t read road signs 200 feet out. Another thing that I’ve seen more of lately is the fast lane crowded and the slow lane wide open.
  12. Already irked today. It seems that every time it’s foggy out, people compete to see who can be the biggest idiot on the road. Special thanks to the mongoloid in the Ram 2500 that decided to drive around me on the right and squeeze his way in from the outside lane (that was ending/merging with the lane I was in) between my pickup and a Honda Odyssey, darn near causing an accident only to end up bumper to bumper with other cars in the fast lane.
  13. Bob, great choice of color on those wheels. That dull finish looks pretty convincing.
  14. Mothers Aluminum/Mag polish would do the trick. Can’t speak for you Aussies but I’d bet it’s something a lot of us would already have on hand.
  15. Wouldn’t be a bad way to go, it would probably section to size just fine. The real fun(tedious) part will be making a luggage rack if I decide to go the extra mile with this one. I like the bubble rear windows in those. Sure, it shares a name with a juice pouch and some weird women’s’ wear, but it’s still a fox. Better than some other bygone Mercs *cough, cough, Bobcat, cough*. It would’ve been interesting to see an updated ‘87-‘93 fox Capri.
  16. Thank you very much guys. Your kind words mean a lot to a novice like myself. As for the first two photos, the backdrop was a picture of a street in my hometown, dated in the late 20’s I’d assume.
  17. This old girl started off as part of AMT’s Chopped T combo kit. Paint is Tamiya TS-9 green over Rustoleum black fenders. Modifications include: plug wires, wooden bed rails, a side mounted spare, the blank area between the bed and cab filled, fender-mounted rear license plate, and the wheelbase lengthened to center the rear wheels in their respective wheel wells, and finally, some Oregon plates. Enjoy the photos.
  18. Thanks Bob. Not sure yet on the color, maybe silver. Light, pale metallic blue would be great for this, if I can find some. I’ve been leaning more towards Tamiya sprays lately, been having better luck with those.
  19. Thanks Carl. I ultimately decided against plugs and wires (such a tiny hood to work under) but hopefully the other details don’t disappoint. It’ll be posted in the under glass section here soon. Some of the parts are still drying.
  20. Hehe, there was some Dokken mixed in too.
  21. Yup, that’s the company! I always find it interesting when major automakers outsource special edition/conversion vehicles to third party outfitters. The Motortown Corporation worked with Ford previously to produce the Mustang Cobra II and with Pontiac to produce the Can Am (a warmed over ‘77 LeMans). Buick sent Regals to ASC McLaren to produce the GNX. ASC McLaren did some Mercury Capri convertibles as well:
  22. I’ve heard that Pinterest is similar in that regard.
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