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  1. Oil filler tube in my ‘03 Dodge snapped in half this afternoon while changing the oil. Thank you Chrysler for making the 4.7’s oil filler tube out of rubber (mine was dry-rotted and brittle) and giving it a long, unsupported filler neck. EDIT: I’m a dingus. It wasn’t made out of rubber, just good old pentastar plastic, aka cheapesium. Many heat cycles over the last 19 years certainly weakened it.
  2. An annual event lasting from 1936 to 1968, the Mobil economy run was sponsored by Mobil Oil Co. and operated by the U.S. Auto Club. The EPA was founded in 1970, although I’m sure their way of doing it wasn’t as fun as this.
  3. Planned obsolescence. Since cars’ powertrains last longer these days, manufacturers have to find different ways to get you to trade in and buy new.
  4. Make it an extended cab sort bed, include a custom wheel option, a roll bar, and some KC lights too. That way the builder has the option of making another custom 4x4 for Statler Toyota.
  5. Unless it happens to be a 4-door CUV. I’ve lost count of how many GM’s brands offer.
  6. The Stay Puft marshmallow man was never quite the same after the accident.
  7. I was thinking for sure they’d include the ‘49 Ford reissue in this month’s video.
  8. Engage out of nowhere while sitting alone, engine off, with no interference?
  9. Sort of the point I was trying to make, very rarely (other than reading Dave’s reply) have I ever read or heard anything about a ICE car just randomly catching fire whilst parked.
  10. I’m sorry to hear that. The positive thing is that nobody got hurt. I’m sure it’s frustrating to not know what caused it. Did the firemen find out where on the truck the fire started?
  11. The point though is that a few of those EVs (whether design flaw or manufacturing error) seem to have the potential to spontaneously combust while parked and turned “off”. I recall seeing videos of Tesla Model S’ doing exactly that a few years ago. How often do conventionally powered cars and trucks catch fire while parked and not running (and, like these EVs, with no outside interference)?
  12. What irked me today? Finding out this thread has well over twice as many posts as What Pleased You Today. 🤣
  13. Gotcha. I misread. You know what they say though, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Somebody’s aunt is buying that junk. 🤣
  14. Is it really overpriced if it’s all 40% off every other week?
  15. Got my 1:43 Ford in the mail today. You guys are correct, it is just over half the length of a 1:25 car. Not big enough to be a dwarf car, but not small enough to be a pedal car. Included in the photos is the Revell 1:25 ‘48 Ford convertible for scale reference. It doesn’t quite fit into a pickup bed either.
  16. Got the trim on the cab painted and glass in. Given the amount of injector pin marks and flash on the kit glass I probably would’ve been better off starting with clear plastic sheet. I ended up using the Wildkat pinstripe decals from the AMT ‘53 F-100 kit. I still need to figure a company name for the doors though.
  17. Anything from Waylon Jennings to Nirvana, and Bob Seger to Sir-Mix-A-Lot, and a whole lot in between. I also play videos off of youtube, mostly from a channel called Periscope Film. They have a bunch of old promotional films and documentaries from yesteryear that really get me in the mood for doing stock builds of classic vehicles.
  18. Bimmer = BMW car Beemer = BMW motorcycle BMW = Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) or my personal favorite, Break My Wallet
  19. I don’t care much for heated seats and steering wheels. Especially if one has to spend two grand on a convenience package that includes a bunch of other options that they don’t want.
  20. I agree. I wouldn’t trust other people pickin’ out my produce for me either. You’ve got a point here. I suppose it’s handy if you’re in an area where it’s real hard to find the brand of food for your pet. However, if you live in an area with multiple stores carrying your brand, and you’re an able-bodied adult, I think it’s sort of silly to have the mail man carry your pet’s food to the door for you. You’ve got a point here too. However, I don’t recall seeing any women or older seniors in that commercial. I did see the portrayal of two full-grown men that are so inept at life that they both couldn’t figure out how to change the passenger side rear tire on a Ford Focus though.
  21. Mercury Blues. Originally by K.C. Douglas (when the ‘49 Merc was a new car) and then covered by Alan Jackson in the 90’s.
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